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Trinidad and Tobago



date 2009-05-26 publisher Macmillan isbn 9780230602625 page 162 actor

Saudi Arabia

the stationing of U.S. troops on Saudi soil from 1991, prompted the development of a hostile Islamist response internally. As a result, Saudi Arabia has, to some extent, distanced itself from the U.S. and, for example, refused to support or to participate in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq (Iraq war) in 2003. ref name


Quintan title Islamic activism: a social movement theory approach url http: books?id 0Oljj6FhZZ4C&pg PA286 accessdate 3 April 2011 year 2004 publisher Indiana University Press isbn 9780253342812 page 286 actor


to the study of algebraic geometry of surfaces. He initiated a Moscow seminar on classification of algebraic surfaces that updated around 1960 the treatment of birational geometry, and was largely responsible for the early introduction of the scheme theory approach to algebraic geometry in the Soviet school. His investigation in arithmetic of elliptic curves led him independently of John Tate to the introduction of the most mysterious group related birth_place Bila





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