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Fuyin Expressway Bridge , is under construction that will carry traffic on the G70 Fuzhou–Yinchuan Expressway. Colleges and universities * Jiujiang Financial and Economic College: A small picturesque college located right by the lake and next to Walmart, this college is well situated within the city. thumb Jiujiang Vocational College of Finance and Economics (File:Jiujiang Vocational College of Finance and Economics.JPG) * Jiujiang University


almost all of the less steep parts of the surface of Nevis were cleared of natural vegetation and the land was completely covered in sugar plantations. Numerous ruins of the old plantation buildings (especially the conical mills where the cane was ground up) are found throughout the landscape of Nevis. Settlements There are no cities in Nevis; the settlements are mostly villages. Only the capital counts as a town. '''Charlestown''', the capital of Nevis, is a small, picturesque port town


64.453755 long 40.932637 directions phone tollfree fax hours Tue-Sun 10AM-5PM price Admission: 250 rubles content An open-air museum of Russian North's wooden architecture. The museum area is situated on the high bank of a small picturesque river and is filled with impressive wooden houses, churches etc. Malye Korely is claimed to be the European-largest open-air architectural museum. Located in a village just outside the city, it's an easy target for a day or a half-day trip. You can also stay there for a night or two in a recently built hotel complex performed in traditional Russian style. Winter gives the opportunity of skiing and sledging in Malye Korely (rent of equipment is possible). Easiest way to reach Malye Karely is to catch a taxi, but you can also try to go by a local bus No. 104 from Sea and River Station (Морской и Речной Вокзал). Do * WikiPedia:Arkhangelsk commons:Архангельск


Campgrounds * Commons:Category:Gatineau, Québec WikiPedia:Gatineau, Quebec Dmoz:Regional North_America Canada Quebec Localities G Gatineau


on the road between Makhachkala and Derbent * Khasavyurt — a relatively large city (for the region) near the border with Chechnya * Tindi — a small picturesque aul with a historic minaret in the mountains of southwestern Dagestan, near the Georgian (Georgia (country)) and Chechen borders; probably not a safe area for travel * Kizlyar — a city near the border with Chechnya and Stavropol krai (region) * Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk — a city located is northwest Dagestan Other destinations *Dagestansky Nature Reserve — comprised of the marshy Kizlyar Bay region (a bird watcher's paradise) and the desert Sarykum Sand Desert region Understand WikiPedia:Dagestan commons:Дагестан

