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Espanola, Ontario

, Willisville (Willisville, Ontario), Whitefish Falls (Whitefish Falls, Ontario), Walford (Walford, Ontario) and Birch Island (Birch Island, Ontario). In 1999 a modern recreation complex was constructed, replacing the aging arena and community swimming pool. In addition, Espanola has a public library. Media Radio * FM 94.1 - CKNR (CKNR-FM), variety (Variety (radio)) * FM 94.9 - CBON-7 (CBON-FM), Première Chaîne * FM 99.3 - CJJM (CJJM-FM), variety Other radio

Corvallis, Oregon

thefts as a teenager, primarily stealing soda pop and beer from local distributors with an assortment of childhood friends until one of them was caught and informed on the rest. He later detailed his experiences to reporters prior to the Barcelona Olympic games and used the material for his book and speaking tour as an example on how to turn one's life around. '''KBVR''' (88.7 FM (FM broadcasting)) is a student-run radio station broadcasting a Variety (Variety (radio)) format

Winona, Minnesota

with the help of William S. King.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

of making the wrong choices in life. image 200px (Image:KLSU logo.jpg) city Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Louisiana area Baton Rouge area (Template:Baton Rouge Radio) '''KLSU''' (91.1 FM (FM broadcasting)) is the student-run college radio station for Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a radio format of variety (variety (radio)) music and specialty programming. The radio station is part


, music and sports reporting. Variety radio programs included the most famous Hollywood talent of the day. During the 1920s, radio focused on musical entertainment, the ''Grand Ole Opry'', has been focused on broadcasting country music since it began in 1925. Radio soap operas began in the U.S. in 1930 with ''Painted Dreams''. ''Laurdagsbarnetimen'', a Norwegian children's show, with its premiere in 1924, is still being broadcast weekly, which makes it the longest running radio

in late 1945, she hosted the Tuesday and Thursday broadcasts of an NBC musical variety radio program — ''The Chesterfield Supper Club''.


Hill, Pennsylvania , where exterior scenes were shot; '''WRSD''', known as "Ridley School District Radio", is a variety radio station which is broadcast in the Philadelphia area. The station is broadcast locally from a transmitter located in Folsom, PA, and covers a fairly large radius around the Folsom, PA area. WRSD features a variety of programming, which is mostly done during the school year by locals themselves. '''WZZE''' is an American Top 40 radio

United States

on the Frosts' unique interpretation of Wicca. The Church and School are located in Hinton, West Virginia. '''WUAG''' (103.1 FM (FM broadcasting)) is a radio station broadcasting a Variety (Variety (radio)) format. Licensed to Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina), North Carolina, United

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