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территориальное образование Гагаузия, ''Avtonomnoye territorialnoye obrazovaniye Gagauziya''), is an autonomous region (Autonomous area) of Moldova. Its name comes from the Gagauz people. History According to some theories, the Gagauz people descend from the Seljuq (Seljuq dynasty) Turks (Turkish people) that settled in Dobruja, or from Pechenegs, Uz (Oghuz) and Cuman (Cumans) (Kipchak (Kipchaks)) people that followed the Anatolian Seljuq Sultan Kaykaus II

of ethnic Bulgarians (Bessarabian Bulgarians). According to other theories Gagauz are descendants of linguistically Turkified Kutrigur (Kutrigurs) Bulgarians. Стойков, Руси. Селища и демографски облик в Североизточна България и Южна Добруджа, Известия на Варненското археологическо дружество, т. ХV, 1964, с. 98. In the official Gagauz museum, a plaque mentions that one of the two main theories is that they descend from the Bulgars. Russian Empire In 1812, Bessarabia, previously

Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai

that of Lin and Ye (one of the bodies had Tuberculosis in the lungs, which Lin had suffered from), disproving theories that Lin was not on the flight or was possibly in prison somewhere. The Soviet team was not able to determine the cause of the crash, but hypothesized that the pilot was flying low to evade radar and misjudged the plane's altitude. Judging from the fires that burnt after the plane crashed, the Soviets estimated that it had enough fuel to fly to the Soviet cities of Irkutsk

that the KGB had tried to assassinate him on several occasions) would chose to flee there when other countries, such as Taiwan or South Korea would have offered better alternatives for asylum. Theories have also arisen that he may have been actually trying to return back to China in order to flee to Taiwan or South Korea, but the exact intended destination remains unknown. Hannam and Lawrence 3–4 In 1862, Kropotkin was promoted from the Corps of Pages to the army


* Zanjan (Zanjan (city)), Iran, since 2001 A serious internal threat to the Seljuqs during their reign came from the Ismailis, a secret sect with headquarters at Alamut between Rasht and Tehran. They controlled the immediate area for more than 150 years and sporadically sent out adherents to strengthen their rule by murdering important officials. Several of the various theories on the etymology of the word ''assassin (assassination)'' derive from these killers

and sporadically sent out adherents to strengthen their rule by murdering important officials. Several of the various theories on the etymology of the word ''assassin (assassination)'' derive from these killers. ** Ramsar (Ramsar, Mazandaran) - Ramsar Airport ** Rasht - Rasht Airport ** Sabzevar - Sabzevar Airport *Mashad - Mashhad International Airport *Rasht - Rasht Airport *Sari (Sari, Iran) - Dasht-e


As the ''Stargate'' film quickly skips to the "present day" (1994), an unsuccessful archaeologist Daniel Jackson (Daniel Jackson (Stargate)) is giving a lecture about his outlandish theories that the Great Pyramid of Giza was not built by the pharaoh Khufu. After he is laughed away, an aged Catherine Langford meets with him, and recruits his egyptological (egyptology) talent, taking him to a top-secret military base at Creek Mountain, where he is instructed

departments. John Taylor was the author of the 1859 book "The Great Pyramid", in which he argued that the numbers Pi and Phi (Golden ratio) may have been deliberately incorporated into the design of the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, whose perimeter is close to 2Pi times its height. His theories in Pyramidology were then expanded by Charles Piazzi Smyth. Egyptologist At Giza he and John Shae Perring worked with gunpowder forcing their way into several

. At Saqqara he finds the site largely stripped by dealers but in a forgotten tomb he discovers ancient hieroglyphs he translates to prove his theories. Eager to understand the Ancient Egyptians he pushes on to the ancient capital of Thebes (Thebes, Egypt) where at the sprawling Temple of Karnak he reads the story of Ramesses the Great and the battle against the Hittites at Kadesh. 1st Ran on Wednesday November 9, with run-off elections on Tuesday November 15 with 10.7 million


in the 4th century. Since the 19th century, the name Keve has been used as a personal name among Hungarians, due to the traditional theories among Hungarians on Hun-Hungarian historical relations. The Serbs named the place after the town of ''Kovin'' in Banat (Vojvodina in Serbia) whence most inhabitants had fled to settle in Ráckeve. In Serbian (Serbian language), Ráckeve is known as ''Горњи Ковин Gornji Kovin'' ("Upper Kovin"), ''Мали Ковин Mali Kovin'' ("Lesser

Fort Chipewyan

;Kyllo, Edith (1973). ''The Peacemakers of North Peace'' (Fort St. John: Davies, Ventress and Kyllo, 1973), H5 A new trading post was opened on the southern river banks in 1866 by the Hudson's Bay Company to compete against free traders coming in from the west. (Hudson's Bay Company Archives B.39 b 18 p. 57) Though its origins are unclear, the name ''Hudson's Hope'' first appeared in 1868. Theories on its origin include an explorer named Hudson searching for the northwest


in to accommodate the new train station in the 1870s. There are several theories as to why the kanji changed, although most people JR West *Ōsaka Station (over 600,000 passengers a day) (


conditions. For example, they are smaller than conventional hourses, can go without water for days at a time and urinate less than conventional horses. Several theories abound as to their heritage. Some say that they are remnants of the German Imperial Army abandoned during WWI. Others speculate that they are descendants from a shipwreck cargo. Follow the sign post north of the B4 about twenty kilometer west of Aus. Buy Fish is the best thing available. Eat Luderitz is a center for rock

Free Territory

to the leaders of the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine (RIAU), society was reorganized according to anarchist values, which lead Makhnovists to formalize the policy of free communities as the highest form of social justice. Education followed the principles of Francesc Ferrer (Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia), and the economy was based on free exchange between rural and urban communities, from crops and cattle to manufactured products, according to the theories of Peter Kropotkin

Orono, Maine

;printsec frontcover&dq The+History+of+the+Czech+Republic+and+Slovakia&hl en&ei dSWYTqfbB8O98gOZ3pHvBQ&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 1&ved 0CDoQ6AEwAA#v onepage&q %22are%20problematic%22&f false The History of the Czech Republic and Slovakia , ABC-CLIO, 2011, p. 34 Throughout history, the diverse theories regarding the ethnogenesis of the Slovaks were used to justify or unjustify historical situations from variant historical

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