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Toodyay, Western Australia

increase was refused in 1868, he resigned as a teacher and spent the next five years working as a postmaster, bootmaker and agent at Quindalup. He then spent two years working as an auctioneer and agent at Fremantle. From 1875 to 1878 he was headmaster at Newcastle (Toodyay, Western Australia), then worked as an accountant in Perth for some time. In 1885 he advertised himself as a storekeeper in Perth. Ten years later he visited Melbourne before returning to live in the Canning (Canning, Western Australia) district. He died in 1898. - Thomas Duggan Goomalling (Goomalling, Western Australia) c. 1869–?, Newcastle (Toodyay, Western Australia) 1879–81 See Thomas Duggan (convict). - In 1870, Carter took a teaching post at Seven Springs (Seven Springs, Western Australia), near Newcastle, but attendance was poor and this affected his salary. The following year he accepted a teaching appointment at Bejoording (Bejoording, Western Australia), where there was a regular attendance of around 25 pupils. He remained there until 1874. During that time he rode to Newcastle (now Toodyay (Toodyay, Western Australia)) every weekend to help in a racing stables. He also had a servant, and employed other ex-convicts to cut sandalwood. Erickson (1983) writes that he was also an impressive hurdler: "Not for him the tedium of dismounting to let down the sliprails. He hurdled every gate and fence across his path". Born in 1839, Hubbard was working as a clerk in 1863 when he was convicted of forgery and sentenced to twenty years' penal servitude. He was transported to Western Australia on board the ''Racehorse'', arriving in August 1865. After receiving his ticket of leave (Ticket of leave#Australian convicts), he worked for Daniel Connor for a while, then briefly taught at Wicklow (Wicklow, Western Australia) school. In 1873 he was appointed school master at Newcastle (now Toodyay (Toodyay, Western Australia)). During this time he also employed other ticket-of-leave convicts to dig out sandalwood stumps from land that had been previously cut over. thumb Transwa Prospector Prospector (Image:Prospector new railcar, Toodyay.jpg) railcar WDA001 on the approach to Windmill Hill Cutting (February 2004). '''Windmill Hill Cutting''' ( Farming at Toodyay In 1836, Drummond exchanged his grant on the Helena Valley for land in the Avon Valley (Avon River (Western Australia)). Settling at Toodyay (Toodyay, Western Australia), the Drummonds established a homestead which they named ''Hawthornden'' after Drummond's ancestral seat. By February 1838, the homestead was sufficiently established for Drummond's wife and daughter to join them. Initially Drummond worked hard to establish his farm, but later this was increasingly taken over by his sons Thomas and James (James Drummond (Australian politician)). Additional fires are burning near Toodyay (w:Toodyay, Western Australia) 85km north east of Perth, Another fire is burning near Williams (w:Williams, Western Australia) approximately 160 south east of Perth and 90Km east of Dwellingup. And in the southern rural suburb of Forrestdale (w:Forrestdale, Western Australia). These fires are reported to be under control.

Scottish Arts Council

product." Then Rowling's mother died and, to cope with her pain, Rowling transferred her own anguish to the orphan Harry. Rowling spent six years working on ''Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'', and in 1996 obtained


by tutors in Naples, and ultimately graduated from the University of Naples in civil engineering. He spent several years

working for the governments of Australia and New Zealand in this capacity, before voyaging to the United States to visit his sister. From there he came to Winnipeg in 1895, ultimately becoming one of the first residents of Wetaskiwin in 1896.. There he married Ida Eberhard, with whom he had three children: Arthur (1896- 1971 - born in Ollon because of his father's distrust of the young Canadian medical profession ), Edgar (1897-1968), and Richelda (1898-1944). Size WRPS operates 20 public schools in Wetaskiwin, Millet (Millet, Alberta), Gwynne (Gwynne, Alberta), Pigeon Lake (Pigeon Lake (Alberta)) as well as rural schools. Also included in the school division is the '''Wetaskiwin Home Education''' system. birth_date


Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov, who were in political disfavor, the surgeon Nikolay Pirogov, Alexander Griboyedov, Leo Tolstoy, and the national poet of Ossetia, Kosta Khetagurov. Stavropol - City The first and only executive president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, was born in Stavropol Krai (region) and spent several years working in the city of Stavropol as the head of the Krai's administration. Gorbachev's chief mentor, long-time friend and predecessor Yuri Andropov was also born in Stavropol Krai. Twin towns and sister cities commons:category:Stavropol


was primarily ceremonial. The true power in Egypt was that of the vizier, Shawar. He had been involved in extensive political intrigue for years, working to repel the advances of both the Christian Crusaders, and the forces of the Nur al-Din (Nur ad-Din Zangi) from Syria. Shawar managed this by constantly shifting alliances between the two, playing them against each other, and in effect keeping them in a stalemate where neither army could successfully attack Egypt without being blocked


