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French Somaliland

officer) Barker was ordered to estimate the minimum requirements for the internal security of the British mandate of Palestine, not to consider an attack on Palestine from the north a serious threat, and be prepared to reinforce the Iraqi Army. The commanding officers in Kenya and the Sudan were given the task of reviewing operations for the purpose of destroying and dispersing Italian forces and support local risings all in support of the main Allied offensive, which was planned

Paraíso, Tabasco

" The port also imports products, equipment, and machinery to support local agricultural production, much of which is exported. It also exports include bananas, mango, pineapple, Persian lemon, papaya, orange, coffee, sugar cane, cocoa, and peppers as well as products based on livestock. Exports out of the port mostly come from the states of Tabasco, Campeche, Chiapas and the south of Veracruz. ref name "influencia"


; Lieutenant-General Barker (Michael Barker (British Army officer)) was ordered to estimate the minimum requirements for the internal security of the British mandate of Palestine, not to consider an attack on Palestine from the north a serious threat, and be prepared to reinforce the Iraqi Army. The commanding officers in Kenya and the Sudan were given the task of reviewing operations for the purpose of destroying and dispersing Italian forces and support local risings all in support

Sa Pa

will help carry your luggage. *

local community projects and schools. They also rent motorbikes, offer cooking classes, provide opportunities to volunteer in the community, and accept clothing donations. *

Fort Erie, Ontario

support local charities. The event takes place on the south-east grounds of the Fort Erie Race Track. * The Friendship Festival is a week-long international celebration of the culture and heritage shared by Canada and the USA. The Friendship Festival occurs during the first week of July and celebrates both Canada Day and Independence Day (Independence Day (United States)). The events held both in Fort Erie, ON and in Buffalo, NY include free concerts and a spectacular fireworks display on July 1 highlighting the two national holidays. Other activities include arts, crafts, children's entertainment, heritage and cultural displays, car shows and a midway. * The Ridgeway Summer Festival is held every year on the second weekend in July. The streets are closed off, and thousands of visitors stroll the historical downtown enjoying music, food, vendors, shows, and friendly atmosphere. * The Siege of Fort Erie is a historical re-enactment of the famous 1814 battle, which takes place during the second weekend of August. This battlefield was the bloodiest on Canadian soil due to the various sieges that took place throughout the War of 1812. The Siege of 1814 is vividly recreated every year. Fall festivals * The Ridgeway Fall Festival is held every year in October, on the last weekend of the Ridgeway Farmers’ Market. Winter festivals * The Spirit of Christmas is held in Ridgeway on the first weekend in December, Friday evening and Saturday only, featuring horse-drawn carriage rides, school choirs singing outdoors, Victorian carollers, strolling Santa, food and more. Other points of interest * Old Fort Erie was rebuilt in the 1930s as a tourist attraction, and is open during the summer months, with special events outside the regular season. * Fort Erie Race Track has hosted live thoroughbred racing since 1897. Widely regarded as one of North America's most picturesque tracks, it has been home to the Prince of Wales Stakes - the second jewel in the Canadian Triple Crown (Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing) - since 1959. * Safari Niagara, a 61 hectare (150 acre) nature park featuring exotic animals, is located in Stevensville. * The Point Abino Lighthouse is available for weekend tours in the summer. * Fort Erie is the location of the Canadian Motor Speedway, a motorsports development currently being built. This large mixed-use development, located adjacent the QEW, will feature a 65,000 seat motor speedway and road course. The development is set to be open in 2016. Infrastructure Transportation Highway access Fort Erie has been the Niagara terminus of the Queen Elizabeth Way since 1937. Road traffic continues to Buffalo, New York across the Peace Bridge, which was built in 1927. Fort Erie was the Eastern terminus of King's Highway 3A from 1927 to 1929, and Ontario Highway 3 from 1929 until 1998, when the portion of Highway 3 within Fort Erie was downloaded to the Regional Municipality of Niagara and redesignated as Niagara Regional Road 3. Within Fort Erie, Highway 3 is named Garrison Road, and is the major East-West connection through the town. Dominion Road was designated as King's Highway 3C from 1934 until 1970, when it was downloaded to the newly formed Regional Municipality of Niagara and redesignated as Niagara Regional Road 1. For Erie is the Southern Terminus of the Niagara Parkway, which extends from Fort Erie (Olde Fort Erie) to Fort George (Fort George, Ontario). Public transit Public transit is provided by the Town of Fort Erie Transit System, which operates two buses in the town. Transit Schedule Niagara Transit operates a service from Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario) into Fort Erie, connecting with the Fort Erie Transit bus at Wal Mart Plaza at 750 Garrison Road. For Erie Fall Service Update Intercity transit Private intercity coach services are primarily operated by Coach Canada and Greyhound (Greyhound Canada), with connections to Hamilton and Toronto and to US destinations via Buffalo. Getting Around Fort Erie The terminus is located at Robo Mart, 21 Princess Street at Waterloo Street. The International Railway Bridge was built in 1873, and connects Fort Erie to Buffalo, New York across the Niagara River. There is currently no passenger rail service to Fort Erie. Waterways Fort Erie is at the outlet of Lake Erie into the Niagara River. The lake and river serve as a playground for numerous personal yachts, sailboats, power boats and watercraft. There is a marina at the site of a former shipyard at Miller's Creek on the Niagara River, and a boat launch ramp in Crystal Beach. Prior to the completion of the two bridges, passengers and freight were carried across the river by ferry. From 1829, when the Welland Canal first opened, to 1833, when the cut was completed to Port Colborne, ship traffic between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario would transit the upper Niagara River. Utilities In order to reduce large-scale ice blockage blockage in the Niagara River, with resultant flooding, ice damage to docks and other waterfront structures, and blockage of the water intakes for the hydro-electric power plants at Niagara Falls, the New York Power Authority and Ontario Power Generation have jointly operated the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom since 1964. The boom is installed on December 16, or when the water temperature reaches 4˚ Celsius (C) (39˚ Fahrenheit (F)), whichever happens first. The boom is opened on April 1 unless there is more than 650 square kilometres (250 square miles) of ice remaining in Eastern Lake Erie. When in place, the boom stretches 2,680 metres (8,800 feet) from the outer breakwall at Buffalo Harbor almost to the Canadian shore near the ruins of the pier at Erie Beach in Fort Erie. Originally, the boom was made of wooden timbers, but these have been replaced by steel pontoons. and recreation Baseball * Oakes Park, a five diamond complex off Central Avenue, is the home field of the Fort Erie Cannons, who compete in the Niagara District Baseball Association's senior men's league. Golf * Bridgewater Country Club on Gilmore Road. * Cherry Hill Club is a private club in Ridgeway. * Fort Erie Golf Club on Garrison Road. * International Country Club of Niagara in Stevensville. * Rio VIsta Golf on Crooks Street. Hiking Fort Erie is the Eastern terminus of the Friendship Trail, Ontario Friendship Trail , and the Southern terminus of the Niagara River Recreation Pathway. Both trails are part of the Trans-Canada Trail system. Hockey * The Fort Erie Leisureplex on Garrison Road is the home rink of the Fort Erie Meteors. * The Crystal Ridge Arena in Crystal Beach hosts a number of hockey and figure skating clubs. Notable people *Ernest Alexander Cruikshank, Brigadier General and historian; was born in Bertie Township. *Michael Fonfara, keyboard player; was born in Stevensville. *Paul Gardner (Paul Gardner (ice hockey)), professional hockey player; was born in Fort Erie. *James L. Kraft, entrepreneur and inventor; was born outside of Stevensville and worked in Fort Erie before emigrating to the United States. *Pierre Pilote, professional hockey player; lived in Fort Erie for most of his adolescence. *Ron Sider, theologian and social activist; was born in Stevensville. *Nick Weglarz, professional baseball player; was born in Stevensville. See also *List of townships in Ontario References External links '''Stevensville''' is a small community in southern Ontario, Canada in the town of Fort Erie (Fort Erie, Ontario), most notable as the birthplace of Canadian entrepreneur James L. Kraft. Officials in Fort Erie, Ontario (w:Fort Erie, Ontario) were also swamped with calls to fire departments when the wind blew the smoke over the Niagra River (w:Niagra River) and into Canada.

