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; government_type leader_title1 Seigneur of Sark (List of Seigneurs of Sark) leader_name1 sovereignty_type

La Paz

; established_title2 Independence established_date2 July 16, 1809 established_title3 established_date3 established_title4 El Alto incorporated established_date4

Russian Empire

a. '''^ (#infoa)''' After 1866, Alaska was sold to the United States (Alaska Purchase), but Batum, Kars

, Pamir (Pamir Mountains) and Transcaspia (Transcaspian Region) were acquired. The '''Russian Empire''' ( Reforms of Russian orthography Pre-reform


Independence established_event1 established_date2 1 January 1993 a established_event3


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by Kongo-style line dances, as well as Kazukuta and Kabetula which are primarily Carnaval Music. From Patani, Quaeckernaeck joined the fleet of Cornelis Matelief de Jonge, a compatriot and his nephew, on August 19, 1606. He died however in a naval engagement where Matelief destroyed half of the Portuguese (Portugal) armada (Naval fleet) near Malacca, on September 21, 1606. '''Cornelis Matelief(f) (de Jonge)''' (c. 1569 - October 17, 1632), was a Dutch (Netherlands) admiral who was active in establishing Dutch power in Southeast Asia during the beginning of the 17th century (1606). His fleet was officially on a trading mission, but its true intent was to destroy Portuguese (Portugal) power in the area. The fleet had 1400 men on board, including 600 soldiers. Matelieff did not succeed in this. The Dutch would ultimately gain control of Malacca more than thirty years later, again joining forces with the Sultanate of Johor, and a new ally Aceh, in 1641. He was born and died in Rotterdam. '''João de Castro''' (February 7, 1500 – June 6, 1548) was a Portuguese (Portugal) naval officer and fourth viceroy of Portuguese India. He was called ''Castro Forte'' ("Strong Castro") by poet Luís de Camões. Castro was the son of Álvaro de Castro, civil governor of Lisbon. His wife was Leonor de Coutinho. '''Zienia Merton''' (born 11 December 1945) is a British (United Kingdom) actress born in Burma. Her mother was Burmese (Bamar), and her father half English, half French. She was raised in Singapore, Borneo, Portugal, and England. She is probably best known for playing Sandra Benes in ''Space: 1999''. His date and place of birth are uncertain - sources differ on whether he was born in Portugal in 1673-1674, or less likely in Amsterdam c. 1682. His mother was a Christian but his father was a Jew who moved with his family from Portugal to the Low Countries. During the Grand Embassy of Peter the Great (Peter I of Russia) to Europe (1697), the tsar was allowed by the Dutch sailors to command a ship, where Vieira served as a cabin-boy. He was taken by the tsar to Russia in the capacity of his page and orderly, gradually rising to the rank of adjutant-general in 1718. '''Joaquim Teófilo Fernandes Braga''' (


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