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universities nationwide. BYU offers degree programs in Music (Music theory), Music Education, Music Performance, Jazz Studies and many more. * Life Gallen-Kallela was born


Alphéraky . He was born in Kharkov (present-day Ukraine). He spent all of his childhood in the city of Taganrog in the magnificent palace on Catholic Street (currently "Alferaki Palace" on Frunze Street). Achilles received good home education and easily entered the historical and philological faculty at the Moscow University, where he also studied music theory. Music was his favorite pastime, but he could not dedicate all of his time for it. The family business

Madison, Wisconsin

; '''Alfred Whitford Lerdahl (Fred Lerdahl)''' (born March 10, 1943, in Madison, Wisconsin) is the Fritz Reiner Professor of Musical Composition at Columbia University, "Lerdahl, Fred", ''Columbia University'' and a composer and music theorist (Music theory) best known for his work on pitch space and cognitive (cognition) constraints on compositional systems or "musical grammar s ."

Portland, Oregon

DSC04123.jpg right thumb 250px Allen Forte with wife Madeleine Forte in Vienna in 2002 '''Allen Forte''' (born December 23, 1926) is a music theorist (music theory) and musicologist. He was born in Portland, Oregon and fought in the Navy at the close of World War II before moving to the East Coast. He is now Battell Professor of Music, Emeritus at Yale University. Forte is arguably best known for his book ''The Structure

of Atonal Music'' , in which he extrapolates from the serial theory of Milton Babbitt, proposing a musical "set theory" (set theory (music)) of pitch-class-set analysis analogous to mathematical set theory with the avowed intention of providing a method for the analysis of non-serial atonal music. The musicologist Richard Taruskin and the composer and music theorist George Perle are among the most vocal critics of this method. Forte was also the editor


. '''Adriano Banchieri''' (3 September 1568 – 1634) was an Italian (Italy) composer, music theorist (music theory), organ (organ (music))ist and poet of the late Renaissance (Renaissance music) and early Baroque (Baroque music) eras. He founded the Accademia dei Floridi in Bologna. In 1977, he won the European Middleweight title by beating Germano Valsecchi

Geminiani''' (5 December 1687 – 17 September 1762) was an Italian (Italy) violinist, composer, and music theorist (music theory). '''Giovanni Battista Martini''' (24 April 1706 – 3 August 1784), also known as '''Padre Martini''', was an Italian (Italy) musician. Among Martini's pupils: the Belgian (Belgium) André Ernest Modeste Grétry, the Bohemian Josef Mysliveček, the Ukrainian (Ukraine) Maksym Berezovsky, Stanislao Mattei, the young Wolfgang

March 1517 – 4 February 1590) was an Italian (Italy) music theorist (Music theory) and composer of the Renaissance (Renaissance music). He was possibly the most famous music theorist between Aristoxenus and Rameau (Jean Philippe Rameau), and made a large contribution to the theory of counterpoint as well as to musical tuning. '''Città di Castello''' is a city and ''comune'' in the province of Perugia, in the northern part of the Umbria region of Italy. It is situated on a slope of the Apennines, on the flood plain of the river Tiber. The city is


", meaning "in himself nothing," or "enseñada," a form of the past participle meaning "taught"; N. may stand for "Nigel") was a Bavarian composer and music theorist (music theory) who formulated the "Theory of Obscurity" and the "Theory of Phonetic Organization". There is a debate as to whether or not he existed, or was simply an invention of The Residents. Supposedly born in 1907 and dying in 1993 at the age of 86


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biotveitt_e.htm ''Short biography'' (John Hovland, 2000) '''Erwin Ratz''' (1898 - 1973) was an Austrian musicologist and music theorist (music theory). He studied musicology with Guido Adler and composition with Arnold Schoenberg and was active in the Schoenberg circle. In the 1920s he worked at the Bauhaus. After World War II he was a professor of musical form and analysis (musical analysis) in Vienna. He


Hanover ), was a German (Germany) musician, musicologist and music theorist (music theory). Early career He was born in Venice as the son of the painter Bernardo Canal, hence his mononym ''Canaletto'' ("little Canal"), and Artemisia Barbieri. His nephew and pupil Bernardo Bellotto was also an accomplished landscape painter, with a similar painting style, and sometimes used the name "Canaletto" to advance his own career, particularly in countries

) '''Karl Wilhelm Julius Hugo Riemann''' (July 18, 1849 - July 10, 1919) was a German (Germany) music theorist (music theory) and composer. The '''University of Bamberg''' ( Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany


studied music theory. Music was his favorite pastime, but he could not dedicate all of his time for it. The family business made him return to Taganrog, where he settled in the end of 1870. '''Nataliya Anatoliïvna Skakun''' ( ; born August 3, 1981 in Altai Kray) is a Ukrain (Ukraine)ian weightlifter (Olympic weightlifting) who competed in the Women's 63 kg weight class at the Weightlifting at the 2004 Summer Olympics 2004 Summer Olympics

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