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Kuala Kangsar

traps, parangs (long knives) and foodstuffs at and around Jalan Tebing, Kuala Kangsar. Eat * '''Laksa''' while available in many parts of Malaysia, with slight variations, one unique feature of the Kuala Kangsar Laksa is the '''Laksa,''' (the vermicelli, or "meehoon" itself. Almost all the Laksa vendors here serve their "laksa vermicelli" freshly made. Thus, the texture is more savouring compared to the dried vermicelli which are first soaked prior to being served. *'''Masak Lemak Ikan Patin''' a delicious Malay dish, served with rice. The Ikan Patin ( a river fish of the cat fish family) is cooked in coconut milk with herbs, spices and condimums with the formidable "cili api" (Thai pepper). Small eateries along the '''Tebing''' of the town serves this dish. Find the jetty for the passenger boat to Sayong and these eateries can never be missed. Drink '''Cendol Kuala Kangsar,''' which in the local dialect is pronounced as "cendoi." *'''The Cuesport Cafe'''. The first sports cafe in town. The cafe provided 3 table of British pool to play while enjoying light beverages and ice-cream.Located at Bandar Baru Fasa 2 which is beside the Bus Terminal and Taxi Terminal. Ample car park in open space with the neighbourhood of banking such as Maybank, Agro Bank, CIMB and Bank Simpanan Nasional. Open Tu-Su. Sleep * Wikipedia:Kuala Kangsar Dmoz:Regional Asia Malaysia States and Federal Territories Perak Localities Kuala Kangsar Commons:Category:Kuala Kangsar


'' or ''Kongque River'', flows through the center of Korla, a unique feature amongst cities in Xinjiang. While the literal meaning of the Chinese name "Kongque River" is "Peacock River", the name originates from a semantically distorted transliteration of the Uyghur (Uyghur language) name "Konqi Darya" which means "Tanner's River". Nara Shiruku Rōdo-haku Kinen Kokusai Kōryū Zaidan, Shiruku Rōdo-gaku Kenkyū Sentā: Opening up the Silk


above the sea level. The best time of the year to visit it is February-April and it is characterized by amazing icicles. The other unique feature of this cave is that it is consists of different floors. The fossils of molluscs at its entrance suggest that the cave used to be beneath the seas 50 million years ago. Do *'''Hiking Azimie mountain''' is very fun activity. On Fridays a lot of people come there for Picnic and spending the weekend from the early morning. The mountain is easy to climb but gives opportunity to meet a lot of people. Climbing takes 2 to 3 hours to first peak. There are different routes for coming back. The nearest one ends in a spring with a pleasant water drink which is located in a small park with some of facilities for exercise, relaxing as well as Tea houses. The other route continues to Chalous Road which has stunning nature during spring and fall but it needs probebly half a day to come back to city. *'''Amir Kabir dam lake''' in the road of Chalus. This area is used for sports such as canoeing, fishing, water skiing, swimming and gliding. The lake behind the dam makes a stunning view to enjoy your time. *'''Skiing''' Karaj surrounded by mountains provides an amazing spot for skiing. There are a lot of resorts around it. '''Dizin Ski resort''' is one of the oldest and the longest route in whole middle east and one of the longest in the world. The other resorts are '''Khur ski resort''' and so on. All of them provide all services including cable cars, equipment renting etc. The extremely cheap price beside its great quality makes skiing one of the best attractions of Karaj for Iranian and foreign tourists. *'''Khanevadeh Park''' - biking roads. *'''Road to Chaloos''' which is the most beautiful road in Iran. *'''Varian Village'''; the only means of accessibility to the village of Varian is by canoe from the lake of the dam. *'''Yakh Morad Cave''', the cave is situated in the district of Gachsar. Low temperature within the cave is as such that even till the months of May June icicles can be still observed here. Buy There are several shopping centers in Azadegan Sq. which you can buy the stuff you need from. Eat Drink Sleep Connect Go next * '''Taleqan''' * '''Qazvin''' Commons:Category:Karaj wikipedia:Karaj

