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-6 - Promontory Heights Elementary Elementary K-6 - Robertson Elementary Elementary K-6 - Rosedale Traditional Community Elementary K-6 - Sardis Elementary Elementary K-6 - Strathcona Elementary Elementary K-6 - Tyson Elementary Elementary K-6 - Unsworth Elementary Elementary K-6 - Vedder Elementary Elementary K-6 - Watson Elementary Elementary K-6 - Yarrow Community Elementary Elementary K-6 - A.D. Rundle Middle Middle

7-9 - Chilliwack Middle Middle 7-9 - G.W. Graham Middle-Secondary Middle-Secondary 7-12 - Mt. Slesse Middle Middle 7-9 - Rosedale Traditional Community Middle 7-9 - Vedder Middle Middle 7-9 - Chilliwack Secondary Secondary 10-12 - Sardis Secondary Secondary 10-12 - CHANCE Alternate Alternative SU - Education Centre Alternative 8-12 - Fraser Valley Distance Education Alternative K-12 - Shxwetetilthet: Sto:Lo Alternate


). Festivals and fairs The ''Stouffville Strawberry Festival'' is a traditional community fair on the Canada Day weekend, which celebrates Stouffville's agricultural heritage. Stouffville Strawberry Festival, official website. thumb left 300px Stouffville Strawberry Festival, 2011 (File:Stouffville Strawberry Festival July 2 2011.jpg) The Markham Fair is hosted by the Markham and East York Agricultural Society, and supported by both the City of Markham and the Town of Whitchurch–Stouffville (Stouffville south of Main Street was part of Markham Township prior to 1971). The Markham Fair dates back to 1844 and is one of Canada's oldest and largest fairs, hosting upwards of 80,000 visitors. The fair is held on the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is held at the Markham fairgrounds, directly south of the Stouffville town border. Markham Fair, official website. Bruce's Mill Conservation Area hosts an annual ''Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival'' over four weeks in March and April. Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Sugarbush Maple Syrop Festival: Bruce's Mill, official website. In February the Musselman Lake (Musselman Lake, Ontario) community hosts an annual ''Winter Carnival'' at Cedar Beach. York Region (Regional Municipality of York)'s ''Spring Forest Festival'' is held annually during Earth Week (April) in the York Regional Forest, Eldred King Tract, Highway 48 (just south of Vivian Road). The annual ''Wine and Food Festival'' (June) is organized by the Ballantrae (Ballantrae, Ontario) Golf and Country Club. In September Stouffville hosts a ''Weekend of Music and Peace;'' the Peace Festival coincides with the United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21). Museum The idea for the ''Whitchurch–Stouffville Museum'' began in 1969 as a civic-minded project by a group of local residents. After opening in 1971 in the hamlet of Vandorf (Vandorf, Ontario) the site has grown over the years from the original museum building. The museum site includes five historic structures from the former Township of Whitchurch: the Bogarttown (Bogarttown, Ontario) Schoolhouse (1857), a pioneer log cabin (c. 1850), a Victorian Farmhouse built by James Brown (1857), a barn (c. 1830) and Vandorf Public School (1870). Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum, Official website. In 2012, the Whitchurch–Stouffville Museum added a Community Centre that blended the old with the new by joining the two schoolhouses. The new facility includes a Research Room, Exhibition Gallery, Discovery Room, and two rental spaces. Media The town is currently served by two local community newspapers: the ''Stouffville Free Press'' and the ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune''. ''SNAP Stouffville Uxbridge'' is a print publication which specializes in a photographic view of life in the community. ''Stouffville Connects'' is an online publication focussed on community contributed journalism. Cf. Stouffville Free Press, official website; Stouffville Sun-Tribune, official website (1888–2007 archived issues available at Community Newspapers Collection); SNAP Stouffville Uxbridge, official website; and Stouffville Connects, official website. A community radio station, ''WhiStle Radio'' (CIWS-FM) 102.7 FM, was launched in 2008. WhiStle Radio, official website. Film and TV Movies partially shot on location in the community of Stouffville include: ''The Russell Girl'' (2008), ''Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming'' (2007), ''Who Killed Atlanta's Children?'' (2000), ''On Hostile Ground'' (2000), ''Strike! (The Hairy Bird)'' (1998), ''The Sweet Hereafter (The Sweet Hereafter (film))'' (1997), ''Bad Day on the Block'' (1997), ''Martin's Day'' (1984), and ''The Dead Zone (The Dead Zone (film))'' (1983). Television shows shot in Stouffville include episodes from ''Warehouse 13'' (2010), ''The West Wing'', West Wing Episode Guide, Opposition Research. ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'', ''Nikita (Nikita (2010 TV series))'', Stouffville Sun-Tribune, Stouffville subs in for South Dakota town in TV shoot (March 31, 2010). and ''Curse of the Axe'' (documentary film on the Wendat-Huron village (Mantle Site, Wendat (Huron) Ancestral Village) site discovered in Stouffville). See Patrick Cain (with movie trailer), "Vanished Huron village in Whitchurch-Stouffville held baffling mystery," ''Global News'' (July 6, 2012); also "Curse of the Axe on History,", the Canadian Movie Database, July 6, 2012. Films and television shows shot at ''Shadow Lake Centre'' in Whitchurch–Stouffville (Musselman Lake (Musselman Lake, Ontario)) include ''1-8oo-Missing (Missing (Canadian TV series))'', ''Tarzan & Jane'', ''The Crossing (The Crossing (2000 film))'', ''Run the Wild Fields (Run the Wild Fields (film))'', ''Ice Men (Ice Men (film))'', ''Top Cops'', ''The Loretta Claiborne Story'', ''True Romance'', ''Ready or Not (Ready or Not (TV series))'', and ''The White Dog Sacrifice''. Shadow Lake Centre, Film Shoots, official website (accessed June 9, 2010), and The Littlest Hobo (Summitview Public School). Attractions * Applewood Farm Winery Bruce's Mill Conservation Area, the northern gateway to Rouge Park with trails, and Community Safety Village. Burd's Family Fishing Downtown Stouffville Farmers' Market (Thursdays, June–October) * Latcham Gallery Lionel's Farm (Petting zoo, pony farm, horse centre and wagon collection) * Magic Hill Farms Oak Ridges Trail and York Demonstration Forest * RHLS Narrow Gauge Railway Ringwood Fish Culture Station Stouffville Country Market (flea market; Saturdays&Sundays) * Timber Creek Mini Golf & Family Fun Centre Whitchurch–Stouffville Museum Willow Springs Winery York-Durham Heritage Railway Churchill Chimes Equestrian Centre residents * Acton, Keith (Keith Acton) - National Hockey League player and Stanley Cup winner, current owner of the local Boston Pizza franchise * Bessey, James (James Bessey) - Canadian watercolour artist S. Bolan, ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'', Renowned Stouffville artist dies, Sept. 14, 2010. * Bowser, John W. (John W. Bowser) - Construction Superintendent of the Empire State Building and Royal Ontario Museum. * Brock, Nathan (Nathan Brock) - Resident Conductor of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra S. Bolan, ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'', Art York grad handed baton in Montreal, July 6, 2009. * Brown, Roy (Roy Brown (RAF officer)) - Royal Air Force officer and World War I flying ace, credited with downing the ''Red Baron'' (Manfred von Richthofen) * Cockburn, Karen (Karen Cockburn) - Canadian Olympic medalist (trampoline gymnast) * Cook, Earl D. (Earl Cook) - Major League Baseball Player (Detroit Tigers) * Del Zotto, Michael (Michael Del Zotto) - National Hockey League player * Harris, Mike (Mike Harris (curler)) - Canadian Olympic medalist (curler) * Hassard, Bob (Bob Hassard) - National Hockey League player and Stanley Cup winner * MacMillan, Harvey Reginald (H.R.) (H.R. MacMillan) - forester, forestry industrialist, wartime administrator, and philanthropist * Marek, Jeff (Jeff Marek) - Hockey Analyst for Sportsnet * May, Brad (Brad May) - National Hockey League player * Jason "Human Kebab" Parsons - Member of Canadian band Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS (band)) * Pearce, John (John Pearce (equestrian)) - Canadian Olympic equestrian show jumper Canadian Show Jumpers Earn Olympic Berth, ''CBC Sports'', October 7, 2010 (website). * Pierson, Sean (Sean Pierson) - Canadian professional mixed martial arts fighter * Powe, B. W (B. W. Powe) - Canadian author * Torres, Raffi (Raffi Torres) - National Hockey League player Michael Hayakawa, "25 Games: NHL Suspendes Torres," ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'' (, April 21, 2012. * Underhill, Frank (Frank Underhill) - Founder of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) Party; co-writer of the Regina Manifesto (1933) and Officer of the Order of Canada. * Veltman, Jim (Jim Veltman) - National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame player * Wallis, Stephen - Filmmaker S. Bolan, "Filmmaker's leap of faith pays dividends," ''Sun-Tribune'', May 31, 2012. * Werek, Ethan (Ethan Werek) - Professional ice hockey player Sister city '''Vaughan:''' CFU758 90.7 (CFU758) group6 Halton Region (Regional Municipality of Halton) - Whitchurch–Stouffville Wayne Emmerson - '''Ballantrae, Ontario''' (2011 population (Canada 2011 Census) 1,382) is a hamlet (hamlet (place)) in the Town of Whitchurch–Stouffville (Whitchurch–Stouffville). Named for the village of Ballantrae in South Ayrshire, Scotland, the community is centred around the intersection of Aurora Road (York Regional Road 15) and Highway 48 (Highway 48 (Ontario)). The hamlet was first settled in the early 19th century, and by 1895 it had a population of 300. Cf. a thorough account of Ballantrae's history in Jean Barkey et al., Whitchurch Township (Erin, ON: Boston Mills, 1993), 87-90. See also the detailed 1878 map, Township of Whitchurch, ''Illustrated historical atlas of the county of York and the township of West Gwillimbury & town of Bradford in the county of Simcoe, Ont.'' (Toronto: Miles & Co., 1878). The town was located on the edge of the vast lumber industry centred in the hamlet of Vivian (Vivian, Ontario); a spur-line of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway built in 1877 ran through Ballantrae from Stouffville (Whitchurch-Stouffville) to Jackson's Point (Jackson's Point, Ontario) on Lake Simcoe. In the early 20th century, Ballantrae's population declined dramatically due to large-scale deforestation and the erosion of the thin soil of northern Whitchurch Township into virtual sand deserts. Barkey et al., Whitchurch Township, 89; 30f. In 1910, its population was 250; cf. Province of Ontario, Gazatteer and Directory, 1910-1911 (Ingersoll: Union, 1910), p. 46. With the passage of the Reforestation Act (1911), the process of reclaiming these areas slowly began. The Vivian Forest, a large conservation area on the edge of Ballantrae, was established in 1924 for this purpose.


