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; ref Sports thumb 263px right Finland-Norway at the Bandy World Championship for women 2004 Women's World Championships (File:Damebandy.jpg) Lappeenranta has multiple sports teams playing in top levels of Finnish sports leagues. SaiPa is an Ice hockey team playing in the highest level in Finland, SM-liiga. SaiPa was fourth in the national Ice hockey league in the season of 2013-2014. 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship - Tournament was played Kisapuisto Ice Hall, Lappeenranta & Imatra Ice Hall during April 17 – 27, 2014. United States won the tournament, Czech Republic was second and Canada was the third. Namika Lappeenranta is a basketball team playing in the highest level in Korisliiga and have won two championships in 2005 and 2006. NST (NST (sports club)) plays floorball in the Salibandyliiga and Rajaritarit is an American Football team in the Vaahteraliiga. Lappeenrannan Veiterä, or just Veiterä, plays in Bandyliiga and has been Finnish champions (list of Finnish bandy champions) four times. They have been the champions for women and for girls born in 1995 and 1998. Kampparit new Finnish Champions in bandy The city hosted the first ever Bandy World Championship for women in 2004 and in 2014 the tournament returns to Lappeenranta. Bandy World Championship for Women 2014 In women's sports Catz (Catz Lappeenranta) Lappeenranta plays basketball and Pesä Ysit plays Finnish baseball (Pesäpallo), both in the top leagues of the nation. Catz has won Finnish national basketball championship four times in a row. Notable people * Antti Aalto – Former Ice-hockey player. * Koop Arponen – singer and winner of the ''fourth series (Idols (Finland))'' of the ''Idols (Idols (Finland))'' in 2008. * Arto Bryggare – Former hurdling athlete, Former member of Parliament of Finland. * Kaarlo Halttunen – Former actor. * Laila Hirvisaari (formerly Laila Hietamies) – novelist, has written a novel series about Lappeenranta and its people. * Horna – legendary Finnish black metal band. * Kari Jormakka – distinguished Professor of Architecture Theory at Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria. * Anssi Kippo – A Platinum selling producer. * Kotiteollisuus – hard rock band. * Arvi Lind – legendary Finnish TV news reader. * Pave Maijanen – Famous musician. * Miikka Multaharju – Football player. * Jaska Raatikainen - drummer of the band Children of Bodom. * Jukka Paarma – former Archbishop of Turku and Finland * Tiia Piili – the most successful gymnast in Finland * Saku Puhakainen – football player * Satanic Warmaster – Finnish black metal band * Petri Skriko – retired ice-hockey player in the NHL (National Hockey League) in USA * Juha Tiainen – former Olympic gold medallist in hammer throw * Mokoma – thrash metal band * Battlelore - symphonic metal band * Hanna Pakarinen – the first Idols winner in Finland came from Lappeenranta * Christian Ruuttu – former ice hockey player in the NHL (National Hockey League) in USA * Vesa Vierikko – Finnish actor * Vesa Viitakoski – former ice hockey player in SM-liiga. Tourism thumb 263px right Autumn in Lappeenranta (File:Harbour autumn.jpg) Lappeenranta is known as a summer city, mostly due to its closeness to the Lake Saimaa. Europe’s 4th largest lake. The eponymous GoSaimaa ( provides all the touristic activities in the area. In addition, its inland location means that summers tend to be warmer and winters colder than along the coastal areas. Lappeenranta does have a healthy winter tourism industry. Various cabins around Lake Saimaa, as well as numerous snowmobiles, Nordic skating, floating in the river, reindeer rides, paragliding, skiing and sledding tracks draw a fair number of winter visitors. The proximity of the Russian border is increasingly visible in the number of Russian tourists visiting the city. In fact, Lappeenranta is closer ( WikiPedia:Lappeenranta Commons:Category:Lappeenranta


Dutch Shell has a substantial development. This section of the route takes about six hours. Road P-404 (Road P-404 (Russia)) connects Surgut with Tyumen. There is a port on the Ob River. Sports *Universitet Surgut (Universitet Yugra Surgut), basketball team playing in the Russian Basketball Super League *Gazprom-Yugra is a men's volleyball club competing in the Russian Volleyball Super League and playing its home matches at the Premier Arena International relations Wikipedia:Surgut

Franklin, Pennsylvania

Blondy Wallace. * Among other sporting accomplishments, Franklin Area High School has won two state basketball championships. In 2001 and 2006, the boys team, playing


Cardinals are a baseball team playing in the Western Major Baseball League. WikiPedia:Yorkton,_Saskatchewan Dmoz:Regional North_America Canada Saskatchewan Localities Y Yorkton


