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Dutch Ceylon

in Ceylon was to have a united battle front against the Iberians (Iberian Peninsula) at that time. History Background The Portuguese The Dutch were invited by the Sri Lankans to liberate the country from the Portuguese. They signed the Kandyan Treaty of 1638 with Rajasinghe II and soon embarked on a war against their common enemy. As such the Dutch were appointed as a protector of the country. Meanwhile however, Rajasinghe II

La Tuque, Quebec

, usually with a tassel at the top, used in winter to cover the head. This term is used for a long time. History The territory of La Tuque was originally inhabited by Atikamekw indigenous people. In the early 1850s, settlers were drawn to the area to exploit the forest resources. The La Tuque Post Office opened in 1887, but the area remained isolated from the rest of the Mauricie until the early 1900s when the National Transcontinental Railway was built, prompting industrial

Province of Posen

Settlement Commission to buy land from Poles and make it available only to Germans. The province's large number of resident Germans resulted from constant immigration of Germans since the Middle Ages, when the first settlers arrived in the course of the Ostsiedlung. Although many of those had been Polonized (Polonization) over time, a continuous immigration resulted in maintaining a large German community (History of German settlement in Central and Eastern Europe). The 18th century


that leads down the cliff that surrounds the beach. For the rest of us, go to Crocus Bay in The Valley and ask for Calvin at the tamarind tree. He will take you there in his motor boat, and can be trusted to come back for you at the agreed time. History Take some time to learn about the events that have shaped the island’s people. Few historic buildings survive, but you will find links to the past around the island; * '''Salt mining.''' For much of Anguilla’s history, extraction

Fargo, North Dakota

completed on time. History The portion from Fargo, North Dakota to the Canadian border was originally considered for designation as '''Interstate 31''' in 1957 for present-day I-29. Official Route Numbering for the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways (:Image:Interstate Highway plan August 14, 1957.jpg), August 14, 1957 No freeway was initially planned south of Fargo. However, it was subsequently decided in 1958 to connect I-29 and I-31

Kingdom of Galicia

of Portuguese (Portugal) King (List of Portuguese monarchs) Peter I (Peter I of Portugal) and a Galician (Kingdom of Galicia) noblewoman named Inês de Castro who had arrived in Portugal as a maid of princess Constance of Castile (Constance of Penafiel), recently married to Pedro I (Peter I of Portugal) (Heir Prince at the time). History and culture The region has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is a key area for the understanding of both Atlantic Europe Atlantic


to develop this significant difference from the ones in the nearby lagoon. Take a guided tour along ancient stone monoliths and terraces while your guide tells you all about the legends that surround them. With just over 21.000 inhabitants, even the capital might feel like a village, but there's a handful of interesting sights and a few museums showcasing traditional Palau culture and the country's turbulent war time history. Again though, it's the sheer beauty -both above and under water


Westbury Manor to the West. Overview There has been a manor house on the site of the present house since before the Norman Conquest of England. In the Domesday Book (a survey of England published in 1086) the house was listed as belonging to the Peverell family, who arrived from Normandy with William the Conqueror. Their tenants, the Gresleys, were managing it for them at the time. History The toponym (Toponymy) "Newton" is derived from the Old English

Inaara graduated magna cum laude with a doctorate in International Law after completing her thesis on German-American commercial law. Begum Inaara’s early career included working, whilst still at university, in the management of her mother’s company (at the time Austria’s largest hotel and restaurant chain) and later for one of the most prominent German commercial law firms of the time. History The English surname '''Keynes''' is derived from a Norman (Normandy) place

