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Corporation TRT after 29 years. He released only a single album during his career. He is still involved in theater and writes compositions (musical composition). At the second Council of Sirmium in 351, Basil, bishop of Ancyra (now Ankara) and leader of the semi-Arians, had Photinus deposed. The semi-Arians held that the Son was "of similar substance" (''homoiousios'') to the Father. Sirmium II also drafted the Sixth Arian Confession, which was an expanded version


as a single album through Earache (Earache Records) in July 1987. Notably, only drummer Mick Harris played on both sides of the album. Geography Yeovil is situated at the southern boundary of Somerset, close to the border with Dorset, from Taunton. The suburbs include: Summerlands, Hollands, '''Houndstone''', Preston Plucknett, Penn Mill, New Town, Hendford, Old Town


June formed the basis of Ant's second solo album Strip (Strip (Adam Ant album)). The album was recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm in the late summer of 1983 with Phil Collins as both drummer and producer on both the title track and planned single Puss 'N Boots, with Richard James Burgess adopting the same roles for the non-single album tracks . The single "Puss 'N Boots" reached #5 on the UK charts, but the BBC banned both the video and the song for the follow-up single "Strip." Despite a vocal cameo performance from former ABBA member Anni-Frid Lyngstad, "Strip" only managed to peak at #41 before being withdrawn by CBS while the parent album barely scraped the UK Top 20. However, the Strip single fared quite well in America, only narrowly missing out on a US Top 40 hit single. To promote the album, which reached #65 on the ''Billboard'' Top 200 albums, in early 1984 Ant undertook another extensive US tour, some sixty dates in length, starting on 27 January 1984 at the Atlanta Civic Centre in Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia) in Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)) and lasting until 27 April 1984 at the Irvine Meadow Amphitheatre in Laguna Hills, California. http: 1984.html Although UK television performances of Puss N'Boots and Strip had featured a quartet of Ant, Pirroni, Wiczling and Constantinou, the US tour featured the same seven-piece backing band as the previous album's tour, except for Steve King in place of Stewart Van Blandamer on saxophone. Strip Tour "Adam Ant Tour '84" Official Programme, Taurus Music (Overseas) Ltd, 1984 pp.3 & 23 The tour shows were also notable for featuring a recreation by Ant of the Chinese Water Torture Cell escapology stunt originally performed by Harry Houdini. In preparation for this Ant would, in keeping with the album title, undress onstage down to a pair of boxer shorts. 'Stand And Deliver', Adam Ant, Hodder & Stoughton 2006, p.230 With the collapse of the monarchy, many social democrats viewed previous tactical differences between the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks as a thing of the past and a number of local party organizations were merged. When Bolshevik leaders Lev Kamenev, Joseph Stalin and Matvei Muranov returned to Petrograd from Siberian exile in early March 1917 and assumed the leadership of the Bolshevik party, they began exploring the idea of a complete re-unification of Bolsheviks and Mensheviks at the national level, which Menshevik leaders were willing to consider. However, Lenin and his deputy Grigory Zinoviev returned to Russia from their Swiss exile on April 3, 1917 and re-asserted control of the Bolshevik party by late April 1917, taking it in a more radical, anti-war direction. They called for an immediate revolution and the transfer of all power to the Soviets (Soviet (council)), which made any re-unification impossible. thumb right Leaders of the Menshevik Party at Norra Bantorget (Image:Mensevikii.jpg) in Stockholm, Sweden, May 1917. Pavel Axelrod, Julius Martov and Alexander Martinov In March–April 1917 the Menshevik leadership conditionally supported the newly formed liberal Russian Provisional Government. After the collapse of the first Provisional Government on May 2, 1917 over the issue of annexations, Tsereteli convinced the Mensheviks to strengthen the government for the sake of "saving the revolution" and enter a socialist-liberal coalition with Socialist Revolutionaries and liberal Constitutional Democrats, which they did on May 4, 1917 (Old Style). With Martov's return from European exile in early May, the left wing of the party challenged the party's majority led by Tsereteli at the first post-revolutionary party conference on May 9, but the Right wing prevailed 44–11. From that point on, the Mensheviks had at least one representative in the Provisional Government until it was overthrown by the Bolsheviks during the October Revolution of 1917. death_date Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


savings and general bank business. The bank was also the first bank in Australia to receive a Federal Government guarantee. '''Jerk''' was an industrial metal band from Sydney, Australia. They released a single album, and featured in the video

130 '''''AC DC Live''''' is a 1992 live album by Australian hard rock band, AC DC. It was released both as a single album and as a double album on LP and CD (known as '''''AC DC Live: 2 CD Collector's Edition'''''). The album is supported by a video, ''AC DC: Live at Donington''. AC DC: Live at Donington on IMDB '''Brian Keith Jones''', formerly known as '''Brendan John Megson''' and '''Whispen''', is an Australian pedophile who was convicted of the abduction (kidnapping) and sexual assault of six male children between 1979 and 1980. Jones was given the nickname '''Mr Baldy''' for shaving his victims' hair and dressing them in female clothing during the attacks. '''John Raymond Travers''' (born 27 February 1967) is an Australian convicted murderer. He was sentenced to life imprisonment plus an additional 65 years for the 1986 murder of Anita Cobby (Anita Cobby murder) in Greater Western Sydney. Biography Raised in poverty in Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia, Travers started smoking marijuana at the age of 12, and by 14 was an alcoholic. Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia


as an imported CD and featured the nightclub favorite single album "Guarantee For My Heart". During 1996, Sony Records Legacy released ''Got to Be Real - The Best Of Cheryl Lynn'', which included Lynn's most successful recordings from her years with Columbia Records. This was followed soon by another compilation CD named, ''The Real Thing'', which featured other recordings from Lynn's first six albums. Two years later she performed on HBO's (HBO) ''Sinbad's Summer Soul Jam 4


''') is a 1992 album by French (France) hard rock band, Trust (Trust (band)). It was released as a single album twelve years after its recording in 1980. The album has been considered the closest thing to a greatest hits album in the Trust catalogue. The Tournament continued under the name of The International Masters for 3 more years, with the event travelling to England, France and Mexico, before becoming known as the AMF World Cup in 1969. '''Hans Eberhard Kurt von

United States

Released on Pete Tong's FFRR (FFRR Records) label, the album reached #7 in the charts. ''Timeless'' was simultaneously released as a double album and single album. The single album removed four tracks and featured the original mix of "Sensual". The U.S. (United States) release of the double album appended two bonus remixes. At the time Goldie was an active graffiti artist and his paintings are featured in the album's artwork. Image:Seychelles Governor

Ninth album, ''Good Time''. It was released in Japan, the United Kingdom and later in the United States as an imported CD and featured the nightclub favorite single album "Guarantee For My Heart". During 1996, Sony Records Legacy released ''Got to Be Real - The Best Of Cheryl Lynn'', which included Lynn's most successful recordings from her years with Columbia Records. This was followed soon by another compilation CD named, ''The Real Thing'', which featured

. The band signed to Columbia Records, where their first album and EP were re-released as a single album. They released two more albums while in Austin, ''Wishing Like a Mountain and Thinking Like the Sea'' and ''Volo Volo''. "'''The Chimes of Big Ben'''" is the title of the second episode of the British (United Kingdom) science fiction-allegorical (allegory) series, ''The Prisoner''. It originally aired in the UK on ITV on 6 October 1967 and was first broadcast

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