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seminary that became integrated into the University of Trinity College in Toronto in 1852. Standing at the heart of the downtown is Victoria Hall, a building that now serves as the town hall, as well as home of the Art Gallery of Northumberland, the Cobourg Concert Hall, and an Old Bailey-style courtroom that is now used as the Council chamber. Victoria Hall was designed by architect Kivas Tully. The landmark is known for its impressive stone work. Charles Thomas Thomas (1820-1867

Bani Zeid

''' retreat and leisure area from which he could view his estates. Tamari, 2002, pp. 29-30. According to Amiry, Sheikh Salih's manor, along with other Barghouti family palace compounds, "was strongly influenced by urban architecture" in light of its "majestic scale, ornate fine stone work and the introverted spatial organisation." The manor, which has a rectangular ground plan, roughly measures 23 meters by 34 meters. An open courtyard occupied the central position of the manor. Amiry, 1987, p. 104. The courtyard was mostly enclosed by four partially open arcade (Arcade (architecture))s known as ''riwaq (riwaq (arcade))s'' which either serves as stables or storage. Amiry, 1987, p. 108. The main gate of the palace consists of two arches, with one being built within the other. According to Sharon, while this gate structure was common among village manor (Manor house)s in the area, the gate of Sheikh Salih's palace was "particularly monumental" as the arch was pointed and contained one keystone (Keystone (architecture)). The entire arch was constructed in the ''ablaq'' style with alternating black and white stone. A large, heavy and decorated wooden door is fitted into the gate and it was used to receive vehicles or large loads while a smaller door for personal use was built in the center of the larger door. Sharon, 2004, p. 42. A smaller secondary entrance was located at the building's northern side, vertically parallel of the main entrance. Notable people Members of the Barghouti clan come from the Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate, which includes Bani Zeid; (Category:Bani Zeid) Category:Towns in the West Bank


10AM-5PM daily from Apr 15 - Nov 1 price 2.50€ 3€ 4€ (child senior adult), discount if only seeing one collection. 10€ for guided tour content The monastery was first built in the 13th century and features a variety of architectural styles. Highlights include the vaulted ceiling of the cloister, artwork and the rich stucco façade. It is now part of the regional museum with displays of ancient coins, artifacts, tombstones and other stone-work. *

Jalpan de Serra

is elaborately done in stucco and stone work, with ochre of the pilasters contrasting with the yellow of many of the decorative details. Much of the detail is vegetative, along with small angels and eagles. On the lowest level of the facade, there are figures of Saint Dominic and Francis of Assisi. There is also a small coat of arms with five wounds and the coat of arms of the Franciscan order. Inside the door, there are the images of Saint Peter


and stands high. It was originally covered with Marrakshi pink plaster, but in the 1990s experts opted to remove the plaster to expose the original stone work. The spire atop the minaret is decorated with gilded copper balls that decrease in size towards the top, a style unique to Morocco.


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Faroe Islands

of the fjord, just before one comes to the first harbour, not far from the bottom of the bay. The memorial is made of stone, the stone work was made by Lars and Helmut Larsen from Tórshavn, it was raised in 1963 in memory of people from Hvalba who lost their life at sea or by other accidents, i.e. by accidents in the coal mines or by falling down from the island Lítla Dímun or from one of the mountains which surround the village. Trongisvágur is the village in the bottom of Trongisvágsfjørður

Memphis, Tennessee

earthwindfire biography title Earth, Wind & Fire: Biography: Rolling Stone work Rolling Stone accessdate April 18, 2009 In 1962, along with other studio musicians at Chess, he was a member of the Jazzmen which later became The Pharaohs. 300px thumb Bellevue Baptist Church (Image:Bellevuebaptistchurchfront v2.jpg) '''Bellevue Baptist Church''' is a large Southern Baptist (Southern Baptist Convention) megachurch in the Cordova (Cordova, Tennessee) area


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