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Memramcook, New Brunswick

in Memramcook. Notable people thumb left Pierre-Amand Landry (File:PierreAmandLandry23.jpg) * Thomas-Jean Bourque, physician & politician * Cormier wrestling family, professional wrestlers * Amand Landry, Legislative Assembly NB * David-Vital Landry, doctor, farmer, politician * Pierre-Amand Landry, lawyer, judge, CHC * Bernard LeBlanc, Legislative Assembly NB * Jacques LeBlanc, professional boxer


is renowned in professional wrestling tradition as both the home-city of the prominent Hart wrestling family and the location of the infamous Hart family "Dungeon" (Hart House (Alberta)), wherein WWE Hall of Fame member and patriarch of the Hart Family, Stu Hart, WWE Hall of Fame Inductees - Stu Hart trained numerous professional wrestlers including "Superstar" Billy Graham (Billy Graham (wrestler)), Brian Pillman, the British Bulldogs, Edge (Edge (wrestler)), Christian (Christian (wrestler)), Greg Valentine, Chris Jericho, Jushin Thunder Liger and many more. Also among the trainees were the Hart family members themselves, including WWE Hall of Fame member and former WWE champion Bret Hart and his brother, the 1994 WWF King of the Ring, Owen Hart. thumb Ceremonial puck drop at the 2011 Heritage Classic (File:Puck Drop 2011.jpg) between the Calgary Flames and the Montreal Canadiens thumb Award Ceremony for the Enbridge Cup, an element of the 2005 Spruce Meadows (File:Spruce-Meadows-Szmurlo.jpg) National Tournament class "wikitable" + Professional sports teams - ! Club!!League!!Venue!!Established!!Championships - Calgary Stampeders Canadian Football League McMahon Stadium style "text-align:center" 1945 style "text-align:center" 7 - Calgary Flames National Hockey League Scotiabank Saddledome style "text-align:center" 1980 style "text-align:center" 1 - Calgary Roughnecks National Lacrosse League Scotiabank Saddledome style "text-align:center" 2001 style "text-align:center" 2 class "wikitable" + Semi-professional teams - ! Club!!League!!Venue!!Established!!Championships - Calgary Crush American Basketball Association (American Basketball Association (2000)) SAIT style "text-align:center" 2011 style "text-align:center" 0 - Calgary United F.C. Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League Stampede Corral style "text-align:center" 2007 style "text-align:center" 0 class "wikitable" + Amateur and junior clubs - ! Club!!League!!Venue!!Established!!Championships - Calgary Canucks Alberta Junior Hockey League Max Bell Centre style "text-align:center" 1971 style "text-align:center" 9 - Calgary Mustangs Alberta Junior Hockey League Father David Bauer Olympic Arena style "text-align:center" 1990 style "text-align:center" 1 - Calgary Speed Skating Association Speed Skating Canada Olympic Oval style "text-align:center" 1990 style "text-align:center" 10 - Calgary Hitmen Western Hockey League Scotiabank Saddledome style "text-align:center" 1995 style "text-align:center" 2 - Calgary Oval X-Treme Western Women's Hockey League Olympic Oval style "text-align:center" 1995 style "text-align:center" 4 - Calgary Mavericks Rugby Canada National Junior Championship Calgary Rugby Park style "text-align:center" 1998 style "text-align:center" 1 - Cascade Swim Club Swimming Canada Talisman Centre style "text-align:center" 1976 style "text-align:center" Government The city is a corporate power-centre, a high percentage of the workforce is employed in white-collar jobs. The high concentration of oil and gas corporations led to the rise of Peter Lougheed's Progressive Conservative Party (Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta) in 1971. commons:Calgary

Oklahoma City

in a wrestling family in Del City, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. His high school career record is 105-5. His older brother Leroy and younger brother Pat Smith (Pat Smith (wrestler)) also wrestled for Del City High School and Oklahoma State University. All three became national champions in college. The youngest Smith brother, Mark, wrestled at Oklahoma State and was also an All-American. Smith's nephew, Mark Perry, was a national collegiate champion while wrestling


