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Snoqualmie, Washington

Raines was born in Snoqualmie Falls, a mill town across the Snoqualmie River that is now part of Snoqualmie, on August 6, 1920. Many of the exterior shots for David Lynch's ''Twin Peaks'' television series and movie (''Fire Walk with Me (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me)'') were filmed in Snoqualmie and in the neighboring towns of North Bend (North Bend, Washington) and Fall City (Fall City, Washington). Etymology The name ''Snoqualmie'' is derived from the Lushootseed

—are only about an hour's drive from the town of Roslyn, Washington, the town used for the series ''Northern Exposure''. Many exterior scenes were filmed in wooded areas of Malibu, California. '''North Bend''' is a city in King County, Washington, United States. The town was made famous by David Lynch's television series ''Twin Peaks'' (also filmed in nearby Snoqualmie (Snoqualmie, Washington).) Since

Snoqualmie 10,670 1,631 1,546 King (King County, Washington) - align "right" '''Snoqualmie Falls''' is a 268 ft (82 m) waterfall on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie (Snoqualmie, Washington) and Fall City, Washington, USA (United States). It is one of Washington's most popular scenic attractions, but is perhaps best known internationally for its appearance in the cult television series ''Twin Peaks''. More than 1.5 million visitors come

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

C -15.6 Nov record low C -26.9 Dec record low C -34.0 source Environment Canada, The Weather Network ''Corner Gas'' thumb left Principal shooting set of Corner Gas in 2010 (File:Dog river set.JPG) The town is best known as the main filming location for the CTV (CTV Television Network) television series ''Corner Gas''. The series' production team built a full-size mock gas station and coffee shop at the western entrance of the town for filming, causing

establishments." "Indian Head," ''The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan''. Retrieved 11 July 2007. It is the scene of outdoor filming sequences in the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) television series "Little Mosque on the Prairie." "A Big Thanks to Indian Head," CBC program website.

High River

for ''Smallville (Smallville (comics))'' in ''Superman III'', as well as ''High River, Montana'' in ''Nickelodeon's'' series ''Caitlin's Way''. Recently, ''Heartland (Heartland (Canadian TV series))'', a CBC television series has found High River its main filming spot. Also, the movie ''Carolina Moon'' based on the book by Nora Roberts was filmed in High River and the movie Moondance Alexander was also filmed in High River. Parts of the television series '' Fargo (TV series) Fargo

South Beach

- the forefathers intentions were to create a magical lifestyle in a tropical paradise, and the residents who now make their home along the Bay fulfill and continue that lifestyle. South Beach in popular culture * ''South Beach (South Beach (1993 TV series))'' (1993) was an action (action (fiction)) television series set in South Beach that aired on NBC. * South Beach is the setting of the fictional Birdcage drag (drag show) nightclub in the comedy film ''The Birdcage'' (1996). * ''South Beach (South Beach (2006 TV series))'' (2006) was a critically panned primetime television drama that aired on UPN. * A number of episodes of the action drama television series ''Burn Notice'' (2007–2013) take place in or reference South Beach. * The sixth season of the BET (Black Entertainment Television) reality (reality television) television series ''College Hill (College Hill (TV series))'' (2009) was set in South Beach. * ''South Beach Classics'' (2011) was a reality television series that aired on Discovery (Discovery Channel) about persons who deal in classic, antique, muscle, and other specialized automobiles. * ''South Beach Tow'' (2011–present) is a reality television series that portrays dramatized reenactments of the day-to-day business of a real Miami towing company, Tremont Towing. * The music video for Priyanka Chopra's 2013 single ''Exotic (Exotic (song))'' was filmed in South Beach. Gallery File:South Beach.JPG South Beach during the summer File:Oceandrivesuperbowl.jpg Ocean Drive (Ocean Drive (South Beach)) on Super Bowl XLI weekend 2 3 2007 File:South beach miami at night.JPG Ocean Drive (Ocean Drive (South Beach)) on South Beach at night featuring The Beacon Hotel, The Colony Hotel File:Southbeachskylinesouth.jpg A portion of the southern part of the South Beach skyline as seen from Biscayne Bay File:Southbeachclayhotel01.JPG The Clay Hotel on Española Way and Washington Avenue File:Emanuel_Exterior.jpg Temple Emanu-El on Washington Avenue File:MiamiCityBallet.jpg Miami City Ballet building File:Marlin Hotel Art Deco.jpg Marlin Hotel on SoBe File:Edgewater Hotel South Beach.jpg Edgewater Hotel See also *Mid-Beach *North Beach (North Beach (Miami Beach)) Notes The restaurants featured a distinctive exterior design with South Beach-inspired pastels trimmed with pink and blue neon lights and interiors decorated in a tropical motif. The '''Winter Music Conference''' is a weeklong electronic music conference, held every March since the mid-1980s in Miami, Florida, United States. Venues are hosted primarily in Downtown Miami and Miami's South Beach. It is aimed at professionals such as artists, DJs, record label representatives (A&R) (A&R), producer (music producer)s, promoter (Promoter (entertainment))s, radio and the media (News media). * ''Ol' One Tooth'', 1978, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs (Palm Springs, California) * ''Sea Change'', 1978, South Beach Park, Pier 40, San Francisco * ''Isis'', 1978, North Harbor Drive & Laurel Street, San Diego Posner was fired for expressing her opinion on a YouTube (w:YouTube) video about regulations affecting her South Beach (w:South Beach) neighborhood. Like many rejuvenated (w:urban renewal) communities in the United States, Posner's historic south Fifth Street (w:Ocean Drive) has become the Tribeca (w:Tribeca) of Miami, a fashionable, trendy nightspot with a maelstrom of growth in hotels, restaurants and boutiques that have out-priced many long-term residents.



