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publisher language Spanish format accessdate October 28, 2010 (also known as ''Estadio Valle Bowl'') in Naucalpan, State of Mexico. Capacity: 3.700. Universal Wrestling Association Fishman rose to notoriety in the UWA (Universal Wrestling Association), holding the UWA World Light Heavyweight Championship four times

Communications year 4th Edition 2006 isbn 0-9698161-5-4 (tied with Karloff Lagarde for most title reigns). His first reign as UWA World Light Heavyweight Championship begins December 12, 1980 by defeating Perro Aguayo. On March 1, 1981 he lost the title to Villano III. However, on July 19, 1981 Fisman regained the championship. The three last named match all take place in Naucalpan, Mexico. After holding the title for over a year, he lost it to Sangre Chicana

in Mexico City on November 12, 1982. Three month later, on February 27, 1982, he regain the championship and lost it back to Sangre Chicana after over nineteen month, both match took place in Naucalpan, Mexico. Sangre Chicana vacated the title due to injury not later than in March 1984. On April 1, 1984 in Naucalpan, Mexico Fishman defeated Villano III in a tournament final to win his fourth UWA World Light Heavyweight Championship. This reign lasted nearly two an a half years until losing


: uploads Other 962.pdf In 1996 he left CMLL and joined the hardcore wrestling promotion (Professional wrestling promotion) Big Japan Pro Wrestling in Tokyo. He debuted for BJW under the name Aquarius and beat Unicorn in his first match. On 19th July 1996 he beat Dr. Wagner Jr for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship and lost it to him on 27th July. On July 23, 1997 Tajiri would team up with Ryuji Yamakawa to win the vacant BJW Tag Team

Fargo, North Dakota

Dakota Fargo, North Dakota, United States align left 06

Port of Spain

was also in Port of Spain. On May 29, 1988, he knocked out former WBA (World Boxing Association) Light Heavyweight Champion Leslie Stewart in five rounds. ''Sports Illustrated'' October 31, 1988 29 05 1988 align left Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago align left

'''. Referee stopped the bout at 2:27 of the fifth round. 27 11 1987 align left * Type 757 (Registration CF-THS) on display in Air Canada colours at Western Canada Aviation Museum, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. * Type 772 (Registered 9Y-TBT) fire training at Port of Spain

Newfoundland in the far northeast, the closest port in North America to any British port in the United Kingdom. 23 05 1987 align left '''Glenroy John Gilbert''' (born August 31, 1968 in Port of Spain) is a Canadian (Canada) former Athletics (sport) athlete

Markham, Ontario

Warner , Canadian sprinter *Stephen Weiss, NHL hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings * Sarah Wells, track and field athlete * Ethan Werek, hockey player *Ron Wilson (Ron Wilson (ice hockey b. 1956)), retired NHL hockey player *Rico Tatangelo, Former FFKA World Light-Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion http: profiles Musicians *Ash Buchholz, of the band Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker *Ben Heppner, Canadian dramatic tenor *Justin Peroff, drummer

Scranton, Pennsylvania

achieved a complete recovery. She returned to an international tour ten months after the accident. Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania Scranton

, Pennsylvania align left align left - ''Firm'' '''Wernham Hogg''' Slough branch (Paper Merchant) '''Dunder Mifflin-Sabre (Dunder Mifflin)''' Scranton, Pennsylvania Scranton


Infierno'', renaming the group ''Los Guerreros de la Atlantida'' (The Warriors of Atlantis) out of respect for their new co-leader. Shortly after his turn Atlantis win the 2005 International Gran Prix (CMLL International Gran Prix#International Gran Prix 2005) by eliminating Rey Bucanero and Perro Aguayo, Jr. to be the only survivor in the match. Soon after he defeated Dr. Wagner, Jr. to win the NWA World Light Heavyweight

. A. de C.V. location Mexico, D.F. (Mexican Federal District) id Número 21474 Año LXII page 18 date January 21, 2009 accessdate July 9, 2009 language Spanish On April 5, 2009 Atlantis lost the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship to El Texano, Jr. in the main event of a show in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico ending Atlantis' reign after 988 days.

Monte Carlo

(film) Monte Carlo '' (2011) * ''The Raven (The Raven (film))'' (2012) 21 05 1977 align left Monte Carlo, Monaco align left Bristol, his third wife and family moved to Monte Carlo, Monaco, in early 1979 as tax exiles. He died there on 10 March 1985, aged 69 and was buried in Menton, France. On his grave was inscribed his motto "Je n'oublieray jamais" ("I will never forget


a cultural icon in the UK with audiences of up to 8 million watching him live on national television whenever he fights. He represents Britain in boxing and he is the current WBA (World Boxing Association) world light welterweight champion. Another notable boxer is Haider Ali (Haider Ali (boxer)) who won the first ever gold medal for Pakistan in boxing at the commonwealth games in Manchester in 2002 in the featherweight division he now fights professionally out

Quezon City

align left birth_place Quezon City, Philippines years_active 1991–present '''''Jose Sixto

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