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;Speed metal '''Sophie of Mecklenburg-Güstrow''' (4 September 1557, Wismar – 14 October 1631, Nyköping) was a German noble and Queen of Denmark and Norway. She was the mother of King Christian IV of Denmark. She was Regent of Schleswig-Holstein 1590–94. She became Queen Dowager of Sweden in 1611 upon the death of her husband and served as Regent of Sweden for her two sons until her eldest son was recognized as king and a guardian council was established. As a widow, she served as regent for her younger son, Charles Philip, Duke of Södermanland, in the Duchy of Södermanland from 1611 to 1622. She also managed the iron mine (Mining)s of her spouse and took an active interest in business. During her son's first years as king in the 1610s, she was considered by some the real, or one of the real, rulers behind the throne during his minority, even though she was not formally regent. She certainly acted as advisor for her son: for example, he asked for her advice regarding the marriage of her daughter, which proved to cause a conflict with the Lutheran church. In 1622, she retired to Nyköping Castle. In 1622 her youngest son Charles Philip died: after his death, his secret marriage was discovered, and she became the guardian of his daughter by Elisabet Ribbing, Elisabet Carlsdotter Gyllenhielm (1622–1682). Wikipedia:Nyköping Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Södermanland_County Localities Nyköping commons:Nyköping


for the cells that participates in many biological functions. There are endless possibilities of manipulating this system in drug development." 210px thumb left Michael Amott performing live with Arch Enemy at The Untouchables Hard Rock Club in Jevnaker (File:Michael Amott-Arch Enemy Untouchables Hard Rock Club Jevnaker.jpg) in April 2010 Raised in Halmstad, Sweden, Michael began playing guitar as a young teenager, learning to play by copying Punk Hardcore and Thrash Speed Metal out of his record collection. Michael soon went to a new level with his playing and became influenced by players such as Frank Marino, Michael Schenker, Dave Mustaine, Tony Iommi, and Uli Jon Roth. He has stated in guitar magazines that he has a preference for pentatonics. Michael co-formed the death metal band Carnage (Carnage (band)) in 1988 with singer Johan Liiva, and released two widely traded cassette demos, gaining instant underground interest. Plagued by constant lineup changes, Carnage would eventually record their only album ''Dark Recollections'' with Michael as the sole original member, but by the time the album came out on Necrosis records in 1990, the band was broken up. Willems, Steven. Michael Amott interview 1999. Retrieved on 2010-02-02. There were also the ''Theustes'' (the people of the ''Tjust'' region in Småland), ''Vagoths'' (probably the Gutes of Gotland Nerman 1925:40 ), ''Bergio'' (either the people of ''Bjäre Hundred'' in Skåne, according to L Weibull, or the people of Kolmården according to others), ''Hallin'' (southern Halland) and the ''Liothida'' (either the ''Luggude Hundred'' or ''Lödde'' in Skåne, but others connect them to Södermanland Nerman 1925:38 ) who live in a flat and fertile region, due to which they are subject to the attacks of their neighbours. Other tribes were the ''Ahelmil'' (identified with the region of Halmstad Ohlmarks 1994:10 ), the ''Finnaithae'' (''Finnhaith-'', i.e. ''Finnheden'', the old name for Finnveden), the ''Fervir'' (the inhabitants of Fjäre Hundred) and the ''Gautigoths'' (the Geats of Västergötland), a nation which was bold and quick to engage in war. There were also the ''Mixi'', ''Evagreotingis'' (or the ''Evagres'' and the ''Otingis'' depending on the translator), who live like animals among the rocks (probably the numerous hillforts and ''Evagreotingis'' is believed to have meant the "people of the island hill forts" which best fits the people of Bohuslän Nerman 1925:42ff ). Beyond them, there were the ''Ostrogoths'' (Östergötland), ''Raumarici'' (Romerike), the ''Ragnaricii'' (probably Ranrike, an old name for a part of Bohuslän) and the most gentle ''Finns'' (probably the second mention of the Sami peoples Nerman 1925:44 ). The ''Vinoviloth'' (possibly remaining Lombards, ''vinili''. See Christie, Neil. ''The Lombards: The Ancient Longobards'' (The Peoples of Europe Series). ISBN 978-0-631-21197-6. ) were similar. Between 1962 and 1966 (and later from 1980 and 1989) the paper had a local office in Getinge. By 1965 an office was opened in Halmstad and in 1966 another office was opened in Kungsbacka. By the late 1960s and the 1970s the paper's finances worsened. Centertidningar AB bought a majority stake in the company in 1975. Arvid Johansson took over as chief editor 1977. The current owner, Stampen (Tidnings AB Stampen), bought Centertidningar AB (including ''Hallands Nyheter'') in 2005. Starting 27 February 2007 the paper is printed in Halmstad in tabloid (Tabloid (newspaper format)) format. The Swedish (Sweden) troupe began touring their production in October, playing Umeå, Linköping, Gävle, Örebro, Halmstad, Lund, Kungsbacka, and Skövde. Wikipedia:Halmstad Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Halland County Localities Halmstad commons:Halmstad


small for local rock groups, playing in local clubs in Yerevan and Gyumri. Although "SARD", "Bambir 2", "Vordan Karmir", "Reincarnation" and speed-metal band "Aramazd" started to receive media attention, especially after their videos were televised nationally. "Roxygeen" was heading the scene of cover-bands, while STRYFE and Sworn are prog-metal bands. The revived http


