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Queenston, Ontario

by Canadian and international artists, assembled by Samuel E. Weir. Completed in 1970, the building features Georgian-style architecture, including a mansard roof and gabled windows. It served as Weir's country residence, and was converted into an art museum following his death in 1981. This village is the point where the Niagara River began eroding the Niagara Escarpment. During the ensuing 12,000 years the Falls cut an *The NY 18F designation has been used for two distinct highways: He was born in Scotland and came to Upper Canada in 1791 to seek employment with his cousin, Robert Hamilton (Robert Hamilton (judge)). In 1796, he opened a store in Queenston (Queenston, Ontario). He then formed a partnership with Samuel Street (Samuel Street, Jr.) to transport goods around Niagara Falls. He owned docks and storage facilities at Queenston, Chippawa (Chippawa, Ontario) and Fort Erie (Fort Erie, Ontario). In 1800, when Street left the partnership, he formed a new partnership with Robert Nichol (Robert Nichol (Canadian politician)) transporting and trading in goods which lasted until 1803. In the same year, he was appointed justice of the peace. Around 1808, he set up several large flour mill (gristmill)ing complexes with Samuel Street. Besides his partnership with Street, Clark also had an agreement with John Jacob Astor and others for the shipping and sale of flour. He was born in Dumfries, Scotland around 1775. When his father's business encountered financial hardship, Thomas and his brothers travelled to Upper Canada to seek work with their cousin Robert Hamilton (Robert Hamilton (judge)). In 1793, Dickson opened his own shop in Fort Erie (Fort Erie, Ontario) to supply goods to the military and fur traders. In 1796, he relocated to Queenston (Queenston, Ontario). In 1800, he was named justice of the peace in the Niagara District (Niagara District, Upper Canada). History The GGR was organized in 1895 as the Niagara Falls & Lewiston. It was reorganized and became the Niagara Gorge Railroad and operated until a Rock Slide on September 17, 1935. The Great Gorge Route was part of the "Niagara Gorge Belt Line". This service was jointly with the IRC "Canadian Scenic Route" on the Canadian side of the River from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Queenston, Ontario. Crossings were made on the Falls View Bridge in Niagara Falls and the Lewiston-Queenston Suspension Bridge. The IRC in Niagara Falls interchanged with the Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto (NS&T), Canadian National; Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway; Pere Marquette Railway and New York Central subsidiary Michigan Central Railroad.

Pultneyville, New York

, is still in use as a performance theater and meeting hall. It, too, is listed with the National Register of Historic Places (2000) in recognition of its contributions in the areas of architecture (Queen Anne (Queen Anne Style architecture) and Greek Revival (Greek Revival architecture)), social history, and performing arts. During the second quarter of the nineteenth century lectures on the evils of alcohol (temperance movement) and slavery (Abolitionism), the merits of women's

Campos do Jordão

elevation in the Mantiqueira mountains, and traditional European-style architecture. Buildings are mostly vernacular architecture from German (Architecture of Germany), Swiss (Switzerland), or Italian (Architecture of Italy) models. Many of the wealthiest residents in the state of São Paulo have winter country houses here. Despite the high income of many visitors, the HDI (Human Development Index) (0.820 in 2004) of Campos do Jordão is not very high because the owners of the houses in the best neighbourhoods are not regular inhabitants; these houses are used only during the holidays. The city can be reached from São Paulo mainly by road through the Rodovia Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro. There is also a picturesque railroad from Pindamonhangaba, used mostly by tourists. At the end of the main road going through Campos do Jordão, there is a state park called Horto Florestal. thumb 250px left A shopping mall in a Swiss-inspired style, common in Campos do Jordão. (Image:Camposdojordao-01.jpg) thumb 375px center Araucaria angustifolia Brazilian Paraná pine (''Araucaria angustifolia'') (File:Auraucaria ang2.jpg) and local Atlantic Forest habitat, in Campos do Jordão municipality. WikiPedia:Campos do Jordão commons:Campos do Jordão

Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

Altogether there are eleven branches and four other units in the University of Arkansas System, including the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock (Little Rock, Arkansas) and a branch campus in Pine Bluff (University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff). Other branch campuses include University of Arkansas at Monticello, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and Fort Smith (University of Arkansas at Fort Smith). Additionally, the UA System includes two year or community college campuses in Hope (Hope, Arkansas), Batesville (Batesville, Arkansas), De Queen (De Queen, Arkansas), Morrilton (Morrilton, Arkansas), and the Phillips Community College in Helena-West Helena (Helena-West Helena, Arkansas). Units also under the UA System include the Clinton School of Public Service, the Criminal Justice Institute, the Arkansas Archaeological Survey, the Division of Agriculture, and the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute. The university maintains the most advanced secondary educational institution in Arkansas, the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts in Hot Springs, Arkansas. - Helena-West Helena (Helena-West Helena, Arkansas) Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas Phillips 1965 2,350 *Dover-Foxcroft, Maine: created in 1922 by the merger of towns Dover and Foxcroft *Helena-West Helena, Arkansas: created in 2006 by the merger of the former cities of Helena (Helena, Arkansas) and West Helena (West Helena, Arkansas) *La Cañada Flintridge, California: created from unincorporated areas called La Cañada and Flintridge crosses Mississippi River locale Helena-West Helena, Arkansas and Lula, Mississippi maint left thumb Location of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas (Image:ARMap-doton-HelenaWHelena.png) The '''Helena Bridge''' is a cantilever bridge carrying US 49 across the Mississippi River between Helena-West Helena, Arkansas and Lula, Mississippi. * To be merged or split (updated by bot) ** 253 - 180 Solutions, 2002 Mitt Romney residency issue, 3C Highway, 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, Adjudication, Amana, Iowa, Amana Colonies, American football defensive schemes, American football strategy, American trade, Andre Iguodala, Ann Furedi, Arizona Football All America, Arizona Head Coaching Records, Arizona Wildcat Bowl History, Arizona Wildcats, Arizona Wildcats Football, Ashley Pérez Moza, Assonet, Massachusetts, Avenue of the Saints, Banking in the United States, Barbara La Marr, Basic School, Beale's Cut, BearingPoint, Bell Helicopter Textron, Big Sunflower River, Bingham Canyon, Black Hills, Black Patch Tobacco Wars, Blizzard v. BnetD, Bob Neal, Boy in the bubble, Broadwater County, Montana, Broadway Musical, COMSIXTHFLT, Cackalacky, Cahokia, California recall election, 2003, California recall election results, 2003, Carpathian Romani language, Casimir Pulaski Day, Central Powers, Chapter 1606 (G.I. Bill of Rights), Chapter 30 (G.I. Bill of Rights), Chapter 31 (G.I. Bill of Rights), Chapter 32 (G.I. Bill of Rights), Chapter 35 (G.I. Bill of Rights), Charles Keeling, Chef Menteur, Christian communism, Christine Sadler, Christine Sadler Coe, Christy Carlson Romano, Clinton health care plan, Closed-end leasing, Consequences of German Nazism, Continental (currency), Continental Dollar, Cornbread, Crittenden Compromise, Cross-Harbor Rail Tunnel, David Smith (sculptor), Do-Not-Call Implementation Act of 2003, Don Harris, DuPont Manual Magnet High School, Edward Orton, Elk River (East Tennessee), Elk River (North Carolina), Ethnicity (United States Census), Exhibition game, Federal jurisdiction, Fensler Films, Fiction based on the Vietnam War, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Flag Desecration Amendment, Flag desecration in the United States, Flags of the United States armed forces, Force Act of 1870, Fort De Soto Park, Fort Desoto, Fox River (Illinois), Fox Valley, Franklin Lavin, Free Soil, Free Soil Party, Gary Condit, Gay rights in the United States, Gene Ray, General Pulaski Memorial Day, Ghost detainee, Greensboro Four, Greensboro Sit-Ins, Hank Williams, Hanshi John Pachivas, Hawaii (island), Hawaii County, Hawaii, Hawaii discovery, Helena, Arkansas, Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, Hispano, History of Central Banking in the United States, Hoelscher-Buxkemper family, Hudson Valley, Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, Illegal immigration to the United States, Illinois language, Immigration Act of 1924, Indianapolis, Indiana, Inland Empire (Pacific Northwest), Inland Northwest, International response to the Holocaust, Interstate Highways in West Virginia, Ironworkers, Italian American, JTG Racing, James Morasco, Japanese Instrument of Surrender, Joel Spolsky, John Boy and Billy, John Craven USN, John E.W. 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Kemeza, Willow Run, Wireless Age, Women's Little 500, X-Day, Yakov Smirnoff, Young Eagles thumb left Photo from Schlesselman's MySpace page (Image:Paul Schlesselman MySpace photo.jpg) The two suspects are Paul Schlesselman, 18, of West Helena (w:Helena-West Helena, Arkansas), Arkansas and Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells (w:Bells, Tennessee), Tennessee. According to court papers, they met last month over the internet through a mutual friend. Schlesselman and Cowart are alleged to share "very strong views" about White Power (w:White supremacy). thumb left A photo of w:2008 Barack Obama assassination scare in Tennessee Paul Schlesselman (Image:Paul Schlesselman MySpace photo.jpg) from his MySpace (w:MySpace) profile. Schlesselman, of West Helena (w:Helena-West Helena, Arkansas), and Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells (w:Bells, Tennessee), Tennessee (w:Tennessee), are accused of plotting to kill dozens of black people during a murder spree that would end with them attempting to assassinate Obama.