and Ethnography, and was later named in honor of Swiss naturalist (natural history) Émil August Goeldi, who reorganized the institution and was its director from 1894 to 1905. It is open to the public from 9:00 to 17:00 h, daily except Mondays. Maria Emilie Snethlage was born in Kraatz (now part of Gransee) in the Province of Brandenburg, Prussia, and educated privately at her father's house (Rev. Emil Snethlage). In 1900, after years working as a governess, she took up natural history. Snethlage was a doctor in Natural Philosophy and had been a zoological assistant at the Berlin Natural History Museum (Museum für Naturkunde) before being hired by Emílio Goeldi for the natural history museum in Belém on the recommendation of Dr. A. Reichenow (Anton Reichenow). Her work in the Brazilian Amazon took her to Acre and other remote places. *'''Brazil''' **Belém - Val de Cães International Airport *'''Curaçao''' Born in Belém, Pará of Dutch, Native-Brazilian and African ancestry, Artistas da Arte Moderna at he studied at the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes (National School of Fine Arts) in Rio de Janeiro and at the Académie Julian in Paris. He created numerous paintings, wrote many poems and also helped design Brazil's National Patrimony of the Treasury department. Nery married a poet, Adalgisa Nery, in 1922. He contracted tuberculosis in 1931, and died of it in 1934. *Altamira (Altamira, Brazil) – Altamira Airport *Belém – Val de Cães International Airport *Itaituba (Itaituba, Brazil) – Itaituba Airport company_slogan headquarters Belém, Brazil key_people Gleison Gamboni de Souza '''Puma Air''' (Puma Linhas Aéreas) is an airline based in Belém, Brazil. "Quem Somos." Puma Air. Retrieved on December 26, 2010. "A PUMA AIR é uma empresa com sede em Belém, capital do Pará," According to the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC) in May 2011 Puma Air had 0.01% of the domestic market share in terms of passengers per kilometer flown with a great decrease of traffic attributed to unscheduled maintenance of its sole aircraft. Puma Air did not operate scheduled flights in June and July 2011. In August 2011 Puma Air had 0.00% of the domestic market. Since September 2011 Puma Air does not operate flights. WikiPedia:Belém Commons:Category:Belém

Holyoke, Massachusetts

; ref '''William Whiting''' (May 24, 1841-January 9, 1911) was an American (United States) businessman and politician from Holyoke, Massachusetts. Whiting descended from an English family who first settled in Lynn, Massachusetts 1636. Whiting worked for the Holyoke Paper Company and the Hampden Paper Company. At the age of 17 Whiting started at the Holyoke Paper Company working first as a bookkeeper. After three years

working as a clerk, Whiting became a salesman first working out of the company's main office and later working as a commercial traveling salesman. In 1865, Whiting built his first mill followed by another in 1872. When the Whiting Paper Company was first formed. L.L. Brown of South Adams, Massachusetts was president and Whiting was agent and treasurer. Whiting later became president and his son, William Fairfield Whiting, became treasurer. Early years (1932–38) May was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, but grew up in Clifton, New Jersey. Born Edward Joseph Mayoski, Mayo was the son of Polish immigrants who changed their name to Mayo.


– Urbain Grandier, a priest accused of sorcery, is burned alive in Loudun, France. Last return, and last years working in Quebec Champlain returned to Quebec on May 22, 1633, after an absence of four years. Richelieu gave him a commission as Lieutenant General of New France, along with other titles and responsibilities, but not that of Governor (Governor of New France). Despite this lack of formal status, many colonists, French merchants, and Indians treated him


itself by incorporating ideas from the Age of Enlightenment. Like many of his educated contemporaries, he was particularly opposed to serfdom (Russian serfdom). In 1841, Turgenev started his career in Russian civil service and spent two years working for the Ministry of Interior (1843-1845). DATE OF BIRTH October 28, 1818 PLACE OF BIRTH Oryol, Russian Empire DATE OF DEATH September 3, 1883 Defeated by the Turks in the battle of Stănileşti (July 18–July 22, 1711), Cantemir sought refuge in Russia, where he and his family finally settled (he was accompanied by a sizeable boyar retinue, including the chronicler Ion Neculce). There, he was awarded the title of Knyaz (Prince) of the Russian Empire by Peter the Great and received the title of Reichsfürst (Prince) of the Holy Roman Empire from Charles VI (Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor). He died at his Dmitrovka estate (Estate (house)) near Oryol in 1723 (on the very day he was awarded the Roman-German princely title). In 1935, his remains were carried to Iaşi. birth_date WikiPedia:Oryol

Independence, Missouri

significant by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Community of Christ. In 1976 Missouri officially revoked the extermination order. death_date origin Independence, Missouri, U. S. (United States) instrument Career Peer, born in Independence, Missouri, spent some years working for Columbia Records, in Kansas City, Missouri until 1920 when he was hired

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