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of the better-known NGOs in Morogoro. Buy Food There are many "safi dukas" in town; the following are just highlights. *

price content Pira's one of the nicest minimarkets in town, carrying a wide variety of packaged goods; canned food, housewares, etc. A decent candy selection, frozen meats, and liquor as well, but limited produce. It is one block to the north of the daladala stand. *

see map - Behind the daladala stand phone tollfree fax hours price content Offering a wide range of electronics including cell phones, stereos, even furniture. Worth a visit just to see what they have. They also have a parts store roughly across from Blue Room Restaurant. *


and Maestro. BCEL charges a fee of 20,000 kip per transaction. Maximum withdrawal is 1,000,000 kip. *

name Savanxay Market alt url email address lat long directions Near the bus station phone fax hours Daily, 06:00-17:00 checkin checkout price content The main market of Savannakhet City, also known as ''Singapore Market'' as it was started by an investor from Singapore. There is a wide variety of goods on sale, including local products as well as imported Thai and Vietnamese foods, along with a wide selection of souvenirs and a huge gold jewellery section

Savannakhet (and Vietnam) to Mukdahan (Thailand). This bridge strengthens the reputation of Savannakhet as open for business. Foreign investors and NGO's are considered to be crucial for the development of the town and province. * The '''Tourist Information''' office is between the Mekong riverside and the "plaza", the central square of the French historical town. A must-visit for those wishing to see the city area. The office offers many different local walking tours as well as a wide


period (i.e. long, rectangular city blocks running perpendicular to a river or ridge). It is a predominantly residential neighbourhood with considerable appeal to a wide variety of Montrealers, owing principally to its local cultural cachet, proximity to the urban core of the city, and wide variety of commercial and public services. NDG is a community of communities, as there are several somewhat distinct neighbourhoods within it. Officially the community is divided into an eastern and western

Semnan, Iran

. AliAkbar Moallem Because of the wide variety of dialects spoken throughout the Semnan Province, all of Semnan TV's main broadcasting is in the Persian language in order to avoid the unfair advancement of the city's own dialect. This policy has angered a significant portion of the population which remains deeply concerned with regards to the deteriorating state of the Semnani language altogether. Radio Similar to television

and discussions from a wide variety of topics. According to the representative of Radio Semnan, Abdulreza Dehrouye, "the variety of regional dialects, the strategic geographical location, the good climate, the contributions of the educated elite, the centers of industry and mineral extraction, the various university complexes, the massive labor force, and the highly literate and educated municipal population are all contributing factors into establishing the framework of the great


phone (92-0575) 2577 tollfree fax hours price content K-2 Motel, Skardu. * '''Topaz Gems''', Yadgar Chowk, Skardu. * '''Sahabaz Gems''', Kazmi Bazar, Skardu. Eat *'''Hotel & Restaurant Dewan-E-Khas''', located near the SCO office, offers a wide variety of Pakistani, Western and Chinese food. Dewan-E-Khas is the first and only family restaurant (this means that it has a room for families Women to eat in) in Skardu.. Email ph

the Frozen Goods store, run by foreigners, offers a wide variety of real coffee, teas, chai, and freshly baked Western goods. It also offers WiFi for customers who bring their own laptop. Sleep Budget * *

Shuyang County

are a repository of local history and art, with permanent collections and visiting exhibitions. Besides, there are several professional museums and galleries, such as the Horticulture Museum of Shuyang and the 3-D Gallery. Religions Freedom of religion makes people of all religions live in harmony. However, approximately 95% of the population expressed no religious affiliation in accordance with 2010 Census although Shuyang attaches a wide variety of holy turf. Buddhism It has been

Welch, West Virginia

. The college is also dedicated to offering a wide variety of off campus courses at centers in Beckley (Beckley, West Virginia), Lewisburg (Lewisburg, West Virginia), Summersville (Summersville, West Virginia) and Welch (Welch, West Virginia), West Virginia. He was appointed as surgeon (surgery) for the Norfolk and Western Railway (1895–1913) and surgeon in chief of ''State Hospital #1'' in Welch, West Virginia (1899–1913). He entered local politics first as commissioner

Federal Emergency Relief Administration

entirely new federal agencies, the Works Progress Administration and the Social Security Administration. Projects FERA operated a wide variety of work relief projects, including construction, projects for professionals (e.g., writers, artists, actors, and musicians), and production of consumer goods. The construction and professional projects elicited criticisms of "make-work," i.e., that little of value was produced. File:Women stuffing mattresses - NARA - 285192.jpg thumb


of Upper Jubba as well as the entire length of the Jubaland region, composed of Gedo, Middle Jubba and Lower Jubba). '''Afmadow''' ( ) is a city in southern Somalia, located in the middle of the Juba (Jubaland) region and bordered by Kenya, Badhadhe, Kismayo, Jamame, Jilib, Hagar, Bardhere and Elwaq in Somalia, 620 km south of the capital Mogadishu. It is home to a wide variety of wild animals, including

Parral, Chihuahua

''', is a long-distance horse ride with statewide massive participation and a spectacular visual event as thousands of horses enter the city(see Cavalcade). Food In addition to its diverse and rich History, Parral is famous for its traditional foods. Parral was recently named as one of the “Ten Gastronomic Marvels of Mexico,” primarily for its artisan confectioneries ''dulces de leche''. These include a wide variety of candies and pastries from old recipes based on milk, sugar, and natural fruits

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