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Columbus, Georgia

-central Georgia and stretches from Columbus (Columbus, Georgia) in the south to the Atlanta metropolitan area in the north. History The colonial charter of Savannah prohibited Roman Catholics from

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

and production, having surpassed Detroit in recent years. History The history of the Carolina


by an escapement mechanism and the earliest known chain drive. However, 35 years later, the invading Jurchen (Jin Dynasty (1115–1234)) army dismantled the tower in 1127 AD upon taking the capital of Kaifeng. The armillary sphere part was brought to Beijing, yet the tower was never successfully reinstated, not even by Su Song's son. The '''Kaifeng Jews''' are members of a small Jewish (History of the Jews in China) community in Kaifeng, in the Henan province of China who have assimilated into Chinese society while preserving some Jewish traditions and customs. Their origin and time of arrival in Kaifeng are a matter of debate among experts. History Most scholars agree that a Jewish community existed in Kaifeng since the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127), some date their arrival to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) or earlier. WikiPedia:Kaifeng


in temperature is relatively small. History thumb right Map of Mombasa in 1635 (File:Fortaleza de mombaca.jpg) The first urban area was founded near what today is known as Old Town around 900 AD by a man named Sheheh Mvita. Its strategic position along the maritime route to India caused the city to be coveted by many powers, and it was a notable port for the ivory and spice trades. Several travelers and explorers passed through the region starting no later than the 1st century


Guasu," and also has a small history museum dedicated to memorabilia from the War of Triple Alliance, explaining Piribebuy's large role in the war, as well as memorabilia from the Chaco War and Colonial Times. officetype Zone officename


as an Islamic sect but rather as a separate religion).


Sobota . Commons:Category:Slovenia WikiPedia:Slovenia Dmoz:Regional Europe Slovenia


'', ''Small History of Money'', and many more. - ), is a Portuguese (Portugal) footballer (Association football) who plays for GNK Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia, as a Defender (association


.stm archivedate 2009-02-22 There was a small Jewish community in Afghanistan (History of the Jews in Afghanistan) who had emigrated to Israel and the United States by the end of the twentieth century; only one Jew, Zablon Simintov, remained by 2005. Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan

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