wrestling family, founded by his father Pepe "Tropi" Casas and also consists of his brothers Erick, who wrestles as "Heavy Metal" and El Felino (real name unrevealed), and a brother who is not a professional wrestler. Casas' sister-in-law (Felino's wife) is Mexican National Women's Champion (Mexican National Women's Championship) Princessa Blanca. Casas' wife is the daughter of a Panamania wrestling promoter that Casas once worked for and she has been training for a professional wrestling career. His two daughters are training in Olympic style wrestling, also hoping to turn professional one day. José Casas does not train his daughters, entrusting that task to Ringo Mendoza, Tony Salazar, Arturo Beristain and Franco Colombo. One of Casas' daughters is married to professional wrestler Diamante (Diamante (wrestler)) who works for CMLL. Casas also has two nephews who work as Kid Tiger and Puma King, the sons of El Felino. Units from Arizona were called into action on September 26, 1940. The 158th Regimental Combat Team were given the name the "Bushmasters," named after the deadly Bushmaster (Bushmaster (snake)) snake in Panama. General Douglas MacArthur said that, "No greater fighting combat team has ever deployed for battle". The '''Black-billed Nightingale-thrush''' (''Catharus gracilirostris'') is a small thrush (Thrush (bird)) endemic to the highlands of Costa Rica and western Panama. Its position in the genus ''Catharus'' is somewhat equivocal, but it is apparently closer to the Hermit Thrush than to the other nightingale-thrushes except the Russet Nightingale-thrush and or the Ruddy-capped Nightingale-thrush (Winker & Pruett, 2006). Distribution and habitat The Ruddy-capped Nightingale-thrush is a resident breeder in highlands from central Mexico to western Panama. It is found in the undergrowth of wet mountain oak and conifer forests and second growth, typically from about 1350 m to 3500 m altitude. Born '''Edward Neumann''' into a Jewish household on New Year's Day, 1868 in Budapest, Hungary (then, part of the Austro-Hungarian empire), Edwards emigrated to the United States and became a very successful Broadway (Broadway theatre) stage actor during the early twentieth century. His first show was the musical comedy ''Little Red Riding Hood'' which opened on January 8, 1900. Edwards often appeared in the first decade of the twentieth-century on the Broadway stage in productions for such prominent stage directors as Arthur Hammerstein and Charles Frohman. He also traveled with touring companies across the United States and in South America. On one trip, the company manager absconded with the box office receipts, leaving Snitz and the rest of the marooned troupers to find their way across Panama to catch a steam ship back to New York. In later years, Snitz told of touring cow towns in the American West, where boarding houses had signs saying Jews, Indians and Irish were acceptable, but not actors. The '''Cordillera de Talamanca''' is a mountain range that lies on the border between Costa Rica and Panama. Much of the range and the area around it is included in the La Amistad International Park, which also is shared between the two countries. ethnicity Kuna people states Panama, Colombia region San Blas Islands, Panama; north coastal region, Colombia states Panama, Colombia region San Blas Islands, Panama; north coastal region, Colombia speakers ca. 58,700 The '''Kuna language''', spoken by the Kuna people of Panama and Colombia, belongs to the Chibchan language family (Chibchan languages). The '''Great Green Macaw''', ''Ara ambiguus'', also known as '''Buffon's Macaw''' or the '''Great Military Macaw''', is a Central (Central America) and South American parrot found in Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. Two allopatric subspecies are recognized, the nominate subspecies is found in Central America to northern Colombia, while ''A. a. guayaquilensis'' is found in western Ecuador and possibly south-western Colombia.


title Eddie Guerrero Profile accessdate 2008-03-23 publisher Online World Of Wrestling was a Mexican-American professional wrestler (Professional wrestling) born into the Guerrero wrestling family (Los Guerreros). <

in Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) (EMLL) between the 1940s and 1960s. He was also the patriarch of the Guerrero wrestling family (Los Guerreros). Guerrero was born in Ray, Arizona to a family of migrant workers. He attended school in the United States until the age of nine when his mother died. His family moved to Mexico, and Guerrero's father used his English language skills to work as an interpreter in Guadalajara. International career Samuel earned his first cap (cap (sport)) for Canada in a 3–1 loss to Honduras (Honduras national football team) in San Pedro Sula on 11 November 1983.


." The patriarch of the Hart wrestling family, Stu was the father of many wrestlers, most notably Bret (Bret Hart) and Owen Hart. Along with Bret and Owen, Hart's trainees included future world champions (World Heavyweight Championship (professional wrestling)) Chris Jericho, Edge (Edge (wrestler)), Christian (Jason Reso), Mark Henry, and Chris Benoit.

wrestling family Hart * This Canadian (Canada) professional wrestling family was founded by wrestler, trainer, and promoter Stu Hart. He and his wife Helen had 12 children—Smith (Smith Hart), Bruce (Bruce Hart (wrestler)), Keith (Keith Hart (wrestler)), Wayne, Dean (Dean Hart), Ellie, Georgia, Bret (Bret Hart), Alison, Ross, Diana (Diana Hart), and Owen (Owen Hart). All of the sons were wrestlers except for Wayne, who was a referee (professional wrestling) referee

: Peru publisher url http: country universities_rec.cfm?country_code Peru&current_country PE accessdate 2 October 2009 '''Bruce Dennis Luis Hart''' (born January 13, 1951) is a retired Canadian (Canada) professional wrestler (professional wrestling). The second son of Stu Hart, Hart is a member of the legendary Hart wrestling family. List of notable tours Fruit spent ten years solidly touring


location London isbn 0-7434-9353-2 page 10 coauthors Krugman, Michael (October 9, 1967 – November 13, 2005) was a Mexican-American professional wrestler (Professional wrestling) born into the Guerrero wrestling family (Los Guerreros). ref name "WCW

United States

professional wrestler (Professional wrestling) born into the Guerrero wrestling family (Los Guerreros). He wrestled in Mexico and Japan for several major professional wrestling promotions. In the United States,<

) is an American (United States) professional wrestler (Professional wrestling), better known by his ring name, '''"Bullet" Bob Armstrong'''. In the course of his career, which spanned five decades, Armstrong held numerous championships (Championship (professional wrestling)) throughout the Southeastern United States. Armstrong is also the patriarch of the Armstrong wrestling family; he has four sons (Scott (Joseph James, Jr.), Brad (Brad Armstrong (wrestler)), Steve

was a member through marriage of the famous Anoa'i wrestling family (Anoa'i family), including Afa (Afa Anoa'i) and Sika (Sika Anoa'i), Yokozuna (Rodney Anoa'i), Rikishi (Solofa Fatu), and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). His widow, Monica, is the daughter of Afa Anoa'i. '''Bruce James''' is an American (United States) social worker and Democratic party (Democratic party (United States)) politician from Clifton, New Jersey. Originally elected in 2005, James currently

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