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from single room buildings to large estates, reflecting the social status of their inhabitants. In the 7th and 8th centuries, the hoses of the rich dominated the architecture of the city. At the beginning of the 8th century, the spaces between the houses were converted into passageways and often covered with vaults. The houses of the rich became two-story buildings with vaults over the room on the first floor. All residential houses were covered with wall paintings and woodcarvings. The larger


and has a mostly Muslim population. '''Low bank Dormitories''' - this cluster of standard 9 story buildings was built on reclaimed land east of Bukharskaya Sloboda - Zareka and Vatutina. thumb left Center near FSS (File:Tyumen Town Center Near FSS.jpg) thumb right Center Republic St. (File:Tyumen Center 50Buildings.JPG) '''City Center''' - the area at east of the Historical town built between 1948 and 1978 and is mostly 4 and 5 story buildings. Earlier buildings in this area have individual

Colima City

as the Xoloizcuintle or simply Xolo. The Colima cathedral is formally called the Basílica Menor Catedral de Colima. The current structure as built in 1894, but since then it has been renovated various times, often due to earthquake damage. The style is Neoclassical (Neoclassical architecture) with two towers and it dome in the front. The interior is sparse. The former state government palace is next to the cathedral. It is a two story buildings in French Neoclassical


towers have been over 20 meters high and longest walls over 1,000 meters long. Sometimes there have been three-story buildings there. The SnowRestaurant has ice tables and seats covered with reindeer fur. The ecumenical (ecumenism) SnowChapel decorated with ice sculptures has seen numerous weddings with some couples coming from Japan and Hong Kong. There is also a SnowHotel in the snow castle. The hotel has double rooms and a honeymoon suite with ice decorations. '''Tommi Liimatta''' (born January 14, 1976 in Kemi, Finland) is a musician, writer and a poet most famous for being the singer, songwriter and lyricist for the rock group Absoluuttinen Nollapiste. His other works include a novel, a prose poem collection, three comic books and two solo albums (''Liimatan Pan Alley'', 1996 and ''Tropical Cocktail'', 2006). He has also illustrated most of the album covers for Absoluuttinen Nollapiste. birth_date Commons:Category:Kemi

Snezhnoye, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

сельское поселение Марково (''The head of the district went on a working trip to Markovo Rural Settlement''). News article from the Official Website of Anadyrsky District. Retrieved June 28, 2012. Category:Rural localities in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug


; The French colonial administration initiated the rebuilding of the great mosque in 1933, basing the design on that of the Great Mosque of Djenné. Due to the limited land available, Mopti became more densely built than most Malian cities with many multi-story buildings and narrow streets. Originally, the islands were much smaller than they are today; first linked by dykes in the early twentieth century, the areas around and between natural islands have been gradually

Near North Side, Chicago

Its northern portal lies at the foot of the Magnificent Mile, between the Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower. Its southern portal is at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, overlooked by the London Guarantee Building and 333 North Michigan. The neighboring bridges are Columbus Drive Bridge to the east and Wabash Avenue Bridge to the west.


Amalric I of Jerusalem, and Zengid general Shirkuh led to the downfall of the Fatimid establishment. left thumb The streets of Islamic Cairo (File:Islamic-cairo-street.jpg), adorned by Islamic architecture, are narrower and older than those in the city centre alt Several people walk down a small empty lane overshadowed on both sides by three-story buildings with shrouded balconies and windows of Islamic style Because


of the tallest two story buildings of traditional Chinese architectural style in China. Anshan contains naturally hot spring water spas. There are four spas hotels in Anshan. Visitors may shower and bathe in the spring water. At Tanggangzi Spa, once frequented by the Qing Emperors of China, visitors may have mud treatment where they are buried in hot volcanic sand, which has been infused with the spring water. The geothermal energy is also used to provide hot steam and water for winter


Estado de México has plans to build a campus here in 2010 as part of its expansion efforts. Naucalpan, Mexico State ''El Toreo de Naucalpan''

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