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varieties of forestry demonstration garden, but it is also a set of historical and cultural landscape of the land and the natural landscape as one of the tour. *


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and mysterious numbers suggest a European origin. *


Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham. * '''Confucius Temple'''— is a mixture of Confucius Memorial and Stele Forest. Hangzhou Confucius Temple is the center of Hangzhou citizens to memorize Confucius and site of holding related ceremonies. It is near to Wushan Square and featured of the classical gardens. * '''Jade Emperor Hill''', (玉皇山公园 ''Yuhuang Shan Gong Yuan'')— One of the least-visited sites in Hangzhou despite its somewhat central location. The main temple on top of the hill is currently under reconstruction (Aug 2008), but still offers a wonderful view of the city and lake below, and has a restaurant next door. There is another temple partway up the hill. The area can provide a quiet escape and a nice hike, as well as the chance to visit one of the few Daoist sites in the area (most other local temples are Buddhist). It is located directly south of Leifeng Pagoda. The main entrance isn't far from the Silk Museum. If you are playing along with the "10 Scenes of the West Lake" scavenger hunt still, the one that applies to the top of this hill is "clouds flying over Jade Emperor Hill". * '''Jingci Temple'''— Off Nanshan Road, built in 954, the Jingci Temple has a huge 10-ton bell inside. Located on Nanping Road, they ring the bell 108 times here to ring in Chinese New Year. It is also rung every evening for much fewer times. Jingci Temple is the site of the legend of the miraculous well, which can be seen on the grounds of the temple. * '''Leifeng Pagoda''' (雷峰塔)— Located on the shores of the southeast side of the lake and originally built in the year 977, all that remains of the original pagoda is the crumbling foundation, viewable from outside the glass case that it is housed in (Pagoda Remains Memorial Museum at the bottom floor of the pagoda). With escalators, elevators, and a totally new pagoda places on top of the foundation, there is not much to see within the pagoda itself; it was most recently rebuilt in 2000. However, the view of the city skyline is one of the best from here, and some of the smaller seating areas around the perimeter of the pagoda have a nice breeze and view of the structure. One of the 10 Scenes of the West Lake is "Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow", but this is best viewed from a distance (across the lake) just after sunset. Keep in mind that the entry fee for the Leifeng Pagoda is very expensive (¥40 person, Oct 2008) and it's not original, just rebuilt, so if your budget is not that huge, consider to not enter the Pagoda. You can still take pictures in front of it. * WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou


and has several appearances in the anime. Expansion For over 600 years, Narita-san remained a remote, humble, provincial temple—until Tokugawa Ieyasu moved his capital to Edo in 1603. Ieyasu himself credited its abbot with converting him to Buddhism, and assigned the local Sakura Domain daimyo to be responsible for its upkeep. The military and political success associated with the temple may also have

Austin, Texas

;ndash;Temple–Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area (Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area). Geography Johnson City is located at north of San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas). The city is centrally located, approximately equidistant from three of the 10 largest cities in the United States

States align left Bartlett lies in two counties as well as two metropolitan areas. The Bell County portion of the city is part of the Killeen (Killeen, Texas)–Temple (Temple, Texas)–Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area (Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area), while the Williamson County portion is part of the Austin (Austin, Texas)–Round Rock (Round Rock, Texas) Metropolitan Statistical Area (Greater Austin). '''Fort Hood''' is a United


: books?id 985a1M7L1NcC&pg PA165&dq Mahamuni+Buddha+Temple&hl en&ei uAinS5WQKIGzrAen-9HKCA&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 2&ved 0CD8Q6AEwATge#v onepage&q Mahamuni%20Buddha%20Temple&f false publisher Oxford University Press US year 2003 isbn 0198605609 It is highly venerated in Burma and central to many people's lives, as it is seen as an expression of representing the Buddha's life. Johnston, p.1351 ref

