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. Fredericton is home to the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival, which, each August, features professional chamber music by top local players and nationally renowned performers. Motion Ensemble, NB’s contemporary music organization, is also based here. In addition, Symphony New Brunswick performs most of its season in Fredericton. Every November Fredericton hosts the Silver Wave Film Festival. Originally called the Tidal Wave Film Festival, it has been running since 2001. Each year attendance and interest in the festival has risen. Because of the its relationship with the Toronto Film Festival, the Silver Wave Festival offers Frederictonians the opportunity to see films that would otherwise be overlooked in their smaller market. Films created by New Brunswickers are also screened at the festival. Many of the local films come from shorts created through the University of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Filmmaker's Co-operative. Historically, Fredericton has been referred to as the Poets' Corner of Canada, because it was the birthplace of Bliss Carman, Charles G. D. Roberts and Francis Joseph Sherman. For many years, it was the home of the acclaimed Governor General's Award (Governor General's Awards)-winning poet, playwright, and journalist Alden Nowlan. Prominent writers and poets living in Fredericton include Raymond Fraser, Robert Gibbs, M.T. Dohaney, Herb Curtis, Wayne Curtis, David Adams Richards, Robert Hawkes, Shari Andrews, Mark Anthony Jarman and Joe Blades. Sports and recreation thumb The Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge crosses the Saint John River as part of the city's trail system (File:Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, former railway bridge, on the Saint John River.jpg) There are no professional sports teams in Fredericton, although both universities have extensive athletic programs. The UNB Varsity Reds and St. Thomas Tommies (St. Thomas (New Brunswick) Tommies) are rivals in most sports. When their men's hockey teams play (UNB has no women's hockey program in the AUS), the matches are called the "Battle of the Hill". The UNB Varsity Reds men hockey team has experienced recent success in national competition, winning the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) championships in the 2008–2009 and 2010–2011 seasons. They also finished in second place to the University of Alberta during the 2007–2008 championship. Other Varsity (AUS) sports at UNB include women's soccer and swimming, along with men's and women's cross country, track and field, basketball and volleyball. Club sports (non-varsity) include baseball, cheerleading, cricket, fencing, football, golf, wrestling and men's rugby. At St. Thomas University, their men's and women's hockey and Cross Country teams compete in the AUS conference of the CIS, while their other sports teams (which include men's and women's soccer, rugby, golf, basketball, and volleyball) play in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) conference of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). The Tommies men's volleyball team has won four ACAA titles, including 2012, while the men's and women's basketball teams were both 2012 CCAA Bronze Medalists. The American Hockey League was once represented in Fredericton, with the Fredericton Express playing between 1981 and 1988, and the Fredericton Canadiens between 1990 and 1999. The "AAA" hockey system in Fredericton still uses the name Canadiens as their team names in Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget levels. Fredericton has 5 permanent rink facilities which have a combined seven ice surfaces. On the Northside, the York Arena, opened in 1947, is the oldest arena still in use in the city. Also on the Northside is Willie O'Ree Place, known to local residents as the "O'Reena" or the "Willie O'Rink". The building is named after Fredericton-born Willie O'Ree, the first black player in the National Hockey League. The building, which serves as the home for the Leo Hayes High School Lions, opened in 2008. It houses two NHL-sized ice surfaces, as well as meeting facilities, an indoor track and a small YMCA workout centre, while outside in Scotiabank Park North there is a soccer field and beach volleyball courts. On the Southside, the Lady Beaverbrook Rink (opened in 1954), the former home of St. Thomas University's hockey programs, and the Aitken University Centre (Aitken Centre) )opened in 1976 and owned by the University of New Brunswick) were joined in 2012 by the brand new Grant • Harvey Centre, named after two more Fredericton-born NHL alumni - Danny Grant and Buster Harvey - which is another two rink complex; one NHL sized and the other Olympic. The Grant • Harvey Centre also houses a walking track and meeting facilities. Behind the arena is the new Abony Family Tennis Centre, a six court indoor tennis facility and to the South is Scotiabank Park South has an artificial turf soccer pitch as well as a two acre, fenced dog park. As of 2012, the Grant • Harvey Centre has replaced the Lady Beaverbrook Rink as the home of the St. Thomas Tommies and the Fredericton High School Black Kats. Fredericton has a strong Rugby (Rugby football) history with the Fredericton Loyalists RFC. Each summer the Loyalists host the New Brunswick Black Spruce team which competes in the Rugby Canada Super League. There are healthy programs in both baseball and softball at all age levels around the city. The Fredericton U18 Twins hosted the Canadian U18 Softball Fast Pitch Championships in 2011 and 2012, while the Senior Twins hosted the National Senior Fast Pitch Championships in 2012. In baseball, the Fredericton Senior Royals celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2011 and their 11th (17th including when the team was the Marysville Royals) New Brunswick Senior Baseball League Championship in 2012. That same Royals program produced Matt Stairs, a Major League baseball player who played for Team Canada in the 1988 Summer Olympics and won the World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008. Fredericton has several large parks, including Odell Park, Reading Park, Queen's Square, Officer's Square, Carleton Park and Wilmot Park. Killarney Lake and nearby Mactaquac Provincial Park have small beaches which are popular in the summer. These, along with the river, provide excellent venues for water sports. Skiing and snowboarding at nearby Crabbe Mountain are also common winter activities among city residents, as is skating on the outdoor rinks at Officer's and Queen's Squares. There are also several trails within the city which are used in the winter for cross-country skiing. Fredericton also boasts public and private facilities for archery, soccer, track and field, golf, football, fencing, rowing, sailing, swimming, curling, martial arts, bowling, paintball, and lawn bowling. Government and politics thumb right 260px New Brunswick Legislative Building NB Legislative Building (Image:Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.jpg), seat of New Brunswick Government since 1882 thumb 240px Fredericton City Hall, a National Historic Sites of Canada National Historic Site of Canada (Image:Fredericton City Hall.jpg), in 