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East Germany

of these bands were Die Skeptiker, Die Art and Feeling B. Additionally, hip hop culture reached the ears of the East German youth. With videos such as ''Beat Street'' and ''Wild Style'', young East Germans were able to develop a hip hop culture of their own. Brown, Timothy S. “‘Keeping it Real’ in a Different ‘Hood: (African-) Americanization and Hip-hop in Germany.” In The Vinyl Ain’t Final: Hip Hop and the Globalization of Black Popular Culture, ed. by Dipannita


title fights. He had also won one fight at the Middleweight division. Mayorga, who prides himself in living a "wild style" type of life, had been arrested by the Nicaraguan government one month before the fight, stemming from charges of raping (Rape) a woman. During the weight-in the day before the fight, Mayorga, feeling taunted by Trinidad's fans, responded by grabbing his private parts towards those fans. For the Trinidad fight, Mayorga dyed


. California: Duke University Press, 61-63 As in Germany, Japan was introduced to hip hop in the fall of 1983 in the movie ''Wild Style''. Japanese Hip-Hop, by Ian Condry (MIT

) The film is "the classic hip-hop flick, full of great subway shots, breakdancing, freestyle MCing and rare footage of one of the godfathers of hip-hop, Grandmaster Flash, pulling off an awesome scratch-mix set on a pair of ancient turntables." Wild Style (1983) - Plot summary The popularity of the film led to many of the artists


, China. Wikipedia:Beijing Dmoz:Regional Asia China Beijing commons:北京


predecessors, but he made it frantic; similar to the rock and roll music of the 1950s ''Jazz On Record: The First Sixty Years;'' by Scott Yanow, 2003, p. 277 and foll. Examples of his wild style are found in the songs "Riot in Boogie" and "Barrelhouse Boogie". An example of his strange singing style is in the song "The Baby and the Pup." Other songs that Gibson recorded were "Handsome Harry, the Hipster", "I Stay Brown All Year


''') is an American turntablist. He was formely known as '''Grand Mixer D.ST'''. "D.ST" is a reference to Manhattan, New York City's Delancey Street on the Lower East Side. He was featured in the influential hip hop film Wild Style. founded 1953 headquarters 2 Broadway, New York (Manhattan), NY (New York) 10004-2207 locale New York City locale New York City service_area Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn

United States

comedy series ''All That'', and for her role as Lydia Liza Gutman on The WB sitcom ''The Steve Harvey Show''. Acting background Denberg began acting in community theater and school plays at the age of six. She has starred on American (United States) TV (Television) shows such as Nickelodeon (Nickelodeon (TV channel))'s ''All That'' (from 1994 to 1998), ''Figure It Out'' as a regular panelist, with no appearances on Figure It Out: Wild Style (from 1997 to 1999

Grills, Jaclyn DeSantis, Jade Yorker, Bönz Malone, Kumar Pallana and Joey SEMZ. ''Bomb the System'' was the first major fictional feature film about the subculture of graffiti art since ''Wild Style'' was released 1982.Several well-known graffiti artists participated in the making of the film including Lee Quinones , Cope2 and Chino BYI. The film's score and soundtrack were composed by El-P. Although born in the United

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