Bintan Island

in 1818, is an exquisitely kept yellow mosque, also called the sulfur-coloured mosque. It has many domes and minarets. The unique feature of the mosque is that the mortar used was the special egg-white mortar as the cementing material; eggs were presented to the Sultan by his subjects on the occasion of his wedding. The mosque houses a rare 150 year old hand written Koran in its Islamic library. A formal dress code is observed for entry into the mosque. Tanjung Pinang thumb left Boat race in Tanjung Pinang (File:Boat race in Tanjung Pinang.jpg) Tanjung Pinang is located on the southwestern part of Bintan island and is the capital and largest town of the Indonesian province (Provinces of Indonesia) of Riau Islands. It is a port town and a trade centre with ethnic diversity and with traditional villages and temples. It has an area of ) is a province (Provinces of Indonesia) of Indonesia, located in the center of Sumatra along the Strait of Malacca. Originally the province consisting of the Riau Islands (Riau Islands Province), the large group of more or less tiny islands, located east of Sumatra Island and south of Singapore, before it were split off as a separate province in july 2004. The biggest islands in the archipelago are Batam and Bintan Island. The provincial capital of Riau Province and its largest city is located in Pekanbaru. Other major cities includes Dumai, Selat Panjang, Bagansiapiapi, Bengkalis, Bangkinang, Rengat and Siak Sri Indrapura. Geography Batam has a majority of the province's population, since becoming special economic region, it has experienced high population growth rates. The population is estimated nearly at 1,137,894 (as of December 2011). Other main islands and populated city included Bintan Island and Karimun. There are around 3,200 islands in the province. with Tanjung Pinang as its capital, located at south of Bintan Island. The islands of the Tudjuh Archipelago, located between Borneo and mainland Malaysia, were attached to the new province, although they were not geographically part of the Riau Archipelago. Geography Batam is located west of Bintan Island, south of Singapore, north of Rempang, east of Karimun and Bulan Island. The Riau Strait (''Selat Riau'') separates Batam and Bintan. Batam has Tropical rainforest climate with average temperatures between 26-32°C. The local governmental offices is resided in Batam Centre and biggest community on the island is Lubuk Baja (Nagoya, Batam) (formerly known as Nagoya). Other residential area included Baloi Garden, Sekupang, Nongsapura (Nongsa), Waterfront City (Teluk Senimba), Batu Ampar, Jodoh. * On November 30, 2006 IPTN C-212 PK-ZAI crashed on landing, no injuries or deaths were reported. * On February 12, 2011, five people were killed when a Casa C-212 Aviocar belonging to SMAC crashed on Bintan Island, Indonesia during a test flight. http: wires 15056 plane-crash-in-western-indonesia-kills-five BNO News '''HarbourFront Centre''' is a shopping mall and ferry terminal that connects to nearby Indonesia ports and city (Batam and Bintan Island). Located at Maritime Square, Telok Blangah in the Bukit Merah Planning Area, Singapore. The mall is part of a development known as HarbourFront which is connected to VivoCity, the country's largest shopping mall. Formerly known as the '''World Trade Centre''', it was renamed to its present name in 2003 and the mall was refurbished. HarbourFront Centre is directly connected to HarbourFront MRT Station of the Mass Rapid Transit (Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)) and the Singapore Cruise Centre is located in the building. Also, HarbourFront Bus Interchange is located directly opposite Telok Blangah Road. Towards the west of HarbourFront Centre are HarbourFront Tower 1, HarbourFront Tower 2 and Keppel Bay Tower, all are office buildings. The Sentosa Cable Car station is housed in HarbourFront Tower 2. All buildings are connected to HarbourFront Centre.


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Charlotte metropolitan area

'''WLNK''', known on the air as "107.9 The Link", is a 100,000


Kuopio Puijo &

Muscat, Oman

PDO , this is the most popular destination for expatriates living in Muscat. The common and unique feature to Shati is the ocean of white houses. An opera house, cinema (movie theater), theatre, schools and a hospital are also located there. foundation 1925 (as '''Petroleum Development of Oman and Dhofar''' ) 1967 (as '''Petroleum Development Oman''' ) location Muscat (Muscat, Oman), Oman industry petroleum Oil & Gas


was known as Königsberg Hauptbahnhof. Trains depart in the directions of Malbork, Berlin, Baltiysk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kharkiv, Anapa, and Bagrationovsk. A unique feature of the Kaliningrad railway is that some tracks in the direction of Poland and Berlin have a standard gauge of WikiPedia:Kaliningrad Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Kaliningradskaya Oblast Kaliningrad commons:Калининград

Fargo, North Dakota

- Transportation in North Dakota is overseen by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The major Interstate highways (Interstate Highway System) are Interstate 29 and Interstate 94, with I-29 and I-94 meeting at Fargo (Fargo, North Dakota), with I-29 oriented north to south along the eastern edge of the state, and I-94 bisecting the state from east to west between Minnesota and Montana. A unique feature of the North Dakota Interstate Highway system, is that virtually all of it is paved in concrete, rather than blacktop, because of the extreme weather conditions it must endure. The largest rail systems in the state are operated by BNSF and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Many branch lines formerly used by BNSF and Canadian Pacific Railway are now operated by the Dakota, Missouri Valley and Western Railroad and the Red River Valley and Western Railroad. at Grand Forks, North Dakota (w:Grand Forks, North Dakota). Manitoba officials feel that this year flooding should not be as bad as the 1997 flood. Polish (Poland) and Chinese (China) experts have come to survey the Red River Floodway, and Dennis Walaker (w:Dennis Walaker), mayor (w:mayor) of Fargo, North Dakota (w:Fargo, North Dakota) recognises the need for Red River flood defences down river. "Every town that you drive by from the Canadian (w:Canada) line up to Winnipeg is either elevated or ring-diked," said Walaker. Saberi has dual-citizenship as an Iranian-American, and she grew up in Fargo (w:Fargo, North Dakota), North Dakota. She lived in Iran for six years while working as a journalist for news media organizations including the BBC (w:BBC). On January 31, four members of the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of Iran (w:Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of Iran) took her from her home to face charges of spying for the United States. She was convicted and sentenced to eight years in jail, however this was reduced to a suspended sentence of two years. After returning to the United States, Saberi met with U.S. Secretary of State (w:United States Secretary of State) Hillary Clinton.

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