Parry Sound, Ontario

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-ON coordinates_display inline,title subdivision_type Country (Countries of the world) subdivision_name subdivision_type2 District subdivision_name2 Parry Sound District subdivision_type3 subdivision_name3 subdivision_type4 subdivision_name4 government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name Jamie

Owen Sound

flag_size image_seal seal_size image_shield shield_size image_blank_emblem blank_emblem_size image_map Owen Sound, Ontario Location.png mapsize map_caption coordinates_region CA-ON coordinates_display inline,title subdivision_type Country subdivision_name subdivision_type1 Provinces of Canada Province

subdivision_name1 subdivision_type2 County subdivision_name2 Grey (Grey County, Ontario) subdivision_type3 subdivision_name3 subdivision_type4 subdivision_name4 government_type leader_title City Mayor leader_name Ian Boddy leader_title1 Governing Body leader_name1 Owen Sound City Council leader_title2 MPs leader_name2 Larry Miller

Bracebridge, Ontario

leader_title1 Governing Body leader_name1 Bracebridge Town Council leader_title2 Federal riding leader_name2 Parry Sound—Muskoka leader_title3 Prov. riding leader_name3 Parry Sound—Muskoka (Parry Sound—Muskoka (provincial electoral district)) leader_title4 leader_name4 established_title Incorporated established_date 1875 (village) established_title2 Incorporated

is a tourist area, with many people visiting in the summer months to enjoy the scenery, shop for arts and crafts, or stop at the historic buildings. The town also hosts summer farmers markets and the Rosseau Fall Fair in late August, when people from all over Ontario come to have fun. Rosseau is serviced by roads which provide access to Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario), Parry Sound (Parry Sound, Ontario), Bracebridge (Bracebridge, Ontario), Windermere (Windermere, Ontario) and other small

Bracebridge (Bracebridge, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH January 11, 1996 Background Waters worked at the Bracebridge (Bracebridge, Ontario) Alcan plant before 1990, and now operates an auto repair and service shop in Baysville (Baysville, Ontario). demo-cd Parry Sound (Parry Sound District, Ontario), Muskoka (Muskoka District Municipality, Ontario) demo-csd Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario), Bracebridge

Gravenhurst, Ontario

coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region CA-ON subdivision_type Country subdivision_name subdivision_type2 District subdivision_name2 Muskoka (District Municipality of Muskoka) government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name Paisley Donaldson leader_title1 Federal riding leader_name1 Parry Sound—Muskoka

leader_title2 Prov. riding leader_name2 Parry Sound—Muskoka (Parry Sound—Muskoka (provincial electoral district)) leader_title3 leader_name3 leader_title4 leader_name4 established_title established_date established_title2 established_date2 established_title3 established_date3

in this region. When the wind is slightly more westerly, the snowbelt runs from Tobermory (Tobermory, Ontario), Owen Sound, and Grand Bend to as far south and east as Arthur (Arthur, Ontario), Orangeville (Orangeville, Ontario) and Caledon (Caledon, Ontario). This snowbelt often reaches Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario) and can affect the Halton (Regional Municipality of Halton) and Peel (Regional Municipality of Peel) regions of Greater Toronto. These northwesterly winds usually

Huntsville, Ontario

divisions of Ontario District subdivision_name2 Muskoka (District Municipality of Muskoka) government_footnotes government_type Town leader_title Mayor leader_name Scott Aitchison leader_title1 Federal riding leader_name1 Parry Sound—Muskoka leader_title2 Prov. riding leader_name2 Parry Sound—Muskoka (provincial electoral district) Parry Sound

, Ontario Muskoka region of Ontario, attending Almaguin Highlands Secondary School and later Huntsville High School. He later moved south, to Toronto, to pursue his musical career. thumb left CKVR logo from the 1960s and 1970s. (Image:CKVR-TV logo 1.png) CKVR previously operated low-power rebroadcast transmitters in the communities of Parry Sound (Parry Sound, Ontario), Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario), and Haliburton (Haliburton, Ontario), on Channels 11, 8, and 5, respectively

. The Parry Sound transmitter switched to Channel 12 in the mid-1970s before CKCO-TV (CKCO-DT) opened a rebroadcast transmitter in Huntsville on Channel 11. The Haliburton transmitter was located very close to another CBC affiliate transmitter, CHEX-TV Peterborough (Peterborough, Ontario), located at Minden and broadcasting on Channel 7. The channel 5 transmitter was shut down when Toronto's CBLT switched from channel 6 to channel 5, and became largely redundant as a result of CKVR's increased


Barkley Sound website footnotes is a district municipality (population about 1,627) on the '''Ucluelet Peninsula''' on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Ucluelet means "people of the safe harbour"