Food and Drug Administration

with dual NRTIs and a protease inhibitor (Protease inhibitor (pharmacology)) (PI) were not far off by this time. History Stavudine was first synthetized in the sixties by Jerome Horwitz. J.P. Horwitz et al.. J. Org. Chem. 31. 205 (1966). Oral account of the history of AZT (Zidovudine), d4T (Stavudine) and ddC (Zalcitabine) by Jerome Horwitz and Hiroaki Mitsuya in the documentary film I am alive today - History of an AIDS drug. It was subsequently reconsidered as an anti-HIV agent by the Rega Institute for Medical Research in Belgium. Stavudine was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 24, 1994 for adults and on September 6, 1996 for pediatric use and again as an extended-release version for once-a-day dosing in 2001. The fourth antiretroviral drug on the market, its patent expired in the United States on 2008-06-25. Lamivudine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 17, 1995 for use with zidovudine (AZT) and again in 2002 as a once-a-day dosed medication. The fifth antiretroviral drug on the market, it was the last NRTI for three years while the approval process switched to protease inhibitors (protease inhibitor (pharmacology)). According to the manufacturer's 2004 annual report, its patent will expire in the United States in 2010 and in Europe in 2011. However, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) later presented more complete data from the CLASS and VIGOR trials on its web site, the results were less certain. The CLASS trial was revealed to also have twelve and fifteen month time points which had not been discussed in the JAMA publication; in this segment of the trial, the number of ulcer-related complications for Celebrex caught up to the control NSAID group. Similarly, the complete VIGOR study data revealed that in fact, when all adverse events, not just gastrointestinal, were tabulated, the patients receiving VIOXX had suffered (barely) significantly higher incidence of adverse events overall than the control NSAID group. In particular, the risk of serious cardiovascular thrombotic (thrombosis) events, e.g. myocardial infarction, was 1.7% in the VIOXX patients versus 0.7% in the control group, and there were significantly more withdrawals in the Vioxx group for causes including hypertension, edema, hepatotoxicity, heart failure, or pathological laboratory findings. The mean increases in systolic (Systole (medicine)) and diastolic blood pressure in the Vioxx group were 4.6 mmHg and 1.7 mmHg respectively, compared to 1.0 and 0.1 mmHg in the control NSAID group. An estimated 43,000,000 Americans, nearly one out of six, suffers from arthritis. However, 42% (18 million) of these also suffer from hypertension. Therefore, the promise of better patient outcomes and lowered medical costs from use of COX-2 inhibitors may not be as great as previously hoped. Questions remain regarding the relative safety and cost effectiveness of this new class. While endoscopic (endoscopy) evidence of gastrointestinal damage is frequently seen in studies of nonspecific NSAIDs, the actual incidence of clinically evident symptoms and patient discomfort is much lower; furthermore, in cases of short-term therapy, any such damage generally reverses itself quickly after termination of the drug. Studies have shown that buprenorphine is safer than methadone due to lower overdose related deaths due to the treatment. In what the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) is characterizing as one of the largest recalls in recent history, numerous types of products containing peanuts (w:Peanut) are being recalled in the United States. The FDA issued a recall on Wednesday on food items with peanut paste and other peanut products made after January 1, 2007 at a Peanut Corp. of America (PCA) center in Blakely, Georgia (w:Blakely, Georgia). The recall affects over 430 products containing peanut paste or peanut butter from the PCA plant. The president announced the nomination of a new agency commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) (FDA), former New York City (w:New York City) Health Commissioner Margaret Hamburg (w:Margaret Hamburg). According to the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) (FDA), inspections of Nipro facilities last October revealed problems with the needles, which could allow parts of silicone (w:silicone) in the port to be dislodged. 60%–72% of tested needles had that problem. In a conference call with reporters, FDA officials remarked that they were concerned the silicone could enter the bloodstream of a patient, although, to date, no harm from this has been reported.


-Kowloon Chinese Railway 5% Loan - 1938 The northern end of railway at that time was located in Dashatou (Chinese: 大沙头), Guangzhou, where was demolished in 1951. The through train service (Guangdong Through Train (MTR)) between Kowloon and Guangzhou also started to operate at the same time. History The idea of constructing a railway linking Canton (Guangzhou) (now Guangzhou) and Kowloon in Hong Kong, a British crown colony, was begun in the late Qing Dynasty

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