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Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

: tiger tms gazetteer places.txt publisher United States Census Bureau accessdate November 30, 2009 Image:The southern terminus of PA 664.jpg thumb right Routes 664 and 120 meet near the river in downtown Lock Haven. alt A highway runs toward a bridge between an ornate building with a clock tower and a plain three-story red brick building. A forested hill rises on the far side of the bridge, which is decorated with U.S. flags on poles. A double highway sign along

water runoff from within the city is transported by city-owned storm sewers. Curbside pickup of household garbage is provided by a variety of local haulers licensed by the city; recyclables are picked up once every two weeks. The Clinton County Solid Waste Authority owns and operates the Wayne Township Landfill, which serves Lock Haven. Image:Lock Haven Hospital Front.jpg thumb Lock Haven Hospital, front view panorama alt Wings of a three-to-four-story red brick

Huntsville, Ontario

, the town's rotary club began to meet at the hotel, and would for many years. In 1945, the hotel was bought Louis Mascioli of Timmins. In 1947-1948, the Mascioli brothers renovated and expanded the facility, removing the porches, adding street level retail units and erecting the adjoining four-story red brick building. They also renamed it the Empire hotel. The first shops were a barbershop, a jewelry store and also a shoe store. Beilhartz shoes remained in business in the Empire Block until

Works Progress Administration

, the Temple to Music, the Roger Williams Park Casino, large greenspaces, and many miles of walking paths. Five buildings in the park, constructed by the Works Progress Administration in the Rustic Style, are included within the National Register of Historic Places. These include the Mess Hall and Crafts Building within the group camp area, as well as the water tower, sanitation building, and bath house within the public use area. A two-story red brick high school building


. Lace Market thumb upright left St Mary's church in the Lace Market (File:Lace market st michaels 1.JPG) thumb Typical red brick lined street in the Lace Market (File:Lace market 6.JPG) thumb Galleries of Justice in the Lace Market (File:Lace market justice galleries.JPG) The Lace Market area just south of Hockley has densely packed streets full of four to seven-story red brick warehouses, ornate iron railings and red phone boxes. Many


-story red brick building. A forested hill rises on the far side of the bridge, which is decorated with U.S. flags on poles. A double highway sign along the road indicates that Highway 120 turns to the left (west) before the bridge and that Highway 664 continues across the bridge and heads generally north. Several cars are moving along the highway and over the bridge. Lock Haven is at above sea level near the confluence of Bald Eagle Creek and the West Branch Susquehanna

Washington, D.C.

news.release archives laus_06172011.htm title Regional and State Employment and Unemployment (Monthly) News Release date June 17, 2011 publisher United States Bureau of Labor Statistics accessdate August 9, 2011 thumb left Eastern Market, Washington, D.C. Eastern Market (File:Eastern Market - southeast corner.JPG) on Capitol Hill houses food vendors and artisan stalls. alt A wide, one story red brick building with a sloping black roof behind numerous white-topped tents selling assorted

Soviet Union

with left-wing politics since the French Revolution. Brink, Jan ten ''Robespierre and the Red Terror'', 1899. Socialists adopted the symbol during the Revolutions of 1848 and it became a symbol of communism as a result of its use by the Paris Commune of 1871. "PKFHSPKFHS story-red-flag.html Story of the Red Flag", '' Revolutionary

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