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-06 were built in the present Fidel Castro period. '''Baracoa''', nicknamed ''La Ciudad Primera'', is Cuba's easternmost and oldest city. It is popular among tourists for its indigenous-inflected unique local culture, distinctive local cuisine, natural rainforest surroundings, and its chocolate. Understand File:ElYunqueBaracoa.JPG 400px thumbnail right alt El Yunque, an anvil-shaped mountain, surrounded by rainforests


festival Sunjam. Sunjam is the largest electronic music event in Honduras, and one of the largest and most important in Central America. The date is fixed to the first Saturday of August every year. The event attracts world class international DJs as headliners and invites the best regional talent to perform. Unique local cuisine includes white bread made with coconut milk, mango jam, conch meat, and crab. The island is served by Útila Airport. Image gallery gallery>

Regional Municipality of Niagara

Niagara Region and greater Golden Horseshoe areas of Ontario. It was renowned for its old fashioned style of baked goods, its 1950s-era decor, and unique local flavour. History Highway 8 is one of the oldest provincial highways in Ontario, having first been established in 1918. Up until the early 1970s, the highway was much longer than its current length, extending from Goderich (Goderich, Ontario) through Kitchener-Waterloo (Regional Municipality of Waterloo), Cambridge


. In the intro, written by Vasilis Bolanos, the then-mayor. In the town of Himarë as well as in nearby villages of Dhërmi and Palasa mainly speak a unique local Greek dialect (Varieties of Modern Greek) that preserves many archaic features no longer found in standard Modern Greek. This dialect has small variations in the way it is spoken in every town, especially in the accent. On the other hand the surrounding towns of Ilias, Vuno, Qeparo, Kudhes and Pilur mainly speak the Tosk Albanian dialect with heavy Greek influence; for example 'thank you' is 'ju haristisem', please is 'ju parkales', and 'village' is 'hora'. Gregorič, 2008 (#Gregorič): p. 63 In the spring of 2006, a private Greek-language school opened in the town of Himarë, Gregorič, 2008 (#Gregorič): p. 68 at the precise location where the Orthodox missionary Cosmas the Aetolian founded the Acroceraunian School in 1770. Minority issues While the situation of the Greek minority in Albania (Greeks in Albania) has improved since the fall of communism, ethnic tensions in Himara remain high. The success in the Epirus front enabled the Greek headquarters to transfer part of the army to Thessaloniki, in preparation for a confrontation against the Bulgarians (Kingdom of Bulgaria).

Antigua Guatemala

. Manu Chao daily. Wi-Fi gratis . Splurge *


can have around 6-8 oysters (depending on their size) or 4 scallops for Y10. Meat skewers start from 0.5 (mini sized one). Y1 for grilled tofu and Y3 for a grilled corn. Overcharging can often happen if you don't speak Chinese so compare the price first. Operate until 4AM. *'''Banqiao Road Local Restaurant Area''' This large covered outdoor restaurant area is a unique local experience. To begin with have a look around the integrated fresh food market and choose what you want. There is much to pick from; coconut rice to strange seafood to Cobra snakes. It’s all alive when you purchase so you know its fresh and half the fun is just looking at what’s available. Each set of tables has its own kitchen and the food is cooked however you want. Expect to pay ¥30-40 per person. *'''The area south of East Haixiu Road''' has a number of small streets with small local restaurants cooking the food out in the street and with tables both in and out. Expect to pay ¥20-30 per person. *'''Local street BBQ food''' (烧烤 shāokǎo) Popular with locals, these vendors come out in the evening and serve a variety of BBQ'ed food. Choose what you want and take a seat while its cooked. Food is inexpensive and you can also buy cheap local beer. Locals eat, drink and play cards at these places until early morning. Many vendors can be found on Haidian Er East Rd (海甸二东路) on Haidian Island in the north of Haikou. Expect to pay ¥30-40 per person. *'''Betel nuts''' (檳榔 bīnglang) Illegal in some western countries, Betel nuts are common in South East Asia and India. Chewed for their effects as a mildly euphoric stimulant, attributed to the presence of relatively high levels of psychoactive alkaloids. Spot the locals who chew Betel nuts by their red teeth. Popular with bus drivers. Available on street corners for around ¥1. Shops also sell the dried variety. These are not as potent. * WikiPedia:Haikou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hainan Haikou

British Virgin Islands

Music of the Virgin Islands The traditional music of the British Virgin Islands is called ''fungi'' after the local cornmeal dish with the same name, often made with okra. The special sound of fungi is due to a unique local fusion between African and European music. It functions as a medium of local history and folklore and is therefore a cherished cultural form of expression that is part of the curriculum in BVI schools. The fungi bands, also called "scratch bands", use


range from fruit shaped soaps (a basket of which start from 3 TL) to almond paste, cheap t-shirts and shoes, and Edirne-related (and especially Selimiye-related) souvenirs and trinkets. * Eat '''Liver''' (''ciğer'') is a definitely must-try for non-vegetarians. It is prepared in a unique local way


fax hours price content An ordinary-seeming street by day, becomes transformed by night into a bewildering maze of streetside restaurants and buskers performing music, dance, opera and stand-up comedy. It is a strongly-recommended experience. Food is plentiful and cheap, and it features a lot of unique local cuisine. The performances can be enjoyed by proxy as performers work other tables or they can be purchased. One can expect to pay about ¥10 per song performed. Other performances are more based on contributions—the more you contribute, the longer the performers will do their routines and the more daring interesting funny the routines will be. * WikiPedia:Wuhan Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hubei Wuhan commons:武汉

Toledo, Spain

Madrid's Primera Liga. At the individual level, the swimmer Javier Noriega and Julio Rey marathon athletes are more representative of the city, both in Athens Olympics 2004 and Beijing 2008, in recent years. Rey, Spanish current marathon record holder, with 2h.06: 52, announced his retirement in October 2009. Media Various local and provincial newspapers are published in the city. In addition, national newspapers such as the daily ABC publish unique local editions. Among the local newspapers

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