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http: nominowani.html work publisher Związek Stowarzyszeń „Fandom Polski” accessdate 28 February 2012 author Joanna Słupek language Polish She also published one short story collection - ''Tkacz Iluzji'' (1997) and two novels, ''Kamień na szczycie'' and ''Piołun i miód'', all of which are part of the ''Kroniki Drugiego Kręgu'' series. In 2005, she published ''Naznaczeni błękitem'', which is a new version

of the ''Tkacz Iluzji'' short story collection, made more consistent with the other two novels. Białołęcka also creates stained glass works. The ABW's central operations center is located in the Mokotów borough of Warsaw along ul

Greater Sudbury

or partially in Sudbury or its former suburbs include Robert J. Sawyer's ''Neanderthal Parallax'' trilogy, Alistair MacLeod's novel ''No Great Mischief'', Paul Quarrington's ''Logan in Overtime'' and Jean-Marc Dalpé's play ''1932, la ville du nickel'' and his short story collection ''Contes sudburois''. The city is also fictionalized as "Chinookville" in several books by American comedy writer Jack Douglas (Jack Douglas (writer)), and as "Complexity"

Porto Alegre

'' (1944) and ''The Aleph (The Aleph (short story collection))'' (1949), are compilations of short stories interconnected by common themes such as dreams, labyrinths, libraries, mirrors, animals, fictional writers, religion and God. His works have contributed to the genre of science fiction as well as the genre of magic realism, a genre that reacted against the realism naturalism (Naturalism (arts)) of the nineteenth century. Masina, Lea. (2001


or Chaozhou in eastern Guangdong) is also widely spoken in these regions. Between 1924 to 1926, Lu wrote his essays of ironic reminiscences in ''Zhaohua Xishi'' (朝花夕拾, ''Dawn Blossoms Picked at Dusk''), published 1928, as well as the prose poem collection ''Ye Cao'' (野草, ''Wild Grass'', published 1927). Lu Xun also wrote many of the stories to be published in his second short story collection ''Pang Huang'' (彷徨) in 1926. Becoming increasingly estranged with his brother Zuoren, the stories


; In 1998 Morrison published a rare prose piece, "I'm A Policeman" in Sarah Champion's (Sarah Champion (journalist)) millennial short story collection ''Disco 2000 (Disco 2000 (anthology))''; though no explicit connection to ''The Invisibles'' is made, there are strong thematic links between the two works. http: bomb we.htm Accessed 29 December 2011 At DisinfoCon in 1999, Morrison said that much of the content in ''The Invisibles


Nottingham, England Trent Bridge 1965 - thumb right Collection 1st edition (publ. W. H. Allen Ltd (File:TheLonelinessOfTheLongDistanceRunner.jpg)) '''"The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner"''' is a short story by Alan Sillitoe which was set in Irvine Beach, and published in 1959 as part of a short story collection of the same name. The work focuses on Colin, a poor Nottingham teenager from a dismal home in a blue-collar area, who has bleak prospects in life and few interests beyond petty crime. The boy turns to long-distance running as a method of both an emotional and a physical escape from his situation. The story was adapted for a 1962 film of the same title (The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (film)), with Sillitoe writing the screenplay and Tony Richardson directing. The part of Colin was played by Tom Courtenay. '''Little Barrie''' is a power trio that originated in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, since relocated to London. Their sound could be described as stripped down R&B Soul (Soul music) Funk Blues Garage rock jamband. The band consists of Barrie Cadogan (guitar and vocals), Lewis Wharton (bass) and Virgil Howe (drums). Before Howe, Billy Skinner was playing drums. Before Skinner, Wayne Fulwood was playing drums and singing. The first Little Barrie single "Shrug Off Love" b w "Reply Me (It Don't Deny Me)" was recorded by Barrie before the project became a full band with session drummer Chris Lee. Keys player Miles Newbold appeared on the B side Reply Me and also engineered the session. *'''Trafalgar''': commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar. There are many pubs called the Nelson (Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson) and an Emma Hamilton pub too in Wimbledon Chase where Nelson squired her. Famous is the '''Trafalgar Tavern''': part of the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage site at Greenwich. *'''Olde Trip to Jerusalem (Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem)''', Nottingham, one of the claimants to the title of oldest pub in Britain, said to have been a stopping-off place for the Crusaders on the way to the Holy Land. "Trip" here has the old meaning of a stop, not the modern journey. The pub was once called the ''Pilgrim'', which is probably the real story behind the name. The pub has the date 1189 painted on its masonry, which is the year King Richard I ascended to the throne. Like many elderly pubs, the Trip carries "Ye" before its name, with an E on the end of "old" another "olde worlde" affectation. *'''Hand and Flower''', Hammersmith, London. '''Hand and Flowers''', Marlow (Marlow, Buckinghamshire). *'''Major Oak''', Nottingham. Named after an ancient tree (Major Oak), and locally associated with Robin Hood *'''Pineapple (Inn)''', e.g in Kentish Town, also Berkshire and Oldham. *'''Hammers''', London E6: West Ham United (West Ham United F.C.) although elsewhere in the country it could refer to blacksmiths (see ''Heraldry'' above). *'''Magpies''', Meadow Lane, Nottingham: Notts County (Notts County F.C.) who play close by at the other end of Meadow Lane. BUCS Head of the River A 5 km head race which was held for many years on the River Trent in Nottingham during February or March. In 2009, the decision was made to move the event to the River Nene in Peterborough, and to split the competition into 2 separate days, with Beginners racing on one day, and Seniors racing on the other. However, due to inclement weather, the event was cancelled. The event was again held in Peterborough in 2010, and 2011. McGrath then left Oxford to work at Cambridge University (University of Cambridge), where he also studied for ordination into the Church of England. In September 1980, he was ordained deacon, and began work as a curate at St Leonard's Parish Church, Wollaton, Nottingham, in the English (England) East Midlands. He was ordained priest at Southwell Minster in September 1981. In 1983, he was appointed lecturer in Christian doctrine and ethics at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and a member of the Oxford University Faculty of Theology. McGrath spent the fall semester of 1990 as the Ezra Squire Tipple Visiting Professor of Historical Theology at the Divinity School of Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. birth_date Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham




