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opinion features item 14551-nay-pyi-taw-s-national-guesthouses Naw Pyi Taw's national guesthouses' , ''Mizzima'', 8 November 2014. 348 hotels and 442 inns were constructed to house the athletes spectators of the 2013 Southeast Asian Games, which was hosted in Naypyidaw.


: Content Public Articles 000 000 014 058uctlq.asp?pg 1 accessdate 12 February 2010 title The Watchmen author Mario Loyola date 3 September 2007 work Weekly Standard However kinetic activity dropped to almost nothing after a 20-minute attack on 5 October against the Iraqi Police station in Karmah was repulsed by Jim Lanham, now a First Sergeant. LCpl Regina A. Ochoa. “A Marine’s Marine”. Hawaii Marine. 23 May 2008 ref

White Plains, New York

, Presbyterian Rest for Convalescents, Today, at 12:00 p.m. EDT (w:Eastern Time Zone (North America)) (UTC-4 (w:UTC-4)) the Animal rights (w:Animal rights) group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (w:People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) (PETA) staged a "naked" protest in White Plains (w:White Plains, New York), New York. The target of the protest was British (United Kingdom) fashion house, Burberry (w:Burberry), and their fur practices. Saturday, the Criterium (w:Criterium) cycling events took place in White Plains (w:White Plains, New York). Starting at 7:00 a.m. EDT (w:Eastern Time Zone (North America)) (UTC-4 (w:UTC-4)), races for both men and women began at Martine Avenue at Court Street in downtown White Plains.

Athens International Airport

http: travel news 2004-02-06-chastity-belt_x.htm work USA Today date 6 February 2004 location Athens The incident was also reported by Weekly World News. Preparations to stage the Olympics led to a number of positive developments for the city's infrastructure. These improvements included the establishment

Federal Aviation Administration

the CAAB in an opinion article in the ''Aviatour'', a monthly travel and tourism supplement of Bangladeshi news magazine ''Weekly Holiday''. For Biman, this meant


, when Love stormed offstage with the band in tears after an audience member threw shotgun shells at her, referencing speculation that she may have been involved in husband Kurt Cobain's death.

Memphis, Tennessee

SlamWrestlingArchive jul7_lawler.html title Lawler running for mayor author Associated Press publisher SLAM! Sports accessdate 2007-10-08 date July 7, 1999 His platform focused on making the streets safer for residents, beautifying the city, and improving the quality of education. ref>

United States

737 000164245 publisher NNDB year 2007 accessdate 2007-12-15 is an America (United States)n television personality, a former U.S. Marine (United States Marine Corps) and officer with the Chicago police. He currently hosts his own talk show

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