2005 Administrative structure Fredericton has a mayor-council and non-partisan form of government, with the mayor and council serving fixed four-year terms (three years until 2004), and elections held in May. The current mayor is Brad Woodside, who first served from 1986 until 1999 but was re-elected in 2004. He has since won two further elections, extending his tenure through to 2016. The city is divided into twelve wards (ward (politics)) (six on each side of the Saint John River), with each ward electing one councillor. The Boyce Farmers Market, open on Saturday mornings, is a place where municipal, provincial and federal politicians frequently visit to mingle with their electorate - something which has evolved into a political tradition. Fredericton and provincial federal politics Provincially, Fredericton elected Progressive Conservatives from 1952 until electoral sweep of the Liberal Party in 1987 when they won every seat in New Brunswick under Frank McKenna. Since then there has been greater political alteration in the provincial electoral landscape in Fredericton. In 1991, the right-wing Confederation of Regions Party (Confederation of Regions Party of New Brunswick) won the riding of Fredericton North (along with several other nearby ridings). In 1999 Progressive Conservatives swept all three Fredericton area seats; however, in 2003, Fredericton-North and Fredericton-Fort Nashwaak returned to the Liberals. Elections New Brunswick Federally, the city forms most of the riding of Fredericton (Fredericton (electoral district)). This riding was formerly known as Fredericton-York-Sunbury but was redistributed prior to the 1997 general election. From 1957 until 1993 Fredericton returned Progressive Conservatives. The 2008 Federal Election saw the Conservative Party of Canada take the seat with former New Maryland MLA Keith Ashfield taking this seat with 42% of the popular vote. Demography The population of Fredericton is 56,224 (2011 Census). Along with Moncton and Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia), Fredericton is one of three Maritime cities to register a population increase in recent years. class "toccolours" cellpadding "4" cellspacing "0" style "float:right; margin:0 0 1em 1em; font-size:95%;" - ! colspan "2" style "background:#ccf; text-align:center;" Historical populations - ! style "text-align:center;" Census year !! style "text-align:right;" Population - colspan 2 - style "text-align:center;" 1861 style "text-align:right;" 6,000 - style "text-align:center;" 1871 style "text-align:right;" 6,006 - style "text-align:center;" 1881 style "text-align:right;" 6,218 - style "text-align:center;" 1891 style "text-align:right;" 6,502 - style "text-align:center;" 1901 style "text-align:right;" 7,117 - style "text-align:center;" 1911 style "text-align:right;" 7,208 - style "text-align:center;" 1921 style "text-align:right;" 8,114 - style "text-align:center;" 1931 style "text-align:right;" 8,830 - style "text-align:center;" 1941 style "text-align:right;" 10,062* - style "text-align:center;" 1951 style "text-align:right;" 16,018 - style "text-align:center;" 1956 style "text-align:right;" 18,303 - style "text-align:center;" 1961 style "text-align:right;" 19,683 - style "text-align:center;" 1966 style "text-align:right;" 22,460 - style "text-align:center;" 1971 style "text-align:right;" 24,254 - style "text-align:center;" 1976 style "text-align:right;" 45,248** - style "text-align:center;" 1981 style "text-align:right;" 43,723 - style "text-align:center;" 1986 style "text-align:right;" 44,352 - style "text-align:center;" 1991 style "text-align:right;" 47,510 - style "text-align:center;" 2001 style "text-align:right;" 48,560 - style "text-align:center;" 2006 style "text-align:right;" 50,535 - style "text-align:center;" 2011 style "text-align:right;" 56,224 - align "right" * Boundary change - align "right" ** City amalgamated with surroundings in 1973 Colors id:lightgrey value:gray(0.9) id:darkgrey value:gray(0.8) id:sfondo value:rgb(1,1,1) id:barra value:rgb(0.6,0.7,0.8) ImageSize width:455 height:303 PlotArea left:50 bottom:50 top:30 right:30 DateFormat x.y Period from:0 till:60000 TimeAxis orientation:vertical AlignBars justify ScaleMajor gridcolor:darkgrey increment:10000 start:0 ScaleMinor gridcolor:lightgrey increment:1000 start:0 BackgroundColors canvas:sfondo BarData bar:1861 text:1861 bar:1871 text:1871 bar:1881 text:1881 bar:1891 text:1891 bar:1901 text:1901 bar:1911 text:1911 bar:1921 text:1921 bar:1931 text:1931 bar:1941 text:1941 bar:1951 text:1951 bar:1961 text:1961 bar:1971 text:1971 bar:1981 text:1981 bar:1991 text:1991 bar:2001 text:2001 bar:2011 text:2011 PlotData color:barra width:20 align:left bar:1861 from: 0 till:6000 bar:1871 from: 0 till:6006 bar:1881 from: 0 till:6218 bar:1891 from: 0 till:6502 bar:1901 from: 0 till:7117 bar:1911 from: 0 till:7208 bar:1921 from: 0 till:8114 bar:1931 from: 0 till:8830 bar:1941 from: 0 till:10062 bar:1951 from: 0 till:16018 bar:1961 from: 0 till:18303 bar:1971 from: 0 till:24254 bar:1981 from: 0 till:43723 bar:1991 from: 0 till:47510 bar:2001 from: 0 till:48560 bar:2011 from: 0 till:56224 PlotData bar:1861 at:6000 fontsize:XS text: 6000 shift:(-8,5) bar:1871 at:6006 fontsize:XS text: 6006 shift:(-8,5) bar:1881 at:6218 fontsize:XS text: 6218 shift:(-8,5) bar:1891 at:6502 fontsize:XS text: 6502 shift:(-8,5) bar:1901 at:7117 fontsize:XS text: 7117 shift:(-8,5) bar:1911 at:7208 fontsize:XS text: 7208 shift:(-8,5) bar:1921 at:8114 fontsize:XS text: 8114 shift:(-8,5) bar:1931 at:8830 fontsize:XS text: 8830 shift:(-8,5) bar:1941 at:10062 fontsize:XS text: 10062 shift:(-8,5) bar:1951 at:16018 fontsize:XS text: 16018 shift:(-8,5) bar:1961 at:18303 fontsize:XS text: 18303 shift:(-8,5) bar:1971 at:24254 fontsize:XS text: 24254 shift:(-8,5) bar:1981 at:43723 fontsize:XS text: 43723 shift:(-8,5) bar:1991 at:47510 fontsize:XS text: 47510 shift:(-8,5) bar:2001 at:48560 fontsize:XS text: 48560 shift:(-8,5) bar:2011 at:56224 fontsize:XS text: 56224 shift:(-8,5) TextData fontsize:S pos:(20,20) text:Data from Statistics Canada; increases in 1941 and 1981 were the result of boundary changes. Ethnicity Fredericton's population is predominantly white (White people). However, a black (Black people) minority has had a long presence in the city, primarily in the Barker's Point borough. Willie O'Ree, the first black player in the NHL, was from Fredericton. The largest non-white segment of Fredericton's population is made up of First Nations people, who live primarily on the Saint Mary's Reserve located in the city's north side. In the 1960s and 1970s, an influx of immigrants from Asia and the Middle East began, although their numbers remain small. Since 2000, the city's universities - Saint Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick - have seen a growing number of students from overseas attending. Religion thumb right 220px Christ Church Cathedral (Fredericton) Christ Church Cathedral (Image:Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, New Brunswick (2005).jpg) The residents of Fredericton are predominantly Christian, with Protestants forming the largest denomination. The city is notable for its many churches - a high number per capita in comparison to most other Canadian cities. WikiPedia: Fredericton commons:Fredericton


