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Parkersburg, West Virginia

was very intelligent, a devout Christian, and a belle in society, but her life became full of tragedies. - 189 Parkersburg, West Virginia - Marietta, Ohio WTAP² 49.2 5 Gray Television - Early life Glen Rollin Hyde, born December 9, 1898 Fretwater Press was a farmer from Twin Falls (Twin Falls, Idaho), Idaho; Bessie Louise Haley, born December 29, 1905, was a divorcee originally from

Wheeling, West Virginia

engine displacement which makes the best score. - 155 Wheeling, West Virginia - Steubenville, Ohio WVTX-CA 3 28 3 Turnpike Television - Early years Drummond attended the Linsly School (Linsly Military Institute) in Wheeling, West Virginia and was a letterman (Letterman (sports)) in football (High school football) and track (Track and field athletics). Over the weekend of May 26 to May 28, 1972, MFD

The Bronx

in ''Lost in Space'', as the father of the Robinson family.. Nearly a half-century later, ''Zorro'' is still being aired all over South America, from Argentina to Venezuela, in some places twice daily. ''Zorro'' continues to be the most popular U.S. series ever to have appeared on South American television. Early life Don Lane was born at the Manhattan "Flower Hospital" in New York City to a Jewish father (Jacob) and a Catholic mother (Dolly), who later converted

Knoxville, Tennessee

in the Knoxville Campaign. After the battle, he asked to be relieved of command due to illness. Maj. Gen. John G. Foster replaced Burnside as commander of the Army and Department of the Ohio on December 9. - 60 Knoxville, Tennessee WVLT (WVLT-TV)-DT² 30.2 Gray Television - Early years Born '''Castello Randolph''' in Knoxville, Tennessee,

Quebec City

. It was also featured many times in choir themed TV show aired on CBC Television. Early Life Moffat grew up in Saint-Romuald (Saint-Romuald, Quebec), a suburb of Quebec City on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. After completing Grade 11, she moved to Montreal where she earned a Diplôme d'études collégiales in music at Cégep de Saint-Laurent, then a Baccalauréat (Education in Quebec) in popular music and classical singing (classical music) from UQAM


on the coasts of Malta. These towers ranged in size from small watchtowers to large structures armed with numerous cannons. They include the Wignacourt (Wignacourt towers), de Redin (de Redin towers), and Lascaris towers, named for the Grand Master (Grand Master (order)), such as Martin de Redin, that commissioned each series. In Malta the show was broadcast on Super One Television. Early life Bauval was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to parents of Belgium Belgian


in Pittsburgh, where her sister still resides and makes a career From there she joined Television network network television . Early life Maazel was born to Jewish-American parents of Russian origin in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France and brought up in the United States, primarily at his parents' home in Pittsburgh's Oakland (Pittsburgh


. birth_date birth_place Toronto, Ontario, Canada medium film, television Early life Michaels was born '''Lorne David Lipowitz''' in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the son of Florence (née (married and maiden names) Becker) and Henry Abraham Lipowitz, a furrier.


Television ) - Early Life and Business Wakefield was educated at Framingham State Normal School Department of Household Arts (Framingham State College) in 1924. Then, she worked as a dietitian and lectured about foods. In 1930, she and her husband Kenneth Donald Wakefield (1897-1997) bought a tourist lodge (toll house) in the town of Whitman, Massachusetts in Plymouth County (Plymouth County, Massachusetts). Located about halfway between Boston and New Bedford (New Bedford, Massachusetts), it was a place where passengers had historically paid a toll, changed horses and ate home-cooked meals. When the Wakefields opened their business, they named the establishment the Toll House Inn. Ruth cooked and served all the food and soon gained local fame for her desserts. The restaurant had many visitors, including Massachusetts' Senator John F. Kennedy. Her chocolate chip cookies soon became very popular. commons:Boston


lyrics, and the record was produced by DJ Quik. Quik sampled for its instrumental track a Hindi-song he heard on television early one morning. The sample turned out to be "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai", a 1981 song by Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar, which Aftermath neglected to clear the rights to. Copyright holders Saregama India, Ltd. issued a cease-and-desist order, which went unheeded. On September 12, 2002, Saregama filed a $500 million dollar lawsuit against

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