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in Canada Category:1781 establishments in the Province of Quebec (1763–91) Category:Canada–United States border towns Theatre festivals draw many

Stratford, Ontario

Happened on the Way to the Forum' still brings the funny, but not as much" ''The Globe and Mail'', December 20, 2010 Theatre festivals draw many


; Ayckbourn joined Wolfit on tour to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as an acting assistant stage manager (meaning a role that involved both acting and stage management) for three weeks, P. Allen, 2001, pp. 36–38 with his first role on the professional stage being various parts in ''The Strong are Lonely'' by Fritz Hochwälder. wikipedia:Worthing

Morgantown, West Virginia

?func viewstory&storyid 11170&catid 79 archivedate December 7, 2008 The Joni Mitchell song "Morning Morgantown" is popularly believed to be written

Toledo, Ohio

in Toledo, Ohio, the son of Augustus Arquette, a vaudevillian. The Spanish citizens worked aboard U.S. ships between 1950 and 1998, and claim that they were exposed to asbestos dust and fibers from piping insulation produced by Owens-Illinois. The piping insulation was originally manufactured in Sayreville (w:Sayreville, New Jersey), Middlesex County (w:Middlesex County, New Jersey), and Berlin (w:Berlin, New Jersey), Camden County (w:Camden County, New Jersey), New Jersey. The workers say they suffer from diseases related to asbestos such as asbestosis (w:Asbestosis). Owens-Illinois has headquarters in Toledo, Ohio (w:Toledo, Ohio) and is a Delaware corporation (w:Delaware corporation).


; '''Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai''' (Born on 16 February 1960)


performed in such locations as New York, Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee), Philadelphia, and Florida and has done a variety of other works besides stage acting such as voiceovers (Voice-over), commercial work, and studio recording.


23, 2010 accessdate October 23, 2010 As of 2011, Damon and his family reside in Manhattan. publisher He was formerly married to Slovenian philosopher Renata Salecl and to Argentine (Argentina) model Analia Hounie.

United States

José Lima (w:José Lima), a former baseball (w:baseball) pitcher for Major League Baseball (w:Major League Baseball)'s Houston Astros (w:Houston Astros), Detroit Tigers (w:Detroit Tigers), Los Angeles Dodgers (w:Los Angeles Dodgers), New York Mets (w:New York Mets), and Kansas City Royals (w:Kansas City Royals) (all in the United States (w:United States)) died suddenly at his Los Angeles home this morning of a heart attack (w:heart attack). He was 37 years old. His death was confirmed by the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and his family.

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