carriers by up to 50 percent, in a change of the industry that started with the arrival of the country's first low-cost airlines (Avolar, Click Mexicana, Interjet, Volaris) and the privatization of Mexicana (Mexicana de Aviación), one of the two top local airlines. On November 5, 2007 the airline received approval from the US Department of Transportation to operate to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, initially serving the Mexican destinations of Cancún, Monterrey, Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco) and León (León, Guanajuato). Flights to the South Terminal Austin began on May 1, 2008. Comic books The first ''Final Destination'' comic book, entitled ''Sacrifice'', was published by Zenescope Entertainment and came packaged with a limited edition DVD of ''Final Destination 3'' sold exclusively at Circuit City (Circuit City (1949–2009 company)). The premise of the story involves the survivor of a terrible accident, who continually experiences images of other people's deaths, isolating himself from the rest of the world to escape the visions that torment him. Zenescope later released a five issue miniseries, subtitled ''Spring Break'', which involves a group led by Carly Hagan being stalked by Death after surviving a hotel fire and becoming stranded in Cancún, Mexico. See: #Further reading The miniseries was later released in a trade paperback collection, which included the ''Sacrifice'' comic as bonus content. See: #Further reading With the help of Jefferson, Richter and Task Force Talon track Whitemore's C-17 Globemaster transport carrying a shipment of USAMRIID biological barrels to Cancún, Mexico. In Mexico, they encounter the shipment's recipient: the Consortium, a highly advanced and well-funded shadowy military organization which was assumed to have been eradicated in the events of the previous game. Task Force Talon also discovers that the biological cargo contains X-357, a virus which is deadly against animals, but harmless against humans. Task Force Talon commandeers a Consortium ''Visby''-class corvette (Visby-class corvette) and escapes Cancún, pursuing a trio of Consortium Typhoon class submarines carrying the biological samples. The Juárez cartel has been found to operate in 21 Mexican states and its principal bases are Culiacán, Monterrey, Ciudad Juárez, Ojinaga (Ojinaga, Chihuahua), Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca and Cancún. Vicente Carrillo Fuentes remains the leader of the cartel. WikiPedia:Cancún Commons:Category:Cancún