in Namibia. It is noted for its distinctive German atmosphere and colonial style buildings, reflecting the Art Nouveau style architecture at the turn of the century. After a major renovation of the waterfront, it is now undergoing a major renaissance. Get in Luderitz is located 350 km west of Keetmanshoop along a tarred road, the B4, via the hamlets of Goageb and Aus. If travelling by road, plan to arrive early in the day as sand storms are common in the afternoons. Get around By rental car * commons:Lüderitz

Piru, California

pulling into town. Another story tells of a Piru restaurant known for good pies. The owner hung a sign proclaiming, "We Put The Pie In Piru." In 1890, Cook built a lavish Queen Anne Style (Queen Anne Style architecture) home a few blocks northwest of his original home, which came to be known as the Piru Mansion. A strict Methodist (Methodism), he provided for construction of a church on the north side of Center Street, just west of Main. His home at Main and Center became

West Kelowna

Kelowna is proud to have seven wineries within its boundaries, with all offering a unique flavour and experience. From a winery that adorns a hilltop with mission style architecture and bells, to small farmgate organic wineries as well as the most photographed vineyard in the Okanagan, you are sure to find the perfect bottle of wine here. With an additional 22 wineries within a half hour drive, if wine touring is your thing, the area offers the perfect central location for a wine touring

Federal Housing Administration

, it is one of the wealthiest African-American areas in the United States. It contains a superb collection of houses in the Spanish Colonial (Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture) and Mediterranean (Mediterranean Revival Style architecture) styles, most of which remain today. Windsor Hills underwent development in the late 1930s; aimed at the middle class, it was the first subdivision in Southern California for which the newly created Federal Housing Administration provided

Wiscasset, Maine

During the Revolutionary War, the British warship ''Rainbow'' harbored itself in Wiscasset Harbor and held the town at bay until the town gave the warship essential supplies. In 1775, Captain Jack Bunker supposedly robbed the payroll of a British supply ship, ''Falmouth Packet'', that was stowed in Wiscasset Harbor. He was chased for days and caught on Little Seal Island. His treasure reportedly has never been found. Because of the siege during the Revolutionary War, Fort Edgecomb was built in 1808 on the opposite bank of the Sheepscot to protect the town harbor. Wiscasset's prosperity left behind fine early architecture, particularly in the Federal style (Federal style architecture) when the seaport was important in privateering. Two dwellings of the period, Castle Tucker

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