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Washington metropolitan area

long-time starting midfielder Ben Olsen, who has coached the team since 2010. As of 2010, Rosslyn has of office space and 6,365 housing units. Building A Skyline Some of the tallest condominium buildings in the Washington metropolitan area are located in Rosslyn, including Waterview tower, River Place, and Turnberry tower.

Leavenworth, Kansas

a third time starting in May 1918, and on June 28th he was again sentenced to death by hanging. The Supreme Court intervened again, but only to uphold the death sentence, which was scheduled to be carried out on April 23, 1920. It has been claimed that Pendergast attended St. Mary's College, a boarding school for boys as young as nine and as old as eighteen, conducted by the Jesuits in St. Mary's, Kansas, but records of the school, kept in the Jesuit archives in St. Louis, disprove this claim. (St

San Marino

in the centre of the town. The rooms are small but comfortably furnished and it is connected to a very nice restaurant. The downside is that unless you are an early riser, the nearby church bells will ring every 15 minutes to remind you of the time starting from early in the morning. Learn *

Omaha, Nebraska

childhood illness to excel in youth sports, particularly basketball and baseball. After briefly playing under contract to both the basketball Harlem Globetrotters team and the St. Louis Cardinals organization, Gibson decided to only continue playing baseball professionally. Once becoming a full-time starting pitcher in July 1961 Gibson began experiencing an increasing level of success, earning his first All-Star appearance in 1962. Gibson won two of three games he pitched in the 1964 World Series, then won 20 games in season for the first time in 1965. Gibson also pitched three complete game victories in the 1967 World Series. Early life Gibson was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the final of Pack and Victoria Gibson's seven children (five boys and two girls). Gibson and Wheeler 1994 (#Gib94): 11, 14 Halberstam 1994 (#Hal94): 98 Gibson's father died of tuberculosis three months prior to his birth, and Gibson himself was named Pack Robert Gibson in his father's honor. Gibson and Wheeler 1994 (#Gib94): 11 While he revered his father's legacy, Gibson disliked the name Pack, and later changed his first name to Robert. The final round of the 2009 College World Series (w:2009 College World Series) of baseball is set, with eight teams qualifying for the double-elimination tournament (w:Double-elimination tournament). The tournament will begin play on June 13 at Rosenblatt Stadium (w:Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium) in Omaha (w:Omaha, Nebraska), Nebraska in the United States. The College World Series is the final leg of a three-tiered tournament (w:2009 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament) which determines the top baseball team in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (w:National Collegiate Athletic Association) (NCAA) Division I (w:Division I)— the top level of play in American college athletics (w:College athletics). The College World Series has been played annually at Rosenblatt Stadium since 1950. left thumb Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the College World Series since 1950 (File:P5160356.JPG) In May of 2007, it was reported that blood samples taken from a Hammerhead shark (w:Hammerhead shark), born in 2001, located in Omaha Nebraska (w:Omaha, Nebraska) at the Henry Doorly Zoo (w:Henry Doorly Zoo) was the product of a "virgin birth". The mother shark was in a tank with three other hammerheads, all female, and the baby shark was also born in the same tank. Tests on the DNA from the baby shark show that there was no "chromosomal contribution" of a male shark present in the blood, something that is required in order for mating to have taken place.


the Dallas campus and KBEJ. death_place resides Dallas, Texas billed Hayward, California "Planet Stasiak" Lord Tracy's last album, ''Porn Again'' was released September 26, 2008 at The Firewater Bar and Grill in Dallas, Texas. Under new call letters, WSJT -- now '''WHSP-TV''', for '''H'''ome '''S'''hopping '''P'''hiladelphia, began running HSN programming on the station full time starting on December 31


to existing synthetic diamonds which are usually colored. Nanotechnology's everywhere - USA today Under new call letters, WSJT -- now '''WHSP-TV''', for '''H'''ome '''S'''hopping '''P'''hiladelphia, began running HSN programming on the station full time starting on December 31 of that year. The station remained a Home Shopping Network station for the next 16 years. Silver King

are, Lechmere trains might not stop there.) Only trains coming from the E Branch will proceed to Lechmere, unless otherwise noted. From North Station or Haymarket, it's a fairly short walk to Lechmere. '''T service stops around 12:30am Sunday-Wednesday and around 2:30am Thursday-Saturday'''. (The last outbound commuter rail train on each line is around midnight, and may be earlier on weekends.) Each line (Green, Blue, etc.) has a "last train" time, starting at one end of the line and going

Puerto Rico

. Frederic was the costliest hurricane to ever hit the U.S. Gulf Coast at that particular time. Starting with heavy rains and moderate winds over the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico, Frederic weakened to tropical-storm force across Cuba, regaining hurricane force in the Gulf of Mexico well before landfall in Alabama on the night of September 12, 1979, at Dauphin Island. By that time it had 125 mph (201 km h) winds and storm surge of 8–12 ft

Russian Empire

Middle Ages, a number of independent states also flourished in Kazakhstan, the best known being Kangar union, Oghuz Yabgu State, and Kara-Khanid Kaganate (Kara-Khanid Khanate). In the 13th c. Kazakhstan fell into a dominion of the Mongol Empire, and remained in the sphere of the Mongol successor states till the New Time. Starting in the 16th c. parts of Kazakhstan were annexed by the Russian Empire, and what remained was gradually absorbed into Russian Turkestan, starting


a friend's bid for the party's nomination. He later served as president of the Timiskaming Federation of Agriculture in 1984-85, was a founding member of the Timiskaming Grain Growers Board, and served as chair of the Timiskaming Hospital Board for a time. Starting from 1991, the Miss Hong Kong pageant greets delegates from overseas. They include Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. Local contestants coming from Malaysia


was born in Ballymoney, County Antrim, and emigrated to Canada as a young man. While working on the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1913, he was involved in a serious accident that left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He returned to Ballymoney and started a shipping company with his brother, and also began writing at this time. Starting with poems and short stories, he soon progressed to plays, which he provided to the Ulster Literary Theatre under

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