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Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles

culture is influenced by several other cultures (i.e.- Latino, Chinese and African American) and is fused into a very unique style all its own." ;''Filipino American WWII Veterans Memorial'' In November 2006 Eric Garcetti, president of the LA City Council, joined Filipino veterans from around

Kingdom of Northumbria

an important role in the formation of Insular art, a unique style combining Anglo-Saxon, Celtic (Celtic Christianity), Pictish, Byzantine and other elements, producing works such as the Lindisfarne Gospels, St Cuthbert Gospel, the Ruthwell Cross and Bewcastle Cross, and later the Book of Kells, which was probably created at Iona. After the Synod of Whitby in 664 Roman church practices officially replaced the Celtic ones but the influence of the Celtic style


developed this style inadvertently, because of the natural shape of his legs, but the style was perfected together with coach Jachym Bulin. Whereas he got style point reductions for the first few years of his career because of this unique style, it was eventually proven that the V-style provides more lift than the traditional style and was set as the standard. Today, Porjus is a living village and the old power plant is a popular tourist attraction among many others. Swedish power company Vattenfall is the biggest employer, but there are also a number of smaller companies such as the small aviation company Fiskflyg, which offered the first regular passenger flights in Sweden back in the days (the route: Porjus - Suorva). There is also a unique golf course (you play across the Lule river, next to a big dam), a small downhill skiing course, snowmobile routes, small shops, a 50 kilometer long walking trail from Gällivare, used by the workers to carry building material 90 years ago, and a unique photo gallery which has aurora borealis as its specialty. The main line railways were of major importance for the development of the Swedish industry. The first two main line railways were the Southern, stretching from Stockholm to Malmö in the south, and the Western, to Gothenburg in the west. These line railways were finished between 1860-1864. The Northern railway runs parallel to the Baltic coast (but not along it) up to Boden (Boden, Sweden) in northern Sweden, and was finished in 1894. The Inland Railway (Inlandsbanan) runs from Gällivare in the north to Kristinehamn in the center of the country, through the central parts of northern Sweden, and was built between 1908-1937. It was a part of the 1853 decision that the railways should avoid coasts, and not make detours to pass medium size cities along the route. The reason for avoiding coasts (most evident for the railway to northern Sweden) was to protect it from military attacks, and because steam boats were already established along the coasts as a much faster transport method than before. The '''Inland Line''' Wikipedia:Gällivare


television. He immediately became popular with his legendary song "Don't Tell Me You Love Me". His contemporary and unique style opened up a new era in Iranian music. His past drug use has been publicized heavily. He has since quit. image location Karaj

Ajax, Ontario

in the Allenbury Gardens public housing, and at the age of 16 moved to Ajax, Ontario. Growing up in a diverse neighbourhood, O'Brien blended dancehall and reggae with rock and popular music to create his own unique style of music. In 1988, Jamaican-born DJ Marvin Prince witnessed O'Brien deejaying at a party and quickly, the two became friends. For the next few years, they practiced in Prince's basement with Snow providing vocals and Prince scratching the turntables (Turntablism). While


of the Holy Saviour being reconstructed after the 1988 earthquake thumb Saint Arsenije Russian church (File:Church in Kazachi post 06.JPG) thumb Garegin Nzhdeh Square (File:Գարեգին Նժդեհի հուշարձանը Գյումրիում 03.jpg) As an old town, Gyumri has a rich history and a unique style of architecture. Unfortunately, the city lost many of its historical and cultural buildings after the disastrous earthquake in December 1988 (1988 Spitak earthquake). Throughout the centuries Gyumri was labelled

Vologda Oblast

in the unique style which is sometimes referred to as Totma Baroque. The relative desolation of Vologda lands attracted monks looking for solitude. This resulted in a large number of monasteries. The Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, the Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery, the Goritsky Monastery (Goritsky Monastery (Goritsy)), and the Troitse-Gledensky Monastery represent examples of Russian medieval fortification architecture and also contain buildings rated among the best preserved cultural heritage. The Ferapontov Monastery, included into the World Heritage list, contains the only survived fully painted church in Russia with the frescoes of Dionisius. As of 2010, four of the monasteries in Vologda Oblast were acting: the Kirillo-Belozersky, the Spaso-Prilutsky, the Goritsky, and the Pavlo-Obnorsky (Pavlo-Obnorsky Monastery) monasteries. Gallery File:Troitse-Gledensky Monastery-Troitsky.jpg Troitse-Gledensky Monastery File:Residenz von Vaeterchen Frost.jpg The residence of Ded Moroz in Veliky Ustyug File:House Zasetskih 6.jpg Zasetsky House in Vologda (the 1790s) Literature thumb Konstantin Batyushkov Batyushkov's (File:Batjuskov giallo.png) portrait by Orest Kiprensky (1815) In the 19th and the 20th centuries, many notable authors had their estates in Vologda Region, however, their literary activity mostly was related to Saint Petersburg rather than to the estates. Thus, Konstantin Batyushkov, a poet, was born and raised in his estate in Danilovskoye (Danilovskoye, Vologda Oblast), but became a notable author after he moved to the state service to Saint Petersburg, and he only returned to Vologda (where he eventually died) after he developed a mental illness. Igor Severyanin, a 20th-century poet, spent considerable periods of his life in the estate of his uncle, Vladimirovka (Vladimirovka, Vologda Oblast), close to the city of Cherepovets. In the 20th century, two of the authors of the Village prose movement in Soviet Literature, which predominantly described rural life, were tightly connected with Vologda Region. Vasily Belov was born in the village of Timonikha, currently in Kharovsky District, and lives in Vologda. Alexander Yashin was born in Nikolsky District and completed his studies in Nikolsk, but then moved to Moscow. A poet Nikolay Rubtsov spent much of his life in Vologda Oblast before being killed in a domestic dispute in 1971. Yury Koval (Yury Iosifovich Koval), mainly known for his children's book, spent considerable periods of his life in Vologda Oblast. Handicrafts Various handicrafts were developed in the area. A number of those are protected by law. wikipedia:Vologda Oblast commons:category:Vologda Oblast


: c 2007 08 28 1303797.htm publisher 红网综合 accessdate 20 December 2013 language Chinese date 2007-08-28 Arts In the 17th century, folk music from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces began influencing the popular music scene in Changde's Yuan and Li river district. A unique style of theatrical folk music called Changde Sixian ( ; lit. "Changde strings") evolved from this combination. It includes short expressive sections of lyrics spoken


, Belarus occupation Writer, Artist, Philosopher Born in 1950 in Pinsk, Belarus, Izya moved to the United States in 1994 and quickly became known in the New York and Baltimore art circles for his unique style and ability to express himself through his work. Through his art, Izya Shlosberg attempts to teach others about the world and its many unknowns. DATE OF BIRTH November 4, 1950 PLACE OF BIRTH Pinsk, Belarus DATE OF DEATH

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