Youngstown, Ohio

, they organized what became the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company (Youngstown Sheet and Tube), among the nation's most important regional steel producers. The firm significantly expanded its operations in 1923, when it acquired plants in South Chicago and East Chicago, Indiana. This impulse to support local ownership surfaced again in 1931, when Campbell, as chairman of the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company

Toledo, Ohio

In 1939, Carr (then a businessman) organized the Community Chest (Community Chest (organization)) of Orlando, the community's first annual fund drive conducted to support local charitable organizations and the forerunner of the Heart of Florida United Way (United Way of America) organization. Heart of Florida United Way brochure (PDF) In 1945, while he was serving as president of the Greater


in the Eastern Province. In the aftermath of the May 2009 military victory of the Sri Lankan Security Forces over the separatist forces of the LTTE (the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), the political and security situation in the North and East of the country is undergoing a transition toward a post-conflict environment. NP continues to support local peacemakers as they seek to build a sustainable peace at the community level and to improve the confidence, capacity, and human security situation for civilians who suffer the long-term consequences of living in the midst of armed conflict for almost three decades. Commons:Category:Colombo Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka Western Colombo Wikipedia:Colombo


all definitions of Middle Asia consensually include the five republics of the former Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and adjacent steppe areas of Russia. '''Middle Asia should not be confused with the Central Asia or Inner Asia''', the terms that include Middle Asia as their regional part. However, often Middle Asia and Central Asia terms are used interchangeably as, for example, the United Nations considers Middle Asia as the Central Asia. Middle Asia is also closely associated with Turkestan which encompasses areas of Central Asia populated with Turkic people including parts of the western China. Depending on context, the Middle Asian people and states may be referred to as distinctly Middle Asian, or be treated in the greater Central Asian context. The languages of the majority of the Middle Asian population is from the Turkic language group (Turkic languages). Ethnographic maps Turkmen (Turkmen language), closely related to Turkish (Turkish language) (they are both members of the Oghuz (Oghuz Turks) group of Turkic), is mainly spoken in Turkmenistan and into Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. Kazakh (Kazakh language), Kyrgyz (Kyrgyz language) and Tatar (Tatar language) are related languages of the Kypchak (Kipchaks) group of Turkic languages, and are spoken throughout Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and into Afghanistan and Xinjiang. Uzbek (Uzbek language) and Uyghur (Uyghur language) are spoken in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Xinjiang. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, five Central Asian countries gained independence — Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. In all of the new states, former Communist Party (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) officials retained power as local strongmen. poptime 550,000 (est.) popplace Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey rels Sunni Islam * '''Tunisia''' - Couscous * '''Turkmenistan''' - Palaw (Palov) * '''Uganda''' - Matoke Iran Iran (Rail transport in Iran), with its standard gauge rail system, has break-of-gauge

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