such as ''Ficciones'' and ''The Aleph (The Aleph (short story collection))'' are among his most famous books. He was a friend and collaborator with Adolfo Bioy Casares, who wrote one of the most praised science fiction novels, ''The Invention of Morel''. influenced an entire

Jorge Luis Borges. It is one of the stories in the book ''The Aleph and Other Stories (The Aleph (short story collection))'', first published in 1949 (1949 in literature), and revised by the author in 1974 (1974 in literature). South America * '''Argentina''' - Nicolás Avellaneda, President of Argentina (1874–1880) * '''Bolivia''' - Hilarión Daza, Provisional President of Bolivia (1876–1879) Americas *'''Argentina''' - Bernardino Rivadavia

was largely responsible for Argentina becoming a republic and not a monarchy like Brazil. "'''The Aleph'''" is a short story by the Argentine (Argentina) writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges. First published in September 1945, it was reprinted in the short story collection, ''The Aleph and Other Stories (The Aleph (short story collection))'', in 1949 (1949 in literature), and revised by the author in 1974 (1974 in literature). In a postscript to the story


this. Lindall, wrote an article on "The New Surrealists" which appeared in the March 2006 issue of ''Art and Antiques Magazine'' (March, 2006), tracing the continually evolving art form from the 1960s through today, citing several of the world's foremost artists. '''''The House of Hunger''''' (ISBN 0-435-90986-X) (1979 (1979 in literature)) is a short story collection by the late Dambudzo Marechera. Subtitled ''Short Stories'', this work is actually a collection of one novella of 80-odd pages (''House of Hunger'') and nine sketches stories. The small group of texts in its entirety reflects the author’s vision of (mainly township) life in Rhodesia (specifically, the period of Ian Smith’s rule of the country which at independence became Zimbabwe) — with a minority of the shorter pieces in the book depicting an African exile’s experience of life in Britain (Great Britain) (mainly at Oxford University, where Marechera had studied). thumb Nyamhuka Township, Nyanga (Image:Nyamhuka.jpg) '''Nyanga''' (formerly known as Inyanga) is a town in the province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe, located adjacent to Nyanga National Park in the Eastern Highlands about 105 km north of Mutare. According to the 1982 Population Census, the town had a population of 2,973. '''Rusape''' is a town in the province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe with a population of around 20,000 WikiPedia:Zimbabwe Dmoz:Regional Africa Zimbabwe Commons:category:Zimbabwe


In Moscow Fu took the Russian name Federov and later joined the Communist Party of China. In the summer of 1924, after returning from Moscow, Fu worked for Sun Yatsen's government in Guangdong as a translator for the Soviet agent Mikhail Borodin. He was active at the Whampoa Military Academy and first participated in military operations in 1925. The following year Fu joined the Northern Expedition (Northern Expedition (1926–1927)). After the abortive Nanchang Uprising, Fu Daqing returned to his native Linchuan to engage in propaganda work among the people. In December 1927, he participated in a failed Communist uprising in Guangzhou, after which he fled to Hong Kong. Fu went on to visit Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma and the Philippines. On 29 April 1930 Fu Daqing co-founded the Nanyang Communist Party (later Malayan Communist Party) with Ho Chi Minh and eighteen others. Later he became a propaganda officer for the party, co-editing ''The Malayan Worker''. The British (United Kingdom) authorities had him arrested and deported back to China, where he was imprisoned firstly at Guangzhou and then at Shanghai by the Kuomintang. As Comintern agent in China between 1923 and 1927, Borodin arranged shipments of Soviet arms to the Kuomintang government in Canton (Guangzhou), China. He was a prominent adviser to Dr. Sun Yat Sen at that time. Following his suggestion, the Kuomintang allowed communists to join, and the Whampoa Military Academy was established. It is about 580 km to Guiyang, 672 km to Changsha,703 km to Guangzhou,943 km to Chongqing,1066 km to Kunming, capital cities of provinces nearby. :''Born in Suzhou, live in Hangzhou, eat in Guangzhou, die in Liuzhou'' because, in the past, the city was known for its coffins, made from firwood, camphor wood, and sandalwood, Du Feibao, Du Bai, Lin Nianpei; ''Things Chinese'', China Travel and Tourism Press, 2002, ISBN 7503218568 which are said to preserve the body after death. Guangzhou's "Cantonese" cuisine is famous worldwide, and Hangzhou is known for its prosperity and the beauty of its location. Suzhou is reputed to have the most beautiful people in China, so the line is sometimes given as "''Marry in Suzhou''..."

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