White House

between 1819 and 1821. In November 1828, Jackson was elected 7th President of the United States; however, his wife Rachel died the following month. In 1831, while Jackson was away in the White House, he had the mansion remodeled with flanking one-story wings (one with a library and the other with a large dining room and pantry), a two-story entrance portico with Doric columns (Doric order) and a small rear portico. Jackson also had a classicising “temple & monument” for Rachel's grave constructed in the garden. Craftsmen completed the domed limestone tomb with a copper roof in 1832. In 1834, a chimney fire seriously damaged all of the building with the exception of the dining-room wing. This prompted Jackson to have the current Greek Revival (Greek Revival architecture) structure built, which was completed two years later. The carpenter contractors were Joseph Reiff and William C. Hume, who were constructing Tulip Grove across the road. The entry hall is decorated with block-printed wallpaper by Joseph Dufour et Cie of Paris, depicting scenes from Telemachus' visit to the island of Calypso. Examples of this wallpaper are more often found in New England; the Hermitage paper must have been imported through New Orleans and shipped up the Mississippi River. (''The Historic Hermitage Properties: A Handbook'', p. 23.) Many of Jackson's furnishings and mementos are preserved in the house, which was guarded by Union troops during the Civil War, as it had been sold to the State of Tennessee by Andrew Jackson Jr. in 1856. Joins White House staff Magruder, while working in Los Angeles as a business executive, was approached through Republican acquaintances and asked to interview to join the White House staff. He was appointed to the White House staff in 1969 at age 34, as Special Assistant to the President. His pay decreased about 20 per cent due to his new job, and he left a home in Los Angeles to move to Washington, D.C.. ''An American Life: One Man's Road to Watergate'', by Jeb Stuart Magruder, New York 1974, Atheneum, p. 9-10 He worked for H.R. Haldeman and Herbert G. Klein, Nixon's Communications Director for the Executive Branch. thumb 300px left Senator Mel Martínez chats with U.S. President George W. Bush (File:MARTINEZWH.jpg) in the Center Hall of the White House during celebration of the Cinco de Mayo. The official portrait of former First Lady Betty Ford can be seen on the wall. left 250px thumb Senator and Mrs. Alexander with the Presbyterian Chaplain of the 844th from Rhea County (File:Lamar and Mrs. Alexander.jpg) in 2005. Despite vowing not to return to elective office, he was nevertheless persuaded by the White House to run for the open seat of retiring Senator Fred Thompson (Fred Dalton Thompson) in 2002. Seen as a moderate Republican by Tennessee standards, his candidacy was vigorously opposed by conservatives who supported Congressman Ed Bryant, who had become one of the House managers during the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Alexander was better-funded and armed with more prominent endorsements, winning by a closer-than-expected margin over Bryant in the primary. Democrats (Democratic Party (United States)) had high hopes of recovering the seat with their candidate, Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) Congressman Bob Clement, a member of a prominent political family. Alexander was successful in defeating Clement in the general election that year. With his election to the U.S. Senate, he became the first Tennessean to be popularly elected both governor and senator. At 62, Alexander also became the oldest elected freshman U.S. Senator from Tennessee since Democrat Lawrence D. Tyson in 1924. Sylvia Shaw Judson died in 1978. Although she did not see her ''Bird Girl'' sculpture achieve fame, she was already a renowned sculptor whose pieces have been on display in such locations as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the White House, and the Massachusetts State House. Jack Leigh died of colon cancer on May 19, 2004, and is buried in Bonaventure Cemetery, where he took his most famous photograph. Political positions thumb upright 1.25 Sen. Chuck Grassley (File:MAXWH.jpg) (R-IA), Sen. Max Baucus ( WikiPedia:White House, Tennessee Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Tennessee Localities W White_House


during his lifetime; two were in India, two in paradise, and the fifth is the Mahamuni Buddha image in Myanmar.

the Buddha Sakyamuni attained enlightenment, including the '''Mahabodhi temple''' *Ellora Ajanta — spectacular rock-cut cave monasteries and temples, holy place for the Buddhists, Jains and Hindus. *Golden Temple (Amritsar#Golden Temple) — Sikh holy site located in Amritsar *Hampi — the awesome ruins of the empire of Vijayanagara *'''Temple complexes''' in Khajuraho, famed for their erotic sculptures *Konark — Sun Temple, unique

example of Kalingan Architecture, an UNESCO World Heritage site. *Lake Palace (Udaipur#Splurge) — the Lake Palace of Octopussy fame, located in Udaipur *Meenakshi Amman Temple Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple (Madurai#Meenakshi Temple) — a spectacular Hindu temple in Madurai *Taj Mahal (Agra#Taj Mahal) — the incomparable marble tomb in Agra. One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. See also: * UNESCO World Heritage List, India section (UNESCO_World_Heritage_List#India) * Indian National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries * Sacred sites of the Indian sub-continent Get in Visas Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India

United States

in Bell County (Bell County, Texas), Texas, United States. The population was 1,102 at the 2000 census (2000 United States Census), and had slightly increased to 1,138 by 2009. Holland at City-Data The center of population of Texas is located in Holland.It is part of the Killeen, Texas Killeen –Temple (Temple, Texas)– Fort Hood

Metropolitan Statistical Area (Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area). '''Little River-Academy''' is a city in Bell County (Bell County, Texas), Texas, United States. The population was 1,645 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Killeen (Killeen, Texas)–Temple (Temple, Texas)–Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area (Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area). '''Morgan's Point Resort''' is a city in Bell County, Texas Bell County

, Texas, United States. The population was 2,989 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Killeen (Killeen, Texas)–Temple (Temple, Texas)–Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area (Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area). It was incorporated in 1970. '''Nolanville''' is a city in Bell County (Bell County, Texas), Texas, United States. The population was 2,150 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Killeen (Killeen, Texas)– Temple, Texas

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