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highest league – Allsvenskan and plays their matches in AXA Sports Center (aka Scaniarinken). Assyriska FF and Syrianska FC are also two successful football (football (soccer)) clubs started in 1974 and 1977. They play in the same arena, Södertälje Fotbollsarena. In basketball, Södertälje BBK is one of the best in the country, and became Swedish Champions in the 2004 2005 season. Södertälje Storm Rugby League club are a pioneering Rugby League team

Bayda, Libya

popular sport in Bayda, and one of the country's most successful football clubs, Alakhdhar, is based in the city. The largest sporting centre in Bayda is the Medina al-Riyadhia (Sports City). The complex is situated just north of the city centre, and houses the Al Bayda Stadium and athletics stadium, and the Slayman al Tharrat basketball stadium. Several matches of the 2009 FIBA Africa Championship were hosted at the arena. Judo and taekwondo are popular men's sports in Bayda. In recent


Quito Deportivo Quito , and El Nacional (Club Deportivo El Nacional) from Quito; Olmedo (Centro Deportivo Olmedo) from Riobamba; and Deportivo Cuenca (Club Deportivo Cuenca) from Cuenca. Currently the most successful football club in Ecuador is LDU Quito, and it is the only Ecuadorian club that have won the ''Copa Libertadores'', the ''Copa Sudamericana'' and the ''Recopa Sudamericana''; they were also runners-up in the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup. The matches of the Ecuadorian national team (Ecuador national football team) are the most-watched sporting events in the country. Ecuador qualified for the final rounds of both the 2002 (2002 FIFA World Cup) and 2006 (2006 FIFA World Cup) FIFA World Cups. The 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign was considered a huge success for the country and its inhabitants. Ecuador finished in 2nd place on the qualifiers behind WikiPedia:Riobamba Commons:Riobamba

Al Ain

-`Ain City is the home of Al Ain Club, which is one of the most successful football clubs in the UAE and Asia. Al Ain Club contains also 7 other games which are: handball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, Table Tennis, Athletics, Jiu jitsu and Taekwondo. Hili Fun City hosts two ice hockey teams, the Al Ain Vipers


السوداني ) is a Sudanese football (football (soccer)) club founded on February 13, 1930 in the city of Omdurman. The team has been crowned champion of the Sudan Premier League in seven of the past nine seasons, and throughout its history has won the championship 26 times during the league's 45 seasons – thus making it Sudan's most successful football (football (soccer)) team. founded Initially as Al-Masalam in 1908-November 14, 1927 ground Al Merreikh Stadium br


Lovćen Cetinje , oldest football club in Montenegro. FK Lovćen was founded in 20 June 1913. It is one of most successful football clubs in Montenegro. The best results in the past were achieved before WW2, when they won few Montenegrin Championships, and in 1956 in qualifications for the first national league. In 1947, Lovćen was juvenile club champion. FK Lovćen now competes in the Montenegrin First League. During the season 2013 14, Lovćen played their greatest season in the First League, winning the second place. On the May 21st 2014, Lovćen won the Montenegrin Cup, which was the first national trophy in the club's history. Another club from Cetinje is FK Cetinje, formed in 1975. Their greatest result was promotion to the Second Montenegrin League, during the summer 2013. Handball Formed at 1949, Handball club “Lovćen” (RK Lovćen) is among oldest handball clubs in Montenegro. During the decades, especially from 80's until today, Lovćen became most successful Montenegrin men's handball club, but the most trophied team from Old Royal Capital Cetinje. There is huge number of great Montenegrin, Yugoslav and European players which produced handball school of Lovćen. From the 1988 until today, Lovćen played 23 seasons in the First Handball League of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and Montenegro. Five times, club from Cetinje won the champions' title - in the seasons ''1999 00, 2000 01, 2006 07, 2011 12'' and ''2012 13''. Most trophies in the club history, Lovćen won in the national Cup. Club from Cetinje holds 2 winner titles in the Cup of FR Yugoslavia and five in the Montenegrin Cup (Montenegrin Men's Handball Cup). Lovćen hold Cup trophies from the seasons ''2001 02, 2002 03, 2008 09, 2009 10, 2010 11, 2011 12, 2012 13''. Lovćen is member of Regional SEHA League (SEHA League) since its inception. Today, Lovćen is the only SEHA League member from Montenegro. In their first SEHA League season, Lovćen made surprising result, with final placement on 6th position. Year after that, Lovćen finished season on the same table position. In the season 2013 14, because of new SEHA League criteria, SRC Lovćen hall was reconstructed, with changing capacity from 1,500 to 2,020. Handball club Lovćen is permanent member of European handball competitions since 1997. The greatest result Lovćen made during the EHF Champions League 2000 01 (2000–01 EHF Champions League) when they participated in the quarterfinals against THW Kiel. Until today, Lovćen played 65 games in European Competitions. "B" team of Lovćen is HC Cepelin-Lovćen, which in past competed in First league. Today, Cepelin-Lovćen is playing in Second league. Basketball Basketball club “Lovćen” is one of the oldest sport clubs in Cetinje. It was founded in 1947. The best results were achieved in 1997 98 season, when it was scored at the 6th place of the National basketball league. This provided participation at international competition “Radivoje Korac Cup.” Today, it competes in the first A league of Montenegro. Second club is BC Cetinje, formed in 1997. Other sports During the past, in Cetinje existed Volleyball club "Lovćen". It competed in Republic League and was among best Montenegrin clubs in that sport. VC "Lovćen" is not active anymore. Today, there are dozens of active clubs. Table-tennis club "Lovćen" is among two most successful table tennis clubs in Montenegro during last four decades. Other clubs are Racing team "Lovćen", Judo club "Crnogorac", Karate club "Lovćen", Boxing club "Lovćen", Women basketball club "Lovćen" and others. Venues Cetinje has a number of sporting venues. The main sporting venues on Cetinje are: *Stadion Obilića poljana, with capacity of 2,000 seats. *Sports Center Cetinje, a multi functional indoor sport facility. It has a capacity of 2,020 seats. *New small football field of FK Lovćen, with capacity of 1,000 seats with lights for night games. Transport Cetinje is connected to Podgorica and Budva through three-lane motorways. Both towns are about commons:Category:Cetinje


;Таврия" Симферополь ) is a football club from Simferopol, Crimea, which plays in the Ukrainian Premier League. Tavriya is Crimea's most successful football club and is the winner of the very first Ukrainian Premier League (Ukrainian Premier League 1992), making them one out of 3 teams that have ever held this title. - 80px (Image:Image-missing.svg) Prince Kirill Balatukov 1774 – 1827 Major General (1813) Chief of the Simferopol Chivalry Tatar Regiment Romanov (Battle of Romanov), Mir (Battle of Mir), Borodino, Tarutino WikiPedia:Simferopol Commons:Category:Simferopol


Championships in Athletics 1971, 1994 and 2012 etc. Helsinki hosts fairly successful local teams in both of the most popular team sports in Finland, football (association football), ice hockey and synchronized skating. Helsinki houses Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK), Finland's largest and most successful football club. Helsinki's track and field club Helsingin Kisa-Veikot is also pretty dominant in Finland. Ice Hockey is a sport of passion for many Helsinki residents, who usually take




and brother Patrik Andersson had successful football careers. DATE OF BIRTH 28 August 1977 PLACE OF BIRTH Lund, Sweden DATE OF DEATH '''Sweden''' * Maria Minor church in Lund built around 1060 * Drotten church in Lund birth_date Playing career Born in Lund and raised in Teckomatorp, Jakobsson started his senior

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