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Greater Sudbury

produced in Sudbury for at least a portion of their programming schedules, particularly in weekend and evening slots. Sudbury has two local newspapers: the ''Sudbury Star'', owned by Quebecor's Sun Media division, is published six days a week and has a weekday circulation of 17,530 as of 2006; and the '' Northern Life

Jacksonville, Florida

, franchises also featured the Triple-Double Burger in 1998, named after Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Tony Boselli. '''Victor Gruschka Springer''' (born in Jacksonville, Florida on 2 June 1928

Phoenix, Arizona

, while he played for the Phoenix Suns. ** Boselli Burger – Jacksonville, Florida, franchises also featured the Triple-Double Burger in 1998, named after Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Tony Boselli. '''Shaun Terrance McDonald''' (born June 30, 1981 in Phoenix, Arizona


newspapers English-language media include ''The Moscow Times'' and ''Moscow News'', which are, respectively, the largest and oldest English-language weekly newspapers in all of Russia. ''Kommersant'', ''Vedomosti'' and ''Novaya Gazeta'' are Russian-language media

South Africa

according to standards contained in a Code of Advertising Practice (Code of Advertising Practice (South Africa)) established by the Advertising Standards Authority (Advertising Standards Authority (South Africa)) (ASA) of South Africa, whose members are advertisers, advertising agencies, and media sources that carry advertising.

The ASA of South Africa's Code of Advertising Practice is based on the International Code of Advertising Practice prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce. In 1930 she married Friedrich (Frederick) Perls (Fritz Perls). They had met while working at the Frankfurt


;f false author Crystal Renn and Marjorie Ingall ISBN 143910123X including ''Town & Country (Town & Country (magazine))'', ''Life (Life (magazine))'', ''Time (Time (magazine))'', ''Vogue (Vogue Records)'', and the original ''Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair (magazine))''. She was reported as "the highest paid, highest praised, high fashion model in the business".


of democracy. He addressed his essays to John Adams, then assigned to London as the United States ambassador, and of whom Murray was a "political disciple." headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania website

Washington, D.C.

September 1, 2001 url http: coms2 summary_0286-5809504_ITM accessdate May 28, 2008 quote The executive creative director at marketing firm (marketing) RTCdirect, in Washington, D.C., Shapiro sees embedded marketing as the logical next stage in the development of loyal brands.


included both Pakistan and Bangladesh in its borders. The reason they were separated was due to varying religious composition in various Indian states. Life and career Hauldren was born in Missouri.

United States

as the Joker, but after Ledger's death, the studio refocused its promotional campaign.

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