, Hamburg, Germany and Mi Sueno studio, Tenerife Genre Power metal Speed metal The album was recorded at Chateau du Pape and Crazy Cat studios in Hamburg and at Mi Sueno studio in Tenerife. It was produced and mixed by Tommy Hansen (Tommy Hansen (producer)) at Chateau du Pape and mastered by Ian Cooper (Ian Cooper (mastering engineer)) at Metropolis (Metropolis, London), London. File:Chicagoland air.jpg thumb

Teixeira (Hamburg) Manuel Teixeira , in order to reorganise her revenues, in 1668 Christina of Sweden (after her Catholic conversion in 1655 Christina Alexandra), stopped by in Stade on her way home to Rome. birth_date birth_place Hamburg, West Germany genre heavy metal (Heavy metal music), Power metal, Speed metal '''Kai Michael Hansen''' (born January 17, 1963, in Hamburg, West Germany) is a power

Yes origin Hamburg, Germany genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music), power metal, speed metal '''Gamma Ray''' is a heavy metal (heavy metal music) band from Hamburg, northern Germany, founded and fronted by Kai Hansen after his departure from the German power metal band Helloween. Hansen is the current lead vocalist, guitarist as well as the chief songwriter of Gamma Ray. The band is known as one of the most prominent bands

Phoenix, Arizona

of Ocean Engineer (Engineer's degree) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. alias Dredlox (1982-1983) Dogz (1983-1984) origin Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona), Arizona, USA (United States) genre Thrash metal, power metal, speed metal '''Flotsam and Jetsam''' is a thrash metal band that formed in Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona), Arizona in 1982. thumb right A three-stage diaphragm compressor (Image:DiaphragmCompressor.jpg) The photograph included in this section depicts a three-stage diaphragm compressor used to compress hydrogen gas to "This is America; this isn’t supposed to happen here. This is the legacy we have been left with — unfortunately it is oftentimes not true," said Anti-Defamation League representative Bill Strauss. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (w:Arizona Department of Public Safety), 254 incidents were reported in 2003 involving hate crimes, though Strauss said that the actual number of incidents could be higher due to underreporting.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Commons:Category:North Rhine-Westphalia Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States North Rhine-Westphalia Wikipedia:North Rhine-Westphalia


Heavy metal (Heavy metal music), power metal, speed metal '''Fürstenberg Castle''' (German (German language) '''Schloss Fürstenberg''' or simply '''Fürstenberg''' - literally ''"The Princely Mountain"'') is a castle in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located on the ''Fürstenberg'' mountain in the Baar (Baar (region)) region, near the town of Hüfingen. '''Götz Haydar Aly''' (born May 3, 1947 in Heidelberg, Baden


of Yerevan strong enough to compete with their Soviet counterparts - Arthur Meschian's "Arakyalner", "1+2", "Kaleidoscope" and "Bliki". Audience in Armenia The audience in Armenia remains exceedingly small for local rock groups, playing in local clubs in Yerevan and Gyumri. Although "SARD", "Bambir 2", "Vordan Karmir", "Reincarnation" and speed-metal band "Aramazd"

Madison, Wisconsin

hardcore action, but the scene soon died out and Die Kreuzen moved on to speed metal. Madison, Wisconsin spawned a more vibrant scene, including the Tar Babies and Appliances-SFB. Later, the noise rock band Killdozer (Killdozer (band)) became an important indie rock group. Also critically acclaimed bands like Tenement (Tenement (band)) and The Felix Culpa are from Wisconsin. Heavy metal Since the late 1990s Wisconsin has had an upsurge in heavy


metal , speed metal Released March 14, 1983 Recorded Electra Studios, Stockholm, Sweden 1982-1983 Genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music), speed metal - 1995 (1995 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships) Stockholm Gävle, 21st place - '''IF Brommapojkarna''', also called '''BP''', is a Swedish (Sweden) football club (association football) located in the borough of Bromma, in the western parts of Stockholm

of Bredäng is 9266. 60,4% of these had a foreign origin Released May 27, 1985 Recorded February 1985 at Electra Studios in Stockholm, Sweden Genre Black metal Released October 2, 1984 Recorded June 1984 at Heaven Shore Studio in Stockholm, Sweden Genre Speed metal, black metal Released October 8, 1988 Recorded 1988 at Heavenshore Studio in Stockholm, Sweden Genre Black metal Released

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