; in the indigenous Nuu-chah-nulth (Nuu-chah-nulth language) (Nootka) language. Geography Ucluelet is located at the western edge of Barkley Sound, 288 kilometres northwest of the British Columbia provincial capital, Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia), on the outer west coast of Vancouver Island. The closest city is Port Alberni approximately 100 km to the east. The District of Tofino is 40 km northwest of Ucluelet on Highway 4. In between Tofino and Ucluelet

is the Long Beach (Long Beach (British Columbia)) unit of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Barkley Sound lies southeast of Ucluelet and is a marine area that features the Broken Islands Group (Broken Group) unit of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The fishing and scientific research community of Bamfield lies on its farther shore. Climate Ucluelet has an oceanic climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification) ''Cfb'') with mild, rainy winters and cool summers

Everett, Washington

population of 103,019 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), making it the 7th largest in the state (List of cities in Washington) and fifth-largest in the Puget Sound area. It received an All-America City Award in 2002. Everett is home to the largest public marina on the west coast of the United States <

of specific development. The Company bought much of the Ruckers' land, taking them in as junior partners. Everett was officially incorporated on May 4, 1893, the year the Great Northern Railway (Great Northern Railway (U.S.)) came to the town. Both Hewitt and the Ruckers had speculated that James J. Hill would make the town the terminus of his railroad. However Hill continued the railroad along the shore of Puget Sound to Seattle. Although it succeeded in building the city, the Everett

Island (Washington) Hat Island Possession Sound Center Everett South Mill Creek (Mill Creek, Washington) Lynnwood (Lynnwood, Washington) Southwest Mukilteo (Mukilteo, Washington) Southeast Snohomish (Snohomish, Washington) East Lake Stevens (Lake Stevens, Washington) Climate The climate of Everett is heavily influenced by marine air masses, which tend to moderate temperatures with seasonal variations much less pronounced than inland areas

District Municipality of Muskoka

with the area was ''Mesqua Ukie'', for whom the land was probably named. The tribe lived south of the region, near present day Orillia. They used Muskoka as their hunting grounds. Another Ojibwa tribe lived in the area of Port Carling, then called ''Obajewanung''. The tribe moved to Parry Sound (Parry Sound, Ontario) around 1866. European arrival Until the late 1760s, the European presence in the region was largely limited to seasonal fur trappers, but no significant trading

Muskoka District Municipality North Parry Sound District Northeast Nipissing District East Haliburton County Southeast South Simcoe County, Kawartha Lakes (single-tier city) Southwest West ''Georgian Bay'' Northwest (Category:District Municipality of Muskoka) '''Huntsville''' (2011 population (Canada 2011 Census) 19,056

and corporate aircraft. Prior to 1999, the station also broadcast on channel 11 to the Muskoka (District Municipality of Muskoka) and Parry Sound (Parry Sound District, Ontario) districts of Ontario from the CKCO-TV-4 transmitter near Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario). That year, that transmitter was changed to a rebroadcaster of CKNY (CKNY-TV) in North Bay (North Bay, Ontario).

Squamish, British Columbia

Region (Regions of Canada#British Columbia) subdivision_name2 Howe Sound Sea to Sky Country subdivision_type3 Regional District (Regional districts of British Columbia) subdivision_name3 Squamish-Lillooet Regional District subdivision_type4 subdivision_name4 government_footnotes government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name Rob Kirkham leader_title1

of Howe Sound on the Sea to Sky Highway (British Columbia Highway 99). The population of the Squamish census agglomeration – including First Nation reserve (Indian reserve)s of the Squamish Nation not governed by the municipality – is 15,256. Statistics Canada. Population and dwelling counts, for Canada, census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations and census

are an indigenous people whose homeland includes the present day area of Squamish, British Columbia. They have inhabited an area of southwestern British Columbia that includes North and West Vancouver, Howe Sound, Whistler, the areas surrounding the tributaries entering Howe Sound, Burrard Inlet, and English Bay. The word '''Squamish''' derives from the name of the people which in their language is ''Sḵwx̱wú7mesh''. The people reside primarily on a number of Indian Reserves owned and managed

Lynnwood, Washington

Route 99 SR 99 corridor. Sound Transit is also planning to extend Link Light Rail service to Lynnwood (Lynnwood, Washington) and eventually Everett (Everett, Washington). http: Projects-Home North-Corridor-Transit-Project.xml The line will be known as the North Link. thumb left Former Masonic Temple (Alderwood Manor, Washington) Masonic Temple (Image:Mtlyn.jpg) built in 1919 still stands today near 36th Ave W and 196th St Sw

and no sound, moving pictures were invented; followed by moving pictures with sound ("This town ain't big enough for the two of us!"), which resulted in the invention of the musical. An all-star Sesame Street cast, with Prairie Dawn as the director, joins Grover and Fred in a big musical number called "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us," as the movie turns to color and widescreen. Finally, the Special Effects are introduced: a rolling boulder, a shark, and an enormous

, where it is known as Highway 99. SR 99 intersects SR 524 (Washington State Route 524) at 196th Street Southwest. SR 99 intersects SR 525 (Washington State Route 525) (known as the Mukilteo Speedway) at a partial interchange near Serene Lake. This interchange marks the northern end of the SR 525 freeway, which is an extension of Interstate 405 (Interstate 405 (Washington)). Sound Transit's express bus fleet is operated by local transit authorities Community Transit (Snohomish

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