Córdoba, Veracruz

: www.cordobaver.com.mx cordo.html Bienvenidos al site de Córdoba, Veracruz Category:Populated places in Veracruz Category:Populated places established in 1618 *1820 – Constitutionalist (Constitutionalism) insurrection (History of Portugal#Crises of the nineteenth century) at Porto

São Caetano do Sul

(% of population) *'''Cellphones''': 99.7% *'''Telephone landlines''': 99% *'''Cars''': 80.3% *'''Personal Computers''': 90.1% *'''Color TVs''': 99.4% *'''Freezers''': 100% Neighborhoods Santo André (East and South), São Bernardo do Campo (West), São Paulo (North). Higher education * Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul, the City University of São Caetano do Sul * Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, Escola de Engenharia Mauá, São Caetano do Sul * São Caetano Guia, Site de São


leader_name established_title established_date area_magnitude unit_pref metric area_footnotes area_total_km2 26.99 area_land_km2 population_as_of 2008 Evolution intercensitaire de la population sur le site de la wilaya de Tizi Ouzou. Consulté le 25 02 2011 population_footnotes

Óc Eo

en Cochinchine: Le Site de Go Oc Eo, Ancien Port du Royaume de Fou-nan”, ''Artibus Asiae,'' vol.10, no.3, 1947, pp. 193–199. *George Coedès, review of Paul Wheatley, ''The Golden Khersonese'' (Kuala Lumpur, 1961), in ''T'oung Pao'' 通報, vol.49, parts 4 5, 1962, pp. 433–439. *George Coedès, “Some Problems in the Ancient History of the Hinduized States of South-East Asia”, ''Journal of Southeast Asian History,'' vol.5, no.2, September 1964, pp. 1–14. *Albrecht Dihle


: french.cotedivoire.usembassy.gov title Site de l'ambassade des États-Unis publisher French.cotedivoire.usembassy.gov accessdate 28 March 2011 while the African Development Bank (ADB) moved for a while to Tunisia, which is the largest financial institution in Africa. Sister cities Abidjan is sister cities with: * File:Flag of the People's

of students are allowed to continue their studies. 24% of the student population resides in Abidjan, out of 20% of the population. Abidjan is the location of the main educational institutions in the Ivory Coast. These include the Lycée Classique d'Abidjan, the Lycée Sainte-Marie de Cocody Lycée Boy Bingerville Mami Adjoua the Lyceum, the Blaise Pascal Abidjan school is a French school – meaning a school who has signed an agreement with the ADFE.

: www.azitoenergie.com index2.htm title La centrale thermique d'Azito publisher Azitoenergie.com accessdate 28 March 2011 Two other power plants, built in 1984 and 1985, are installed in Vridi. Several utilities are installed in Abidjan: CI Energies, formerly SOPIE, which is a corporation State, ICE and CIPREL, subsidiaries of the French group

Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

web url http: www.lecourrier.qc.ca affaires agroalimentaire 2013 04 25 temple-renommee-agriculture-sera-erige-sur-site-expo title Le Temple de la renommée de l'agriculture sera érigé sur le site de l'Expo trans-title The Hall of Fame will be erected on the Expo site author Jean-Luc Lorry date April 23, 2013 website http: www.lecourrier.qc.ca publisher Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe accessdate December 14, 2014 language French In addition, it is also home to Letourneau

Indian Head, Saskatchewan

in present day terms.


Apa (Kawerau area), thence to Ruawahia where he encountered the monstrous Tama o Hoi and eventually reaching Taupo district where he climbed Mount Tauhara. * Morere Hot Springs Hawkes Bay * Taupo (Craters of the Moon (geothermal site)) (De Bretts) * Waihi Village, Tokaanu, Tokaanu—Waihi—Hipaua, Environment Waikato. ref>


'', ''to guard'', similar to for example ''Strážov'' near Žilina - ''village of guards'' The Magyars added a vowel in front of the initial group of consonants, similar to the Hungarian adaption of 'Stephan

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