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Clarkston, Michigan

; ref He was born in Independence Township (Independence Township, Michigan) and attended the common schools in Clarkston (Clarkston, Michigan) and Detroit (Detroit, Michigan). He began teaching school in 1869, served as superintendent of schools in Waterford Township (Waterford Township, Michigan) in 1875 and also served as principal of the school at Waterford, Michigan. He went on to study law, was admitted to the bar (bar (law)) in 1877 and graduated from the law department


authorities do not provide any full Gagauz-teaching school, most of those are Russian-language as opposed to inner Moldovan full Romanian language education. http: v2 index.php?option com_content&task view&id 490&Itemid 55&lang russian Although pupils are introduced to all four of the usual school languages (Russian, Romanian, English or French, Gagauz), the local language continues to be in last place. http: 2009-09-22-17-54-41 65-panorama 75-2009-09-23-00-50-30 See also birth_place Ceadîr-Lunga, Gagauzia, Moldavian SSR death_date DATE OF BIRTH August 12, 1957 PLACE OF BIRTH Ceadîr-Lunga, Gagauzia, Moldavian SSR DATE OF DEATH ::: Possibly a bad thing, but the cure may be even worse if it means putting the Moldova flag on stubs which deal 100% with Transnistria. That (whose flag Transnistria is under) is a sore point for Transnistria, but not so much for Moldova. This is because Moldova lets Transnistria fly its own flag just as they let the autonomous region of Gagauzia also fly its own flag. If we remove any mention of Transnistria, and replace it with the word Moldova, that would not only invite more conflict but would also in many cases even be outright misleading; especially in bio-stub cases where, in some cases, political leaders weren't even born in Moldova. Note also that in Transnistria you now have a new generation coming of age which was born under independence. Putting a Moldovan flag on these people who have ''never'' in their life been subject to Moldovan jurisdiction would indicate POV, especially if we know better and if we already know which solution that will satisfy both sides. Considering the alternatives, I therefore still vote for '''keep''' even though I fully understand your concerns and even share them myself. - Mauco (User:William Mauco) 13:01, 27 April 2006 (UTC)


. He worked in Surakarta's religion affairs office. He also was a member of Muhammadiyah's Board of Education in Surakarta chapter. Sudalmiyah was an activist in Aisiyah, a Muhammadiyah's women organization and had been its chairperson for 20 years. She graduated from Muhammadiyah's teaching school "Hogere Indlansche Kweekschool". She was a member of Masyumi party in the 1950s. She was awarded " The Central Java Best Mother" in 1985.

from Muhammadiyah's teaching school "Hogere Indlansche Kweekschool". She was a member of Masyumi party in the 1950s. She was awarded " The Central Java Best Mother" in 1985. DATE OF BIRTH 26 April 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH Surakarta, Dutch East Indies DATE OF DEATH * Gelora 10 November Stadium – Surabaya, East Java * Manahan Stadium - Surakarta, Central Java In Java, especially in Javanese (Javanese people) royal

Edmond, Oklahoma

was born and raised in Edmond and has broken many world records on Edmond soil including the highest BMX vertical jump. * Several golf PGA Tour players call Edmond home, as does the well-known Oak Tree National. Edmond's golfers include Bob Tway, Doug Tewell, Scott Verplank, David Edwards (David Edwards (golfer)) and Gil Morgan. * Former Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director Michael Brown (Michael D. Brown) interned in the city's

Fredericksburg, Virginia

) in 1785. He studied law in Charleston, South Carolina, teaching school at the same time, and was admitted to the bar in 1786. He commenced practice in the Ninety-Sixth District of South Carolina, moving back to Charleston, S.C. in 1789. DATE OF BIRTH January 1765 PLACE OF BIRTH Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, Virginia), Virginia DATE OF DEATH January 14, 1825 birth_date

Fayetteville, Arkansas

received a common-school education. In 1833 he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in 1835 he moved to Manchester,Missouri, near St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri), and began teaching school. In 1836 he received a license to preach and spent one year preaching to the Choctaw nation (Choctaw) near Muskogee, Oklahoma and then appointed to a missionary school at Bayou Baynard, He was ordained a deacon in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1839 he became an elder in Little Rock, Arkansas

Portland, Maine

connects Conway and Manchester via Concord Coach Lines. Education Paine attended the Boston Latin School, and at the early age of fourteen, he became a member of Harvard College from which institution he graduated from in 1749 at age 18. He then was engaged in teaching school for several years back at the Boston Latin and at Lunenburg, Massachusetts He also attempted a merchant career with journeys to the Carolinas, the Azores, and to Spain, as well as a whaling voyage

Madison, Wisconsin

: ~jaheine HarveyMarionLaFollette.html La Follette grew up in rural Dane County, Wisconsin. The death of his father in 1856 and the subsequent bad relationship with his stepfather made for a difficult childhood. After the death of his stepfather, his mother sold the family farm and moved to nearby Madison (Madison, Wisconsin). He began teaching school for tuition money for the University of Wisconsin–Madison


in Basel and Cameroon and studied German (German language) and history at the University of Basel where he graduated as a doctor (Doctorate) in modern Swiss history in 1977. At the same time he became a concert singer after having studied with Fritz Näf. Finally, the Basel Conservatory (Conservatory (school)) issued Raaflaub the diploma for "Teaching School Music" and "Choir Direction". In 1976 he was nominated choral director Director


Examination in his hometown, at the age of 22. There he studied in the Dongwen Xueshe (東文學社), a Japanese language teaching school, and became a protégé of Luo Zhenyu. Sponsored by Luo, he left for Japan in 1901, studying natural sciences in Tokyo. Back in China one year later, he began to teach in different colleges, and devoted himself to the study of German idealism. He fled to Japan with Luo when the Xinhai Revolution took place in 1911. He returned to China in 1916 olympics countries CAN summer 1964 title Canada at the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games accessdate 2010-12-11 work Saruhashi was born in Tokyo and graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1943. In 1950, she started studying CO 2 levels in seawater and earned her doctorate in chemistry in 1957 from the University of Tokyo, becoming the first woman to do so. Instead of teaching school, as was expected at the time, Saruhashi wanted to do research. She then joined the Geochemical Laboratory established by Yasuo Miyake, a government meteorologist and her mentor. WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo

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