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Columbus, Georgia

WLTZ-DT2 (The CW (The CW Television Network)) *WGIQ (Alabama Public Television) 43, Alabama Public Television (PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), APT (Alabama Public Television)) *WXTX 54, Southeastern Media Holdings (Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company), myNetworkTV) **54.2 WXTX-DT2 (This TV) *WLGA 66, Pappas Telecasting Companies (Antenna TV) Movie theaters


, Formosa TV, Gala Television, Public Television Service, SET Metro, SET News, SET Taiwan, Sanlih E-Television, Shuang Xing, TTV Family, TTV Finance, TTV World, TVBS, TVBS-G, TVBS-NEWS, Taiwan Broadcasting System, Videoland Television Network and Taiwan Television. Newspapers Newspapers include ''Apple Daily (Apple Daily (Taiwan))'', ''Central Daily News'', ''The China Post'', ''China Times'', '' Kinmen Daily


television public television station founded in 1959. It began broadcasting on December 26 the same year. The headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. BNT 1 is run by the Bulgarian National Television. founded 1990 headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria key_people Michael Donsky (Managing Director) The production was stopped when the Soviets (Soviet Union) decided to move the production line in the Soviet Union, allegedly after a high ranking


6 (Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company)), WISN (WISN-TV) 12 (ABC (American Broadcasting Company)), WVTV 18 (CW (The CW Television Network)), WCGV 24 (MyNetworkTV), and WDJT (WDJT-TV) 58 (CBS). Spanish language programming is on WBWT (WBWT-LP) 38 (Azteca America) and WYTU-LD 63 (Telemundo). Milwaukee's public broadcasting stations (Milwaukee Public Television) are WMVS (WMVS-TV) 10 and WMVT (WMVT-TV) 36. Other television stations in the Milwaukee market


songs). Nevertheless, the band has some pretty serious tracks with complex and socially oriented lyrics. All the lyrics are in Bulgarian (Bulgarian language) and are written by vocalist Svetoslav Vitkov (''Svetlyo''). Most of the music is composed by guitarist Petar Todorov (''Pesho''). In a great number of songs, guest musicians take part, adding mainly to the brass section. '''BNT 1''' (БНТ 1) is a Bulgarian-language (Bulgarian language) public (public television) television


(Southern Hospital) — 3,610 *MTR Stockholm (Stockholm Subway operator) — 3,000 *Nordea — 2,820 *Handelsbanken — 2,800 *IBM Svenska (IBM) — 2,640 *Capgemini — 2,500 *Securitas AB — 2,360 *Veolia Transport — 2,300 *ISS Facility Services — 2,000 *Sveriges Television (public television) — 1,880 *Nobina Sverige AB — 1,873 (2012) *Sodexo — 1,580 Fibre optic network “During a national fiscal crisis in the early Nineties, the City of Stockholm


AS '''), usually known as '''NRK''', is the Norwegian (Norway) government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media (Mass media) organisation in Norway. It is a founding member of the European Broadcasting Union. * Nytt på nytt * Melodi Grand Prix (The Norwegian (Norway) national selection for Eurovision Song Contest) * The Eurovision Song Contest 1986, Eurovision Song Contest 1996, Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Grand Finals

publisher In Norway, he is well known as an experienced news presenter and correspondent, having worked for the Norwegian state-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. He has also appeared several times on CNN, as well as on other international news channels. He was a news correspondent for NRK in Washington, DC in 1991. From 2002 to 2007, he was the host for '' Urix


and women's. '''''The French Chef''''' is an influential television cooking show created by Julia Child, and produced and broadcast by WGBH (WGBH-TV), the public television station (Public television) in Boston, Massachusetts, from February 11, 1963 to 1973. It was one of the first cooking shows (Cooking show) on television. The show grew out of some special presentations that Julia did based on the book ''Mastering the Art of French Cooking'', which she had co


Nederland'' (The best of Flanders and the Netherlands) is a satellite (satellite television) and cable television channel – a joint venture by Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), the Flemish and Dutch public broadcasting organizations Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) and Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) (NPO) – which aims to make Dutch (Netherlands) and Flemish (Flanders) public-service television (public television) output


oldest candy company; it was founded by James (James H. Ganong) and Gilbert Ganong in 1873 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick where it is based to this day. The primary product is boxed chocolates. It now provides many chocolates for Laura Secord (Laura Secord Chocolates) stores. '''Télé-Québec''' is a French language public (public television) educational television network in the Canadian (Canada) province of Quebec. Known legally as ''' Société de

house he was the Ottawa editor for CTV News Channel (CTV News Channel (Canada)). Duffy sits in the Senate as a Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada), representing Prince Edward Island. '''''Sunday Edition''''' was a Canadian (Canada) television public affairs (Public affairs (broadcasting)) program which aired from 1988 to 1999. The program was hosted by Mike Duffy and originated at CJOH-TV in Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario). Over the course of its run, it aired in several

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