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Petrolia, California

On the evening of March 9, 2014 a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck approximately 50 miles to the west. It was widely felt, yet caused little to no damage, nor generate a tsunami. The lack of any significant damage or land deformation was attributed to the shallow strike-slip fault movement in deep (3000m) water.

Muang Sing

Forests: nature, people, power url http: books?id hJ5w3wsAsrcC&pg PA176 accessdate 23 January 2012 year 2000 publisher Wiley-Blackwell isbn 978-0-631-22188-3 page 176 The terrain ranges in altitude between 540 in the lowlands to 2,094 metres in the highlands. ref>

Fort Macleod

: cfml MunicipalProfiles index.cfm?fuseaction BasicReport&MunicipalityType TOWN&stakeholder 115&profileType HIST title Location and History Profile: Town of Fort Macleod publisher Alberta Municipal Affairs date June 14, 2013 accessdate June 17, 2013 History The fort was built as a 70 by 70 meters square (233 by 233 ft) on October 18, 1874. The east side held the men's quarters and the west side held those of the Mounties


is located at in Mansehra District, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) province of Pakistan. It is very near Abbottabad city. It is a major stop for tourists on the Karakoram Highway which leads to China. It is also

High River

: cfml MunicipalProfiles index.cfm?fuseaction BasicReport&MunicipalityType TOWN&stakeholder 148&profileType HIST title Location and History Profile publisher Alberta Municipal Affairs date February 28, 2014 accessdate March 5, 2014 established_date   established_title2 – Village (List of villages in Alberta) established_date2 December 6, 1901 established_title3 – List


Kampala%20()&toplace Tororo%20(Tororo)&fromlat 0.3155556&tolat 0.6847222&fromlng 32.5655556&tolng 34.1811111 title Road Distance Between Kampala And Tororo With Map accessdate 10 May 2014 publisher The coordinates of the town are:0°41'34.0"N, 34°10'54.0"E (Latitude:0.692780; Longitude:34.181655).

Custer, South Dakota

going extinct publisher News1130 date 2010-08-19 accessdate 2011-04-06 The owners are exploring options for moving the park.

Stony Plain, Alberta

, Alberta Edmonton in Census Division No. 11 (Division No. 11, Alberta), along the Parkland Highway (Alberta Highway 16A). Parkland County's administrative office, Parkland County Centre, is located ref>

June Lake, California

, snowboarding, ice climbing, ice skating, snowmobiling, sledding and snow play, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter mountaineering and touring may be enjoyed. Education June Lake is in the Eastern Sierra Unified School District.


0.3155556&tolat -1.3538889&fromlng 32.5655556&tolng 29.6983333 Kisoro lies east of Rumangabo and the Virunga Mountains, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The coordinates of the town are:1°17'06.0"S, 29°41'06.0"E (Latitude:-1.2850; Longitude:29.6850).

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