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Agros, Cyprus

water with incredible scent. For each kg of roses which is used in this procedure, of rose water is finally produced. Sweets The village Agros is also popular for the great variety of traditional sweets. The most common are the sweets with syrup.There are around 40 to 50 kinds of sweets in syrup, such as the walnut, the cherry, the water melon, the grape, the quince and the rose. The inhabitants of Agros claim that the sweet made of rose is very good

for health as it can cure several illnesses.The majority of the visitors prefer the sweet made of walnuts (karidaki).The manufacture of these sweets lasts two days. They are put in syrup which is made of water and sugar.The women from the village make another delicious sweet the “machalepi”. It is usually prepared during summer and it is served cold with rose water, water and another traditional liquid made of rose and with red color.In conclusion, in Agros you can find many delicacies that will amaze


the Rath Yatra (the Cart Journey). Chhath (Devanagari: छठ, छठी, छठ पर्व, छठ पुजा, डाला छठ, डाला पुजा, सुर्य षष्ठी)important Hindu festival and only Vedic Festival dedicated to the Hindu Sun God, Surya and Chhathi Maiya (ancient Vedic Goddess Usha)is also celebrated in Biratnagar. 5 The Chhath Puja is performed in order to thank Surya(the sun) for sustaining life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes. On the pooja day they collect fruits and prepare thekwa(sweet made


in Pagaruyung * Balimbing village with old century traditional house that is more than 350 years old * Handcraft in Pandai Sikek, such as kain songket (traditional woven clothes), ukiran kayu or bamboo (handmade crafting) * Traditional coffee toasters * Bika, traditional sweet made from coconut, rice flour and palm sugar, located in Koto Baru, betweeen Padang Panjang-Bukittinggi. The ''Maninjau Tour'' will visit places in west area of Bukittinggi: * Lake Maninjau * Puncak Lawang, a place where you can

Dera Ghazi Khan

and Urdu languages. The tradition of Mushaira is still very common in the city and villages. Famous Urdu poet Mohsin Naqvi and Javed Ahsan Khan belongs to Dera Ghazi Khan. Cuisine * Sohanjhnrran (Saraiki (Saraiki language): ) or the flowers of Moringa oleifera is very peculiar food of Saraiki culture including Dera Ghazi Khan. * Sohan Halwa is traditional sweet made by boiling a mixture of water, sugar, milk and wheatflour (coarse pieces) cornflour


left alt thick, dark brown rolls of peanut pate wrapped in banana leaves Vendors in Antananarivo, Madagascar sell koba, a sweet (Confectionery) made from ground peanuts, sugar and rice flour '''Toamasina''' , meaning "like salt" or "salty", unofficially and in French (French language) also '''Tamatave''', is a city (commune urbaine) on the east coast of Madagascar on the Indian Ocean. The city is the chief


in the south of the region. A traditional soup called maraq (also part of Yemen cuisine) is made of vegetables, meat and beans and is usually eaten with flat bread or pitta bread. Beans are usually eaten for dessert, and oat or corn patties and salad can be eaten too. Somalis occasionally eat ''xalwo'', a jelly-like sweet made with water, sugar, and honey, though peanuts are sometimes added. Somalis who have spent some time in the Middle East eat baklava. Dates are also popular in Somaliland


and an important source for the Second Boer War, but his family connections (his father was State Secretary of the Transvaal (South African Republic)) and sheer luck provide for a unique account because he was present at virtually every major event of the War.


is popular during Eid ul-Fitr. Gajraila is a sweet made from grated carrots, boiled in milk, sugar, green cardamom, and topped with nuts and dried fruit and is very popular in the country during winter season. * Enjoy a variety; ice cream can be found in an abundance of flavours such as the traditional pistachio flavoured Kulfi; * Falooda is tasty rosewater dessert and is a popular summer drink throughout the country. Traditional ice-cream known as 'kulfi' mixed with vermicelli, pistachio nuts

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