Ciudad del Este

a Western base. first1 Pablo last1 Gato first2 Robert last2 Windrem publisher NBC News date 9 May 2007 Transportation Guarani International Airport, located in the suburb city of Minga Guazú, connects the city with other South American destinations. In media *Ciudad del Este was featured during a late season 8 early season 9 storyline on the television series ''JAG'' (JAG (TV series)) in 2003. * In 2005, it was a filming location for '' Miami Vice (film) Miami

Vice '', a film directed by Michael Mann (Michael Mann (director)) and based on his television series of the same name (Miami Vice). *The Triple Frontier (or here referenced as the Tri-Border Area) was featured as the backdrop for the ''NCIS'' (NCIS (TV series)) Season 2 episode "An Eye for an Eye", as NCIS Special Agents Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) traveled to this area of southern Paraguay in order to investigate a professor


; * An episode (The Gathering (Torchwood)) of the fourth series (Torchwood: Miracle Day) of the science fiction television series ''Torchwood'' inaccurately refers to Shanghai and Buenos Aires as being antipodes of each other. However, some websites http: pbgeog worldrev.aspx claim that they are approximate antipodes, and Shanghai's antipode is Salto, Uruguay some to the north of Buenos Aires. - 25 Larache 106,895 Larache


, began operating in Hollywood. In December of that year, ''The Public Prosecutor'' became the first network television series to be filmed in Hollywood.Television stations KTLA and KCET, both on Sunset Boulevard, are the last broadcasters (television or radio) with Hollywood addresses, but KCET has since sold its studios on Sunset and plans to move to another location. KNBC moved in 1962 from the former NBC Radio City Studios at the northeast corner of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street to NBC Studios (NBC Studios (New York)) in Burbank. KTTV moved in 1996 from its former home at Metromedia Square on Sunset Boulevard to West Los Angeles, and KCOP left its home on La Brea Avenue to join KTTV on the Fox lot. KCBS-TV and KCAL-TV moved from their longtime home at CBS Columbia Square on Sunset Boulevard to a new facility at CBS Studio Center in Studio City (Studio City, Los Angeles). Government As a district within the Los Angeles city limits, Hollywood does not have its own municipal government. There was an official, appointed by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who served as an honorary "Mayor of Hollywood" for ceremonial purposes only. Johnny Grant (Johnny Grant (radio personality)) held this position from 1980 until his death on January 9, 2008.

