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Gila Bend, Arizona

date url http: aroundaz gilabend.htm doi accessdate 2006-12-06 The band Los Lobos wrote a song called "The Road To Gila Bend", which appears on their 2006 release ''The Town and the City''. Geography ). The storm also washed out several roadways near Gila Bend (Gila Bend, Arizona), isolating the city from motorists. Overall, the storm caused $750,000 (1951 USD) in property damage. *July 1954: Three years later, the remnants of another hurricane moved over Arizona from the south during the month of July. Damage from this storm is unknown. '''Sonoran Desert National Monument''' is located south of Goodyear (Goodyear, Arizona) and Buckeye (Buckeye, Arizona) and east of Gila Bend, Arizona. Created by Presidential (U.S. President) proclamation on January 17, 2001, the 496,337 acre (2,008 km 2 ) monument is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management already managed the lands, however under monument status, the level of protection and preservation of resources is enhanced. Sonoran Desert National Monument protects but a small portion of the Sonoran Desert, which is 120,000 square miles (311,000 km 2 ), and extends well into California and the country of Mexico. The North Maricopa Mountains (North Maricopa Mountains Wilderness), South Maricopa Mountains (South Maricopa Mountains Wilderness) and the Table Top Wildernesses protect the richest regions of desert habitat from any future development. thumb left Spring wildflowers in SDNM (File:Sondes.jpg)

Moosomin, Saskatchewan

&LatitudeDegrees &LatitudeMinutes &LongitudeDegrees &LongitudeMinutes &NormalsClass A&SelNormals &StnId 2971& Canadian Climate Normals 1971–2000 , accessed 3 December 2010 date December 2010 Moosomin in popular culture * The Guess Who has a song called "Runnin' Back to Saskatoon"; it also mentions Moose Jaw and Moosomin.


, Dariush, Sattar, Mansour, Leila Forouhar, Aref, Firoozeh and many more. Ghomayshi wrote his first song, called "Ghayeghran" ("Boatman") for Zia when he was 13. Although initially considered a composer, in the latter years of the Pahlavi regime (before the 1979 Islamic Revolution) he released his first album, and has since continued his work as a singer, composer, arranger, and lyricist. In 1972 he released his first album, Farangis, in Iran. He lived in Iran until the age of 25

Rogers Park, Chicago

Carroll'' on Green Linnet; both tunes are collected in her 2010 book ''Collected''. Singer songwriter Justin Townes Earle included a song called 'Rogers Park' on his highly acclaimed album Harlem River Blues in 2010. When the Norman Lear sitcom, Good Times, came to its close in 1979, its central characters—The Evans Family—finally planned a move out of the Cabrini Green

Ciudad Acuña

under control of the Instituto Mexicano de la Radio and plays Spanish-language programs and music. Music Acuña is referenced in a song called "Mexican Blackbird" on the ZZ Top album ''Fandango''. The song tells the story of a few men from Texas crossing the border to visit a mestizo hooker (or "putah", referring to the Spanish word "puta", meaning 'prostitute') in Acuña. "Blame It on Mexico" a song performed by George Strait, written


there are city-wide velas such as the Vela Tehuantepec on 26 December, but the most important is the Vela Sandunga at the end of May. The Vela Sandunga celebrates a song called La Sandunga, which is considered to be the region’s anthem, learned by all in the region. The lyrics were written by Maximo Ramon Ortiz in 1853, and honors Tehuantepec women

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

, Moko (Moko (people)), Igbo (Igbo (people)), Banda (Banda people), Arada, Kongo (Kongo Empire) and Cromanti. The Cromanti, being the biggest nation, begins the Big Drum ceremony with a song called "Cromanti Cudjo" (or "''Beg Pardon''"); this is followed by the other nations' songs, all of which are based on short, declamatory phrases with choruses, accompanied by two ''boula'' drums and a single, higher-pitched ''cut drum'', both

Grants Pass, Oregon

a song called "Monster Hash", a parody of Bobby "Boris" Pickett's "Monster Mash". '''Oregon Route 238''' is an Oregon state highway which runs between the cities of Grants Pass, Oregon and Medford, Oregon, and through the historic town of Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Oregon). It is known as the '''Jacksonville Highway No. 272''' (see Oregon highways and routes), and is , Grants Pass (Grants Pass, Oregon), Crescent City (Crescent City, California)

Bossier City, Louisiana

, "And it sure smells like snow in Bossier City..." Johnny Rodriguez recorded a song called "Achin' Bossier City Backyard Blues" in 1972. Turnpike Troubadours 2007 freshman album is entitled Bossier City, and includes the title track "Bossier City." Radio FM radio class "wikitable FM Radio" - ! Callsign !! Channel !! Genre - KQHN 97.3 Top 40 - KMJJ-FM 99.7 Hip Hop - KRMD-FM 101.1

Ko Pha Ngan

blocks with stop and search procedures are commonplace and undercover police also patrol parties. The song "Vision in Blue" on the album The Golden Ratio (The Golden Ratio (album)) by Ace of Base mentions Ko Pha Ngan. DJ producer Ashley Wallbridge titled his 2012 song "Kopanang", an anglicized version of Ko Pha Ngan. The British psychedelic rock band Ozric Tentacles featured a song called Ko Pha Ngan on their 1989 album ''The Bits Between The Bits''. See also

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