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Oak Bay, British Columbia

and South Oak Bay neighbourhoods. In addition to being an attractive retirement area, Oak Bay has also long appealed to families with young children and others seeking safe and well-maintained neighbourhoods. Oak Bay boasts wonderful beaches, the Oak Bay Marina, the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, and the Royal Victoria Yacht Club located on the shore of Cadboro Bay. The Victoria Golf Club is located in South Oak Bay. It was founded in 1893, and is the second oldest golf course west of the Great Lakes

São José dos Campos

to the city come for business rather than for tourism. Yet, São José dos Campos is a lively city, with many options of culture, nightlife and gastronomy, plus exhuberant nature in the district of São Francisco Xavier. Its convenient location also provides easy access to São Paulo and the wonderful beaches of the North Coast (North Coast (São Paulo)) of the state. Get in By plane São José dos Campos is attended by the '''International Airport Professor Urbano Ernesto Stumpf'''. Despite being an international airport, it operates only domestic commercial flights, connecting the city to Campinas, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. The airport is very close to the main aerospace and research centers (Embraer, CTA, Mectron, INPE) which may be convenient for business visitors. For other destinations (including international destinations), the closest airport is the Guarulhos airport in São Paulo, about 1 hour by car from São José dos Campos, although Congonhas (São Paulo) and Viracopos (Campinas) are alternatives. By bus By car * '''BR-116''' (Via Dutra) - The highway which links São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro cuts through the center of town. * '''SP-050''' (Monteiro Lobato) comes in from the area of Campos do Jordão and Santo Antônio do Pinhal * '''SP-65''' (Dom Pedro I) from the Campinas region intersects both '''BR-116''' and '''SP-70''' in neighboring Jacareí * '''SP-66''' (Geraldo Scavone) is yet another connection from Jacareí * '''SP-70''' (Carvalho Pinto) - An alternate route from neighboring Taubaté or Jacareí * '''SP-99''' (Tamoios) - Connects the city to Caraguatatuba on the coast Get around On foot The best areas to explore on foot are the Centro (Downtown) and Vila Adyana neighborhoods, southeast of the Banhado. There you can find most of the city's historical buildings, street commerce, and pleasant green areas like the Vicentina Aranha and Santos Dumont parks, plus of course the Banhado itself. By bus Buses linking downtown to the suburbs are relatively frequent, although quite crowded during peak hours. Suburb-to-suburb transport, on the other hand, is extremely limited. Many companies and research institutes are located in areas with limited or almost non-existent bus coverage, making public buses an impractical means of transport for many business tourists. Large companies, however, will typically operate private buses to and from various points in the city. By taxi Taking a cab is a practical way for visitors to move around the main district. Taxi costs R$ 4,50 + R$ 2,25 km (flag 1) or + R$2,90 km (flag 2). A tariff calculator is available online Be aware that during the month of December, flag 2 applies all day long. By car Renting a car may be more cost-effective than a taxi for long-distance travel, including going to São Francisco Xavier or exploring the areas beyond the municipality. The city grew has grown faster than its road network and public transport capacity, and as a result, São José dos Campos suffers from severe traffic during the peak hours. Navigating the main district isn't too complicated. It is crossed by two freeways that form an "X" shape: the '''Anel Viário''' (southwest to northeast) and the '''Av. Jorge Zarur Rod. Nova Tamoios''' (northwest to southeast), and most of the time you will be not too far from one of them. São José is also crossed by the '''Rod. Presidente Dutra''' (BR-116) (northwest to southeast) that inappropriately functions as one of the main avenues of the city, as it is necessary for people commuting to and from remote suburbs and various factories. To get around the districts: * '''Main district Eugênio de Melo''': Take Rod. Presidente Dutra (BR-116) towards Rio de Janeiro * '''Main district São Francisco Xavier''': From either Rod. Presidente Dutra or the Anel Viário, take '''Av. Dr. Nélson D'avila Rod. Monteiro Lobato''' (SP-050) and get to Monteiro Lobato. Afterwards take the municipal road '''Monteiro Lobato-São Francisco Xavier''' See Commons:Category:São José dos Campos WikiPedia:São José dos Campos


to a garden panorama a Private toilet and bath. * *


50 content Small museum with cultural and historic artifacts * '''Albert Market''' * ''' Banjul State House''' * ''' Banjul Court House''' * '''The African Heritage Museum ''' or '''African Heritage Centre''' is a museum and art gallery in Banjul, The Gambia. It holds a large collection of African art and statues. The city has two cathedrals and several major mosques. Do Go to its wonderful beaches. Buy Eat Being on the Atlantic ocean, Banjul has some excellent and well


that and is quickly growing into a premier tourist location because of its wonderful beaches in Nilaveli and Uppiveli. Get in The bus station is located across the street from the clock tower and the market. The train station is about one kilometer north of town. Get around Trincomalee is a very compact town so walking is a suitable way to see the town. For longer trips rickshaws are available at nearly every corner. See * Pigeon Island *


fee, in which visitors can take the stairs to the top of a mountain, passing several temples en route. It is worth the walk up, if visitors are ok with contributing their money to the bear habitat. Do Beaches Qingdao has some wonderful beaches worthy of visiting. Unfortunately, litter is a problem at all of them, ranging from the occasional cigarette butt to having to wade through a flotsam of trash just to get into the ocean itself. Your experience will vary depending on the tides and the time of year you visit. During summer weekends, Qingdao city beaches are very crowded (sometimes upwards of 100,000 people), and slightly less crowded on summer weekdays. Again, these can be packed full of people during the weekends. Bring sunscreen, while you can buy beach toys, food, drinks, and knick-knacks at any of Qingdao's beaches, surprisingly no one sells sunscreen at the beach itself. You can find bathing beaches all along the seaside from the Zhanqiao Pier to the Shilaoren Beach in the eastern suburbs. *


. Some of the shopping streets also start here. The square is often used for demonstrations (against the Syrian regime typically) and as a place for motor cycle enthusiasts to show off. There is nothing in the square itself to see. Do Prior to the conflicts of 2011 the city had a reputation as a good place to escape from the pressures of today's modern life. It might pay to wait until things have returned to some sort of normality before venturing out and about but there are wonderful

beaches within driving distance, and the Old City and the Museum are good for hours of exploration. Adventurous types might try the nightclub on the 3rd floor of the 3rd building in the downtown tower complex. Like any proper nightclub it only opens at 11PM. A non alcoholic beer will set you back a small fortune, and, like in Italy and Paris, there is a charge to sit at a table. Fitness There are a few gyms scattered throughout Tripoli - there's one downtown off of Omar Mukhtar Street


surprisingly in the world's largest archipelago, '''beaches''' are significant attractions. Aside from the obvious like Bali and Lombok, there are wonderful beaches in off-the-beaten-track locations, especially in Maluku, Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi. In a nation of 18,000+ islands, the options are almost endless. thumb right 250px An endemic Sumatran Orangutan in the Gunung Leuser National Park (Image:Man of the woods.JPG) Indonesia has some of the largest remaining tracts


, the mesmerising rock-cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora in Maharashtra, pristine forests the wonderful beaches of Goa, the Asiatic lions of Gujarat in Gir jungles, and the rapidly developing cities of Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur and Pune (formerly known as Poona). region4name Southern India region4color #b383b3 region4items Andaman and Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Telangana

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