Espanola, Ontario

was officially incorporated as a town on March 1, 1958. The 1969 CBC Television series ''Adventures in Rainbow Country'' was filmed near Espanola, near the small First Nations community of Birch Island (Birch Island, Ontario) and at Whitefish Falls. The series starred Lois Maxwell, the actress who played "Miss Moneypenny" in Bond (James Bond) films such as ''Dr. No (Dr. No (film))'' and ''Goldfinger (Goldfinger (film))''. Canadian-born, she was a long-time resident of the town. In 2001, a group of volunteers staged a fundraiser for the local hospital by attempting to set a world record for the world's longest ice hockey game. They were successful, playing for over three days straight. The record was broken in April 2004 in nearby Sudbury (Greater Sudbury), where the teams played for six hours longer. Currently, the record holders are team Hope and team Cure from Sherwood Park near Edmonton, Alberta. http: Default.aspx?tabid 33 who have played for 10 days straight. Demographics Population trend: Statistics Canada: 1996 (Canada 1996 Census), 2001 (Canada 2001 Census), 2006 (Canada 2006 Census), 2011 (Canada 2011 Census) census * Population in 2011: 5364 (2006 to 2011 population change: 0.9%) * Population in 2006: 5314 * Population in 2001: 5449 * Population in 1996: 5454 * Population in 1991: 5527 Public services Espanola's three primary schools, A.B. Ellis Public School, Sacred Heart School (Roman Catholic), and École St. Joseph (French (French language) Roman Catholic), and two secondary schools, Espanola High School (Espanola High School (Espanola, Ontario)) and École secondaire catholique Franco-Ouest, service the local students, as well as those from surrounding communities such as Massey (Massey, Ontario), Webbwood (Webbwood, Ontario), McKerrow (McKerrow, Ontario), Nairn Centre (Nairn Centre, Ontario), Willisville (Willisville, Ontario), Whitefish Falls (Whitefish Falls, Ontario), Walford (Walford, Ontario) and Birch Island (Birch Island, Ontario). In 1999 a modern recreation complex was constructed, replacing the aging arena and community swimming pool. In addition, Espanola has a public library. Media Radio * FM 94.1 - CKNR (CKNR-FM), variety (Variety (radio)) * FM 94.9 - CBON-7 (CBON-FM), Première Chaîne * FM 99.3 - CJJM (CJJM-FM), variety Other radio station signals are received out of Manitoulin Island, Elliot Lake and Sudbury. Television Former television stations which operated in the Espanola and area prior to the analog shutdown (Digital television transition) in 2012 which can only be received via cable or satellite: * Channel 4: CBLFT-TV-7 (CBLFT-TV), SRC (Télévision de Radio-Canada) * Channel 49: CICO-TV-71, TVOntario (Lee Valley (Lee Valley, Ontario)) One of the last operating analog television signals which can reach the Espanola area is CICI-TV (CTV (CTV Television)) channel 5 out of Sudbury (Greater Sudbury). Print Espanola is home to the ''Mid-North Monitor'', a weekly community newspaper. Notable people * NHLers AHLers Art Gauthier, Leo Lamoureux and Al Secord. * Former Canadian steeplechase record-holder Greg Duhaime was born here. * Jim Gordon (Jim Gordon (politician)), a longtime mayor of Sudbury (Greater Sudbury), lived in Espanola for a number of years in the 1960s and served on the town council before moving to Sudbury. See also *List of townships in Ontario *List of francophone communities in Ontario (List of francophone communities in ontario) References * the call sign of a defunct AM radio station in Espanola (Espanola, Ontario), Ontario, later superseded by CKNR-FM, * the original call sign of CKJN-FM in Caledonia (Caledonia, Ontario), Ontario. - Espanola (Espanola, Ontario) Bernie Gagnon (X) (acc.) - Coil steel manufactured by Algoma Steel (Essar Steel Algoma) in Sault Ste. Marie and freight from the Domtar paper mill at Espanola (Espanola, Ontario) account for 80% of freight traffic , although pulpwood, chemicals used by the steel industry, slab steel, paper, and miscellaneous goods are also carried. The railway handled 23,000 carloads a year. Pte. David Byers, 22, of Espanola, Ontario (w:Espanola, Ontario) was identified after a suicide bomber attacked the soldiers in Kandahar. On Tuesday, the Department of National Defence (w:Department of National Defence (Canada)) said the attack also killed Cpl. Glen Arnold, based in CFB Petawawa (w:CFB Petawawa), northwest of Ottawa; and Cpl. Shane Keating of Saskatoon and Cpl. Keith Morley, based at CFB Shilo (w:CFB Shilo) in Manitoba were also killed.

Chanhassen, Minnesota

;The people I worked with there were also a great family to me." Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, she was cast in Fox Network (Fox Broadcasting Company)'s television series spin-off of ''Cruel Intentions'', ''Manchester Prep'', in the role of Kathryn Merteuil

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