By train The easiest way to come to Seinäjoki is by train. If you take the fastest Pendolino trains the trip takes roughly three hours from Helsinki or Oulu and just over one hour from


highest league – Allsvenskan and plays their matches in AXA Sports Center (aka Scaniarinken). Assyriska FF and Syrianska FC are also two successful football (football (soccer)) clubs started in 1974 and 1977. They play in the same arena, Södertälje Fotbollsarena. In basketball, Södertälje BBK is one of the best in the country, and became Swedish Champions in the 2004 2005 season. Södertälje Storm Rugby League club are a pioneering Rugby League team

, playing in the Swedish National Rugby League, which was formed in 2015. Geography The town is situated on a bay (headlands and bays) of Lake Mälaren, which is here connected with the Baltic Sea by the Södertälje Canal, commons:Södertälje

Rauma, Finland

is an American football team playing in the Finnish American Football Association's (American Football Association of Finland) 2nd division. Fera (Fera (pesäpallo)) is a women's Finnish baseball (Pesäpallo) team, whose home field is the Länsi-Suomi Arena at Otanlahti sports centre. Rauma also has an own orienteering club, Rasti-Lukko, two Basketball teams known as Kaaron Roima and Rauma Basket, a rinkball team called UKP and a floorball team named SalBa. Recreation thumb 250px Marina in Rauma, Finland (File:Rauma port.jpg) One popular saying goes that every family in Rauma owns a boat – this is not true, though the city has room for ca. 2,800 Finnish Maritime Administration August 19, 2008 – Boating in Finland and its economic impacts boats at its docks. People can use their own boats or water buses to get to the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse that doubles as a hotel and recreation site. Water buses take people to Reksaari island and former garrison island of Kuuskajaskari. Both islands are in recreational use. Consolidation of municipalities Rauma and the surrounding municipality of Rauman maalaiskunta ("rural municipality of Rauma") were consolidated in 1993, continued in 2007 with the consolidation of municipality of Kodisjoki. The municipality of Lappi (Lappi, Finland) was consolidated to Rauma in 2009. File:KirkkoRauma 2.jpg Church of The Holy Cross File:KirkkoRauma.jpg Tower of the Church of The Holy Cross file:PyhanRistinKirkko RaumaFinland 20051225.jpg Church of The Holy Cross file:Rauma Old Cityhall.JPG The old town hall of Rauma file:rauma_3.jpg Street in city center file:rauma_4.jpg Historic buildings file:rauma_2.jpg Historic buildings International relations - 9. P-Iirot (Pallo-Iirot) Rauma (Rauma, Finland) Pallo-Iirot -

Winkler, Manitoba

Flyers''' are a Manitoba Junior Hockey League team playing out of the Winkler Arena in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. The Flyers entered the MJHL as an expansion team for the 1980-81 season. Famous NHL (National Hockey League) players to have played on this team include Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour (Ed Belfour). They also had Ed Belfour's son playing backup for the team. '''Triple E Recreational Vehicles''', a division of Triple E Canada, is a Canadian recreational vehicle manufacturing company located in Winkler, Manitoba. It is the only Canadian-owned Class-A RV builder in Canada. Other Triple E Canada divisions include Load King Industries, who manufacture highway and flatbed trailers. '''Schanzenfeld''' is a small community about 1 km south of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Stanley. Largely a Mennonite community, its close vicinity to Winkler has made it a suburb of the much larger City of Winkler. The village was named after Jacob Yost Schantz a businessman from Ontario who helped the Mennonites migrate from Russia to southern Manitoba. He visited areas of southern Manitoba in 1872 to explore possibilities for Mennonite settlement. DATE OF BIRTH September 28, 1982 PLACE OF BIRTH Winkler, Manitoba , Canada DATE OF DEATH '''CJEL-FM''' (93.5 FM (FM broadcasting), "The Eagle 93.5") is a radio station broadcasting a soft adult contemporary music (adult contemporary music) format. Licensed to Winkler, Manitoba, it serves the Pembina Valley region (Pembina Valley Region, Manitoba) of Manitoba.


edition of the sport's laws was published. FIFA records document a Croatian national team playing a full-length fixture against domestic opposition in 1907. ref

Roseburg, Oregon

part of Harvard, Oak, and Washington Avenues, and then part of the '''Oakland-Shady Highway''', which is no longer a state highway. '''James Eugene Burke''' (born September 24, 1971 in Roseburg, Oregon) is a Major League Baseball catcher, who is currently a free agent. He attended Oregon State University, where along with baseball he also played for the school's football team (Oregon State Beavers football) playing the position of kicker (Placekicker). Death Carl

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