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Piru, California

Piru has been used for shooting countless film and television productions over the years, including ''Desert Fury'' (1947 (1947 in film)) starring Lizabeth Scott, John Hodiak and Burt Lancaster, with Mary Astor and Wendell Corey. Location scenes were shot with the northwest side of Center Street, at Main, used as the exterior of Fritzi Haller's saloon and casino; the Piru Mansion was used as the Haller home and the historic Piru bridge

Villa Regina

of the Argentinian government. The road, named after former Governor of Río Negro "Gobernador Don Marío José Franco", opened the access to 4,500 hectares of land to be urbanaized by the municipal government. Further development of the road is scheduled for a span of two years, including the addition of pavement, construction of sidewalks and streetlights. Next to the road, the "Via Cristi" pedestrian path is set to be inaugurated during Easter in 2014, including the unveiling


trees could not grow on the steppe. May successfully applied urban design techniques to the city of Frankfurt am Main during Germany's Weimar (Weimar Republic) period, and in 1930 less successfully exported those ideas to Soviet Union cities, newly created under Stalinist (Stalinism) rule. It is said May's "brigade" of German architects and planners established twenty cities in three years, including Magnitogorsk. May's travels left him a stateless person when

Essex County, Ontario

County and Essex County (Essex County, Ontario) boards of education following his graduation. He was elected to the Kingsville (Kingsville, Ontario) municipal council in 1974 and remained in municipal politics for the next fourteen years, including tenures as deputy reeve (reeve (Canada)) and mayor (1984–1988). Coverage in Canada The station is readily available over-the-air to Kingsville (Kingsville, Ontario), Leamington (Leamington, Ontario) and Pelee Island in southern Essex County, Ontario and was once listed in the ''TV Guide'' edition for those communities (and Windsor, Ontario until 2000 though the station's signal wasn't strong enough to reach Windsor and Detroit). Unlike WKYC-TV, WEWS, and WJW-TV, it was not one of the stations from Cleveland carried on local cable in those three locations. WOIO is available on cable in St. Thomas (St. Thomas, Ontario) and was briefly available on the digital tier in London (London, Ontario) in early 2005. Coverage in Canada The station is readily available over-the-air to Kingsville (Kingsville, Ontario), Leamington (Leamington, Ontario), and Pelee Island in southern Essex County, Ontario, and was once listed in the TV Guides for those communities (and Windsor, Ontario; though the station's signal wasn't strong enough to reach Windsor and Detroit). Unlike WKYC-TV, WEWS-TV, and WJW, it was not one of the stations from Cleveland carried on local cable in those three locations. WUAB has been on cable channel 20 in London, Ontario since 1976. It is the only Cleveland station carried in London today. Political career In December 1972, at the age of 21, Mancini was elected to the local municipal council. In December 1974, Mancini was elected deputy mayor and Essex County (Essex County, Ontario) councillor at the age of 23. Mancini was elected to the provincial legislature the following year in the Ontario general election of 1975 (Ontario general election, 1975), defeating Progressive Conservative (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario) Frank Klees by just over 2,000 votes in Essex South (Essex South (electoral district)). He defeated Klees again by a wider margin in the 1977 Ontario election (Ontario general election, 1977), and easily retained his seat in the elections of 1981 (Ontario general election, 1981), 1985 (Ontario general election, 1985) and 1987 (Ontario general election, 1987). History The nearby townships of Tilbury West in Essex County (Essex County, Ontario) and Tilbury East in Kent County (Kent County, Ontario) were named for the port of Tilbury in the English (England) county of Essex (Essex, England). A settlement, called Henderson after the local postmaster, was established with the construction of the Canada Southern Railway in 1875. The name of the post office was changed to Tilbury Centre after the adjoining townships and the community was incorporated as a village in 1887. The name changed again to Tilbury a few years later and incorporation as a town followed in 1910. Tilbury is also home to the largest antique mall in Southern Ontario. '''WTOL''' is the CBS- affiliated (Network affiliate) television station licensed in Toledo, Ohio. The station broadcasts on channel 11 (RF and PSIP) and can be seen throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan (including Detroit), and southwest Ontario (including Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) and Essex County (Essex County, Ontario), where it was formally carried by Cogeco Cable systems along with WTVG and WNWO until 2009). WTOL is owned by Raycom Media and their studio is located in downtown Toledo. Syndicated (Broadcast syndication) programming on WTOL includes: ''Jeopardy!'', ''Wheel Of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune (U.S. game show))'', ''Dr. Phil (Dr. Phil (TV series))'' and ''America Now''. '''WGTE''' is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member public television television station serving the Toledo, Ohio area. It broadcasts digitally on UHF channel 29 and is carried on Buckeye Cablesystem channel 9 in addition to other cable systems in Ohio and Michigan. It is visible in northwestern Ohio, southeastern Michigan (including Metro (Metro Detroit) Detroit (Detroit, Michigan)), and Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) and Essex County (Essex County, Ontario) in Ontario (however, it has not been carried on cable in the latter two places since the 1980s, with the exception of Wyandotte, where it is carried to this day). He was born in New Jersey in 1783 and came to Upper Canada with his family in 1796. He was largely self-schooled and was employed by the government of the province to survey the Talbot settlement and the Talbot Road (Talbot Trail) in 1809 and settled near Port Talbot (Port Talbot, Ontario) some time after that. During the War of 1812, he served in the local militia, was captured by raiders and his property was destroyed. After the war, he continued his survey work in Kent (Kent County, Ontario) and Essex Counties (Essex County, Ontario), and on the Talbot Road. This difficult work took its toll on Burwell's health. He was often paid in land, rather than cash, and acquired large land holdings scattered across the southwestern part of the province. In 1830, he laid out the plan for the village of Port Burwell (Port Burwell, Ontario) on Lake Erie; he also set up a company to develop the harbour and export timber from the area. '''Blytheswood''' is a small community located in the township of Leamington (Leamington, Ontario) (formerly Mersea), Essex County (Essex County, Ontario), in southwestern (Southwestern Ontario) Ontario, Canada. The