presents the traditions of six West African countries through exhibits, live music, dance performances, and storytelling. Live performances by top local and touring artists from Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, Gambia and Guinea demonstrate the African roots of hip hop, jazz and rock. In workshops presented by Thione Diop Productions, Festivalgoers can take part in drum and dance workshops, learn how a drum talks, and witness the healing drums of West African drum masters


HCI has been quoted as saying that it is looking to opening satellite campuses in India and the United States, with the aim of establishing the two in the near future. In July 2010, it was announced that HCI would be developing a school in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City in Guangzhou, China, akin to that of its first satellite campus, following the inking of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This would see HCI partnering a top local school for exchange and mutual learning programmes. WikiPedia:Guangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Guangdong Guangzhou


;ref name "FI" Flight International 27 March 2007 West Africa: Spirit of West Africa In May, the Spirit of West Africa Festival presents the traditions of six West African countries through exhibits, live music, dance performances, and storytelling. Live performances by top local and touring artists from Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, Gambia and Guinea demonstrate the African roots of hip hop, jazz and rock. In workshops presented


Nigerian division one football (football (soccer)) teams (along with Heartland F.C.) that has never been relegated. West Africa: Spirit of West Africa In May, the Spirit of West Africa Festival presents the traditions of six West African countries through exhibits, live music, dance performances, and storytelling. Live performances by top local and touring artists from Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, Gambia and Guinea demonstrate the African roots of hip hop


in what was then unincorporated King County (now Des Moines, Washington). The Spanish Castle was built in the 1930s outside Seattle to avoid the city's then restrictive nightclub laws. By 1959 it began featuring top local rock groups, such as The Wailers (The Wailers (rock band)) and occasional touring stars. Events at The Spanish Castle were hosted by Seattle's best known DJ of the time, Pat O'Day. Jimi had the opportunity to play with other musicians at the club on several occasions

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