Saint Lucia

or to take a taxi as public transportation is inconsistent throughout the island. Expect to pay 80 to 90 USD for a taxi ride to the Rodney Bay resort area in the north of the island. More information on both airports can be found on the official website for the St.Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority By boat Cruise ships (usually one or two at a time) are frequent visitors to the small, picturesque harbor in Castries. An open air mall abuts the main pier and offers "duty free" shops. See "Buy" below. Visiting St. Lucia via a cruise is a popular option for travelers. During cruise season, many attractions throughout the island may be busy due to the volume of visitors from the ships. Ferries to and from neighbouring islands are available, if rather expensive. The most extensive official service is operated by Express des Isles, which runs services to Martinique, Guadeloupe, etc. Channel Shuttles Inc. operate a slightly cheaper ferry service (235 ECD including departure tax) to Martinique operating from Castries at 10.00 on Wednesday and 15.00 on Thursdays. They can be contacted on 7139701 4518161 or their office can be found in the ferry terminal just outside of Castries. Catamaran rides from Soufriere to Rodney Bay are also offered through a local tour company (to be updated). thumb 300px Soufriere (File:Saint-Lucia-Soufriere.jpg) Get around The main way for tourists to get around St. Lucia is by taxi, either arranged by the hotel, taxi agency or individual operators. The tours arranged by resorts are usually the most expensive way to travel but might offer food and drink. Using a local taxi operator to plan your own adventure will be much more affordable. Your hotel staff should provide you with a number of a taxi agency or operator that they use regularly. The prices are generally fixed but you can shop around to get the best rate if given several numbers. Many taxi drivers that run from the resorts to the marketplaces will offer tours of the island for around $145 per van load. Each van will hold between 6 and 12 people. For the budget travellers or the more adventurous tourists, local buses provide a cheap and fun way of getting around. They are small vans which hold around 10-14 people and vary in quality. They run irregularly, but frequently from rural towns to urban centers, (i.e. Soufriere to Castries, Soufriere to Vieux Fort, Vieux Fort to Castries), each day most travelling to Castries in the morning and returning to Soufriere late afternoon. They are very affordable and provide a unique experience each time; the vehicle operators often decorate the interiors and play their own music, either a mix of Caribbean flavours or country. If you want to try and take a transport discuss your route and travel time with one of the local staff familiar with the bus system. Many of them likely take a transport to and from work. Water taxis are a main source of income for many locals and can be a much quicker, convenient and picturesque method of traveling short distances to private beaches or coastal towns. Many water taxi operators in the Town of Soufriere can be found at the jetty. The rates of these drivers are a little high and can be bargained down. There are a few taxi owners who regularly play dominoes and sell drinks near the Hummingbird Hotel and Soufriere beach. They can offer a much cheaper rate. From Soufriere, you can take a water taxi to Anse Chastenet and Jalousie Beaches. A helicopter taxi can be taken from Hewannora airport to Vigie airport and is a quick and spectacular way to get to the resorts on the Northern end of the island. Renting a car is also possible at rates similar to those found in the United States or Canada. Driving is on the left-hand side and drivers require a permit ($12 US for one day, $21 US for 3 months). * Windward Islands - Windward Islands, the yacht charter company, can take care of all charter requirements, from bareboat to crewed in St Lucia (starting Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay), Martinique and St Vincent. Operating from 8 offices (USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Caribbean, Monaco). Talk ; '''Languages''' : English (official), French patois Virtually all residents will be able to converse with travellers in English. See * '''The Pitons''' - Two volcanic plugs arising from the sea created by volcanic activity in the past. They are listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and depicted in the national flag. *'''Pigeon Island nature reserve''' - just north of Gros Islet, the park has some of the oldest buildings on St.Lucia and affords views across to Martinique. Do thumbnail The large and small Piton (File:St Lucia Twin Pitton.jpg) *The Sulfur Springs - just south of Soufriere, these hot springs are one of the main attractions on the island. There is a pool that the hot water runs through, so make sure to take your swimming trunks and go for a dip! *Rainforest hikes - there are several official hiking routes on the island. The Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries site has links to information about the ones they support. *Climbing the Gros Piton is an achievable goal for most people. The trailhead begins at an elevation of about 600 feet (approx. 180 m) above sea level and requires about two hours of moderate to strenuous hiking to reach the summit of about 2600 feet (approx. 800 m) above sea level. A further 1-and-a-half hours are needed to descend. Guides are required and entrance costs $30 US. Taxis or local buses can be used to reach the trail head. *Snorkeling is popular and a number of beaches are suitable. * SCUBA diving - done at Pigeon Island, one of the island's Historical Landmarks, as well as between The Pitons, a World Heritage Site. (758) 484 3346 (758) 285 7354. *Ziplining - Several courses are offered throughout the island. The courses in the northern part of the island are more complex and offer views of the rainforests. The course at the Morne Coubaril Estate by Soufriere is simpler and provides a view of the Pitons. Buy Castries market is a good place to buy gifts as is the JQ Shopping Mall in Rodney Bay. There is also La Place Carenage, a duty free and gift and souvenir outlet located in the main harbour of Castries. There you will find fine jewellery arts and crafts, ideal for gifts. Supermarkets have quite good prices on rums produced or bottled on the island, e.g., Elements 8, Admiral Rodney, and especially Chairman's Reserve. Visits by cruise ships over the years have generated a duty free mall (at dockside, Point Seraphine, Castries) with jewelry, souvenirs, art, liquor rums and other offerings typical for cruise shoppers. You may also find lower, "duty-Free" prices available across the island in strip malls and resorts. You may need identification as a visitor to qualify for duty-free treatment. Eat Local St Lucian food consists mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and a variety of curry, jerk, rice and stewed dishes. The coal pot is a delicious stew, traditional to native carib cultures and can be found at many local restaurants in Castries, Soufriere and Vieux-Fort. Vegetarian and meat rotis can be found at a number of small local restaurants. Ask any local for the best roti shop and he or she will tell you how to get there. Rotis are usually made fresh in the morning so, if eating a spicy early lunch is of interest, it's highly recommended. Local cuisine is prepared throughout the island so, depending on where you are staying, ask a local if he or she knows someone somewhere that prepares local food and you will be sure to be welcomed somewhere nearby. Many rum shacks in rural towns also prepare food if given advanced notice. Fish, veggie, chicken and goat meals are very common and usually come with a number of sides including salad, plantain, breadfruit, macaroni, and rice prepared a number of different ways. For a quick snack, barbeques with chicken and pork can be found in any community on a Friday night. The food is well marinated and spiced. Soak up the sauce with a barbequed or fried bake. Fried chicken and fish can also be found, and are quite delicious. There are weekly parties and festivals held in various communities throughout the island where you can also sample a range of local foods, including sea food, barbequed meats, salads and drinks. These festivals are filled with dancing, drinks, food and music. Let your hair down, try some cuisine and lime it up. Be sure to ask what is in the pots before you sample the food. For those environmentally conscious, blackfish is porpoise. * Friday night: Anse La Raye "Seafood Friday" * Friday night: Rodney Bay Jump-up * Every Second Saturday: Canaries Creole Pot * Saturday: Dennery (East coast) Fish Fry International Rodney Bay is full of people from all over the world and the restaurants reflect the diversity. You can find a variety of cuisines, from East Indian to Italian including local dishes of course, in a small area. Drink St. Lucia has fantastic Rum Punch. It's hard to go wrong. Highly recommended: * Chairman's Reserve (cask-aged dark rum) * Crystal Lime (clear rum infused with lime) Most bars will have both, even at the smaller resorts. In addition to rums, Piton Lager beer is brewed and bottled on the island and is quite good (although it has a slightly higher alcohol content than most American beers). It's usually offered in eight ounce bottles, often for $1 US. Also seen in coolers: Heineken, Champagne, Wine, Water, Coke (usually $1 US) Sleep St. Lucia is home to a huge number of resort hotels as well as small boutique hotels and self-catering villas, condos, and vacation apartments. * WikiPedia:Saint Lucia commons:Category:Saint Lucia Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Saint Lucia


