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-Seoul Attempted hijacking - In 2002, Yangyang opened its own airport (Yangyang International Airport), serving Busan and two cities in China. The airport also serves Gangneung to the south and Sokcho to the north. It is important for the many tourists attracted the Seorak-san national park. As of 2009, the airport is closed due to a lack of passengers.

| Asia-Pacific | South Korea's abandoned airports publisher BBC News accessdate 2009-05-19 date 2009-05-18 location London Province partnership * -high mountain in Kangwon-do (Kangwon-do (North Korea)), North Korea. Its name means "a firm heart in the face of truth".

Al Karak

. It is still a titular see of the Catholic Church. On 14 January, the 2011 Jordanian protests began in Jordan's capital Amman, and at Ma'an, Al Karak, Salt (Salt, Jordan) and Irbid, and other cities. The Jordanian government reversed fuel price rise following the protest.

Republic of Crimea

spokesman Reuters After the referendum, Crimean lawmakers formally voted both to secede from Ukraine and ask for membership in the Russian Federation. The Sevastopol City Council, however, requested the port's separate admission as a federal city (federal cities of Russia).


&q kairouan%20mosque%20most%20prestigious title Clifford Edmund Bosworth, ''Historic cities of the Islamic world''. Brill. 2007. p. 264 publisher date accessdate 2010-05-02 isbn 9789004153882 year 2007 as well as a great masterpiece of Islamic art and architecture. ref

the Mosque of Uqba), established in 670 AD, is the oldest and most prestigious place of worship in the western Islamic fr&ei crFiTe2iKYPvsgbt4oW2CA&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 3&ved 0CDwQ6AEwAg#v onepage&q&f false Clifford Edmund Bosworth, ''Historic cities of the Islamic world'', BRILL, 2007, page 264 ref>

thumb 320px right The Mosque of Uqba Great Mosque of Kairouan (File:Kairouan Mosque Stitched Panorama.jpg) (also called the Mosque of Uqba), was founded in 670 by the Arab general and conqueror Uqba ibn Nafi.


http: 2009 04 20 world asia 20ambush.html?_r 1&ref world&pagewanted all accessdate 2 December 2009 title Pinned Down, a Sprint to Escape Taliban Zone newspaper New York Times date 19 April 2009 first C. J. last Chivers The Afghan government later launched an investigation into the use of white phosphorus munitions.


attracted the Seorak-san national park. As of 2009, the airport is closed due to a lack of passengers. 1 1–0 Friendly match


Open every day 8-19 price content A small animal farm with a donkey, a shetland pony, mini pigs, reindeers, a goat, rabbits and cats. * Events *

Islamic Courts Union

, the late leader of the ICU, Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys, said that the ICU would do its best to incorporate said territories into a Greater Somalia: "We will leave no stone unturned to integrate our Somali brothers in Kenya and Ethiopia." WORLD&ID 564842767252324414 ICU plans to take over Ethiopian and Kenyan territories Ethiopia and Kenya have historically resisted such Somali


;itemsPerPage 10&region world&state fo:D#fo:D title Average Conditions: Ibadan, Nigeria publisher BBC Weather accessdate 29 June 2010 date August 2010 Administration There are eleven (11) Local Governments (Local Government Areas of Nigeria) in Ibadan Metropolitan area consisting of five urban local governments in the city and six semi-urban local governments in the less city. Local governments at present are institutions created by the military


medina-of-fes Medina Of Fes * The Fez Festival: Sacred Music From Around The World – audio report by ''NPR'' * *

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