village is at the intersection of Ontario Highway 77 and Concession 8. Blytheswood's more recognized businesses are the Jones Popcorn family farm and Setterington's farm supply depot. Blytheswood and the surrounding area of Leamington are experiencing a boom in greenhouse development for agricultural products supplied to H. J. Heinz Company. The community has a population of about 50 people and the school for this area is Mount Carmel – Blytheswood Public School. This category includes locations and geographical features within the following areas (roughly from southwest to northeast): *Essex County (Essex County, Ontario) (Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)) *Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Chatham-Kent) (Chatham (Chatham, Ontario)) Transition to Betterness Burrows has raised awareness and funds for Transition to Betterness, a charity based in Windsor, Ontario, which aims to provide a comfortable and compassionate hospital setting to cancer patients and their families within the Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) and Essex County (Essex County, Ontario) community. About T2B eBay View About Me for t2b_banditems Accessed 14 October 2006 As of January 2007 Burrows' concerts, events and eBay Canada auctions had raised over $300,000 for Transition to Betterness. May 2007 saw Burrows complete a 24 hour drum marathon at the Chubby Pickle in Windsor. The station's signal reaches across Genesee (Genesee County, Michigan), Lapeer (Lapeer County, Michigan), Livingston (Livingston County, Michigan), Oakland (Oakland County, Michigan), Macomb (Macomb County, Michigan), Monroe (Monroe County, Michigan), St. Clair (St. Clair County, Michigan), Washtenaw (Washtenaw County, Michigan), and Wayne (Wayne County, Michigan) counties in Michigan, and Essex (Essex County, Ontario), and Lambton (Lambton County, Ontario) counties in Ontario Canada. In 1788, the Ojibwas and Ottawa (Ottawa (tribe))s granted him a lease for Pelee Island for 999 years. In 1791, he became a member of the 60th Regiment of Foot of the British Army at Detroit, eventually reaching the rank of captain in 1796. In the same year, he became superintendent of Indian affairs for the Northwestern District. In 1797, he also became responsible for the Amherstburg region and he was elected to represent Kent (Kent County, Ontario) in the 2nd Parliament of Upper Canada. McKee was reelected in 1800 to represent Essex (Essex County, Ontario). Around 1806, his duties with the 60th Foot ended, he joined the local militia and served as a major in the militia during the War of 1812. In 1814, he was accused of grave misconduct, having gotten drunk and allowed his native followers to become drunk and disorderly. In 1833, he moved with his family to Sandwich (now Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)) in Upper Canada. In 1835, he was named justice of the peace in the Western District (Western District, Ontario). In the following year, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada for Essex (Essex County, Ontario). He served with the local militia during the Battle of Windsor in the Upper Canada Rebellion. He was called to the bar of Upper Canada in 1838. In December 1838, Prince was in charge of the militia at Sandwich. When forces of the Hunter Patriots invaded the town, he ordered 4 prisoners immediately shot without trial. Despite facing a public dissent, a duel, a court martial and a debate in Parliament over his actions, he was reelected in Essex in 1841, 1844, 1847 and 1851. In 1844, he was appointed Queen's Counsel. He was involved in the development of railways and mines in the southwest part of the province, being president or major stockholder in several companies. He was born in Detroit in 1792, the son of William Caldwell (William Caldwell (Upper Canada)) and grandson of Jacques Baby. He served with the British Army during the War of 1812. After the war, he settled on a farm in Amherstburg (Amherstburg, Ontario). In 1831, he was appointed customs collector and, in 1833, justice of the peace. In 1834, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada for Essex (Essex County, Ontario); he was reelected in 1836. In 1835, he invested heavily in property near an ironworks in Essex County; the project failed due to the unstable financial climate and uncertainty related to the Upper Canada Rebellion. Caldwell also wound up assuming the financial responsibilities of another investor who fled to the United States. He had to sell much of his property to cover these debts. Biography Born John Thomas Miner in Dover Center (Westlake), Ohio (Westlake, Ohio), he and his family moved in 1878 to Canada. Their home would be a free homestead at Gosfield South Township (part of Essex County (Essex County, Ontario)), near Kingsville, Ontario. Miner's parents had emigrated from Leicestershire, England in the mid-19th century, and John Thomas was the fifth of ten children. He did not receive a formal education, and was illiterate until the age of 33. In the 1880s he worked as a trapper and hunter to supplement his family's business income in the manufacture of tiles and bricks (from a claybed on their land). Legacy The Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary was one of the first of its kind in North America, and remains in existence today. It is located near Kingsville (Kingsville, Ontario) in Essex County, Ontario, resting on a peninsula between Lake Erie to the south and Lake Saint Clair (Lake Saint Clair (North America)) to the north. It is ten miles away from the well-known birding destination Point Pelee National Park, which Miner helped to designate as a national park in 1918. (The "Atlantic" and "Mississippi" migratory (Bird migration) flyways converge in this area.) He was born at Detroit in 1768, the son of Jacques Baby, dit Dupéront (Jacques Baby) and the brother of François (François Baby (politician)) and James (James Baby), who were also prominent figures in Upper Canada. He served as lieutenant-colonel in the local militia during the War of 1812 and took part in the capture of Detroit. He was named justice of the peace in the Western District (Western District, Ontario) in 1816 and treasurer in 1837. He represented Essex (Essex County, Ontario) in the 5th Parliament of Upper Canada. References He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1789. He came to Canada as a member of the British Army in 1814 and later settled at Sandwich (Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)). He was named judge in the Surrogate Court for the Western District (Western District, Ontario) in 1836. He represented Essex (Essex County, Ontario) in the 9th (9th Parliament of Upper Canada), 10th (10th Parliament of Upper Canada) and 12th parliament (12th Parliament of Upper Canada)s. The bail (w:bail) judge's order requires Ms Moore to live with her daughter Arnold in a home she purchased with the lottery winnings, and not with her husband. As well, both women are ordered not to leave Essex County, Ontario (w:Essex County, Ontario) and to surrender their passport (w:passport)s to the police.