of the river Bosna (Bosna River). Administratively, Fojnica is part of the Central Bosnia Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fojnica is a small, picturesque town in central Bosnia (Bosnia (region)). Bono went on to say that he felt that these lyrics reflected what the people of Sarajevo were feeling at the time. ''Original Soundtracks 1'' is an album of songs based mostly on non-existent films; however, "Miss Sarajevo" is one of four tracks from the album

Republic of Macedonia

'''Ferid Muhić''' (born 1944 in Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a Professor of Philosophy at University Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He started his academic career as Assistant at the Institute for Sociological Research in Skopje in 1970. He entered the Department of Philosophy as Assistant in 1974; Associate Professor 1976-1980; Full-time Professor 1980-present. Visiting Professor in International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, Kuala Lumpur; Florida State University; Syracuse University, New York; Sorbonne 8, Paris; and several universities in Southern-East Europe. Main professional specialties: contemporary philosophy, cultural anthropology, aesthetics and political philosophy. Aromanians (w:Aromanians) are a distinct ethnic group currently living mainly in Southeastern Europe (w:Southeastern Europe), especially Greece (w:Greece) and Macedonia (w:Republic of Macedonia). The Aromanians are closely related to the Romanian people (w:Romanians), both being descendants from the Latin peoples which lived in Southeastern Europe since the time of the Roman Empire (w:Roman Empire). The Aromanian language (w:Aromanian language), which is spoken by around 500,000 people internationally, is the closest language to Romanian (w:Romanian language). Six of the suspects are Swiss (w:Switzerland) nationals, two come from Serbia and Montenegro (w:Serbia and Montenegro), one comes from Italy (w:Italy), two from the Republic of Macedonia (w:Republic of Macedonia), one from the Dominican Republic (w:Dominican Republic) and one from Bosnia and Hercegovina (w:Bosnia and Hercegovina). All live in Zurich.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

of the river Bosna (Bosna River). Administratively, Fojnica is part of the Central Bosnia Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fojnica is a small, picturesque town in central Bosnia (Bosnia (region)). Working for leading international news organizations in the 1990s, he also covered the wars and armed conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Nagorno-Karabakh, Tajikistan and Transdniestria, as well as the Soviet coup attempt of 1991 and the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993. The last major legislation affecting veterans' preference occurred in the form of the Defense Appropriations act of 1997. Under this legislation, preference was accorded to anyone who served on active duty during the Gulf War period (August 2, 1990 through January 2, 1992). This law also granted preference to certain service members who earned campaign medals for service in Bosnia and Herzegovina in support of Operation Joint Endeavor (November 20, 1995 through December 20, 1996) or Operation Joint Guard (December 20, 1996 through a date designated by the Secretary of Defense). Glavaš fled to neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he remained free because of his dual citizenship. In 2010, when his conviction was confirmed, though commuted to 8 years in prison, he was ejected from the Croatian Parliament, stripped of his war-time medals and rank, and eventually incarcerated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on the agreement on mutual execution of criminal sanctions between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the second-instance verdict and Glavaš was arrested in Drinovci on September 28, 2010.


''' is a small

picturesque village in Malta, with a population of 2,999 as of March 2011.

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