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violent acts

Nong Samet Refugee Camp

maintained at best only a lukewarm relationship with Son Sann. Crossette B. "After the killing fields: Cambodia's forgotten refugees." ''New York Times Magazine'', 1988;26:17-68. In 1983, at a time when Nong Samet was being terrorized nightly by violent acts of banditry, local policing was so ineffective that the bandits could brag about their exploits in the marketplace. Finally, after


massacre of the Fogel family by residents of the nearby village of Awarta. HRW (Human Rights Watch) reports an extensive number of violent acts by settlers from Itamar and its Israeli

an extensive number of violent acts by Itamar settlers against local Palestinians. According to B'Tselem, "settlers from these settlements have exerted violence against local Palestinians; the Israeli authorities have been delinquent in enforcing the law on the offenders".

Tenderloin, San Francisco

. In the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, the gang was involved in extortion, drug sales, and murder for hire. Graffiti art and tagging are a common problem in the neighborhood. Dealing and use of illicit drugs occurs on the streets. Property crimes are common, especially theft from parked vehicles. Violent acts occur more often here and are generally related to drugs. The area has been the scene of escalating drug violence in 2007, including brazen daylight shootings, as local gangs from San


Court of Justice if its funding is halted. In November 2011, Israel's Education Ministry decided to withhold funds from the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva and close down the Dorshei Yehudcha Yeshiva high school. The decision was based on information received from the defense establishment of extensive involvement by students and rabbis in violent acts against Palestinian residents and Israeli security forces.


of poor judgment, Huse's superior sent him to Hamar's prison in place of military stockades. Partly led and partly tolerated by other constables, the town's population engaged in demonstrations, marches, and other unlawful but non-violent acts that were effectively ended when a company of soldiers arrived from the camp at Terningmoen near Elverum.


and recognition of their union, the United Auto Workers (Local 222). The then-Liberal government of Mitchell Hepburn, which had been elected on a platform of being the working man's friend, sided with the corporation and brought in armed university students to break up any union agitation. These much-derided "Hepburn's Hussars" and "Sons of Mitches" were never needed as the union refused to be drawn into violent acts. The union and workers had the backing of the local population

Weimar Republic

regarding violent acts of vengeance among the German Right. Gumbel, Emil Julius (1919). ''"Verräter verfallen der Feme": Opfer, Mörder, Richter, 1919-1929'', Berlin: Malik-Verlag Tucholsky, Kurt (1930). ''E. J. Gumbel, Berthold Jacob, Ernst Falck, "Verräter verfallen der Feme"'', Die Weltbühne (contemporary review


of bias given by the authors include the failure of the media to question the legality of the Vietnam War while greatly emphasizing the Soviet war in Afghanistan as an act of aggression (War of aggression). Other biases include a propensity to emphasize violent acts "genocide" more in enemy or unfriendly countries such as Kosovo while ignoring greater genocide in allied countries such as the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. This bias also said to exist in foreign

Dominican Republic

, was committed to violent acts against other countries he believed supported Cuba, including Colombia, Mexico and Panama. At the meeting, according to the document, the groups discussed kidnapping and executing a diplomat. A month later CORU members attempted to kidnap the Cuban ambassador to Mexico; one of his aides was shot and killed. The Posada File: Part II ref>


. This act raised concerns within the Yishuv from the British regime's reaction to the underground's violent acts against them. Therefore the Jewish Agency decided on starting a ''Hunting Season'', The 'Hunting Season' Besiege Yehuda Lapidut – THE HUNTING SEASON known as the ''saison

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