and a spotlight to attract the flying fish. Heritage thumb upright Canoe carving on Nanumea (File:Canoe carving on Nanumea.jpg) The traditional community system still survives to a large extent on Tuvalu. Each family has its own task, or ''salanga'', to perform for the community, such as fishing, house building or defence. The skills of a family are passed on from parents to children. The women of Tuvalu use


-NITyzQSUtaWtBQ Google Print, p.16 Other substantial ethnic groups were Russians (25.5%), Poles (11.4%) and Belarusians (9%). The latter figure may be not accurate as some local Belarusians were likely counted as Russians. A small traditional community of Lipka Tatars had been living in Minsk for centuries. thumb left 200px Jewish Holocaust (File:Minsk memorial.JPG) memorial The high mortality of World War I and World War II affected the demographics of the city, particularly


headquarters for either corps. Traditional community tribunals, called ''dina'', are presided over by elders and other respected figures and remain a key means by which justice is served in rural areas where state presence is weak. Historically, security has been relatively high across the island. Violent crime rates are low, and criminal activities are predominantly crimes of opportunity such as pickpocketing and petty theft, although child


the Javanese (Javanese language) and Balinese (Balinese language). The '''Baduy''' (or '''Badui'''), who call themselves '''Kanekes''', are a traditional community living in the western part of the Indonesian province of Banten, near Rangkasbitung. Their population of 11,700 is centered in the Kendeng mountains at an elevation of 300–500 meters (975'-1,625') above sea level. Their homeland in Banten, Java (Java (island)) is contained in just Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia


- In Ukraine Pepsi Twist was marketed and sold during 2004. In 2012 reintroduced under "Pepsi +1" logo and "Pepsi-Twist" trade name. Life and career Elman was born in the small town of Talnoye near Kiev, modern-day Talne, Ukraine. His grandfather was a klezmer, a Jewish folk musician, who also played the violin. It became apparent when Mischa was very young that he had perfect pitch, but his father hesitated about a career as a musician, since musicians were not very high on the social scale. He finally gave in, and gave Mischa a miniature violin, on which he soon learned several tunes by himself. Soon thereafter, he was taken to Odessa, where he studied at the Imperial Academy of Music. Pablo de Sarasate gave him a recommendation, stating that he could become one of the great talents of Europe. He auditioned for Leopold Auer at the age of 11, playing the Wieniawski (Henryk Wieniawski) Concerto No. 2 (Violin Concerto No. 2 (Wieniawski)) and 24th Caprice by Paganini (Niccolò Paganini). Auer was so impressed that he had Elman admitted to the St. Petersburg Conservatory (Saint Petersburg Conservatory). In the late 1970s several baal teshuva yeshivas under Haredi Judaism auspices were founded and chose to honor the memory of Rabbi Meir Simcha of Dvinsk by calling themselves by his pen name for his work "Ohr Somayach". The first was the yeshiva Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem in Israel, and another was Ohr Somayach, Monsey in the United States. Other branches were established in Toronto and Montreal in Canada, and in Detroit, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Worldwide, branches, all bearing the name ''Ohr Somayach'', are Ohr Somayach, South Africa, London in the United Kingdom, Kiev in the Ukraine, and Sydney in Australia. The '''Boltysh Crater''' is an impact crater in the Kirovohrad Oblast province of Ukraine.

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