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Kansas City, Kansas

to the start of the American Civil War. ''See Bleeding Kansas''. align center 5:00 Kansas City, Kansas, United States death_date birth_place Kansas City, Kansas, United

Mexico City

; Professional wrestling career Peña began his wrestling career as the ''enmascarado (wrestling mask)'' (masked) character ''El Genio'' (Spanish (Spanish language) for "The Genius") on April 8, 1974. After wrestling as ''El Genio'' for a couple


; as the reason for his resignation. He was granted his release on April 27, 2006. This forced the postponement of the Miz's planned wrestling debut, as the Palmer Canon Miz feud (Feud (professional wrestling)) had to be canceled. During his run on ''SmackDown


TNA Against All Odds 2006 . – The extension of the Tōhoku Shinkansen in Japan from

United States

last Brady title 2006: The year in wrestling work PWI Presents: 2007 Wrestling Almanak and book of facts publisher Kappa Publications work 2007 Edition page 17 accessdate 2007-07-11 language English On December 24th, 2007 it was announced by ZERO1's parent company FIRST ON STAGE that Otani would become the President of ZERO1. Otani took office officially on January 23, 2007, replacing previous President Yoshiyuki Nakamura who became Director of FIRST ON STAGE. He defeated

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