Greater Vancouver

south to Hope (Hope, BC), Greater Vancouver, north to Cache Creek (Cache Creek, British Columbia) Grade-separated; Eastern terminus On March 23, 2009 Robertson testified in a lawsuit brought by the Cambie Street merchant Susan Heyes, owner of Hazel & Co., in the B.C. Supreme Court regarding damage to her business from the construction, a lawsuit for which she was awarded $600,000 by the B.C. Supreme Court due in part to the fact that there was insufficient action to mitigate the effects of Canada Line construction on Cambie Street merchants

York, Ontario

of history and economics for eighteen years, including several years at Michael Power High School and St. Michael's College School in Toronto. Colle served on the City of York (York, Ontario) municipal council from 1982 to 1985, and on the Metro Toronto Council as a York representative from 1988 to 1994. He was also chair of the Toronto Transit Commission from 1991 to 1994. thumb 300px right The Toronto Islands (Image:Toronto-islands.jpg), as seen from the CN Tower

Concrete, Washington

it was modernized to contain a kitchen and indoor restrooms. As Odd Fellows membership dropped significantly in the 1950s, the building was taken over by the Odd Fellows auxiliary Rebekahs Lodge until the 1970s. After that, the main and upper floors of the building were rented out to various businesses over the years, including a local-history museum, antique shop, and the local Eagles Lodge (Fraternal Order of Eagles). After remaining empty for a number of years, the building

Port Moody

SkyTrain system. The Evergreen Line (Evergreen Line (TransLink)) is planned to link the cities of Coquitlam and Port Moody with the SkyTrain system by 2014. There are also plans to extend the SkyTrain Millennium Line west to UBC (University of British Columbia) as a subway under Broadway (Broadway (Vancouver)) and capacity upgrades and an extension to the Expo Line (Expo Line (TransLink)). Several road projects will be completed within the next few years, including

Barry Town United F.C.

was published in 1994, and is available locally. *A number of fanzines devoted to the club have been published over the years, including ''The Unofficial Programme'', ''38 Hours From Vilnius'', and ''Yma O Hyd''. *Journalist and Manic Street Preachers biographer Simon Price, Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns and Plaid Cymru councillor Dr. Ian Johnson are all known to be Barry Town United (Barry Town) supporters, as is the Barry-born weather forecaster Derek Brockway and Professional

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