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is a motorway, designated as the '''M20 Motorway (#M20 motorway).''' Born origin Blarney, County Cork, Ireland (Republic of Ireland) instrument Vocals (Singing), Guitar

Streetsville, Ontario

was a drummer in a band named To Each His Own. In this band he would meet Jonathan Gallant. Kowalewicz moved from drummer to vocals (Singing) and rhythm guitar, and Aaron Solowoniuk was recruited to play drums. The three would then meet Ian D'Sa to form a band called Pezz. Pezz released their first album, ''Watoosh!'', in 1998. The Ongoing History of New Music. "

Bracebridge, Ontario

Iroquois Falls , Haliburton (Haliburton, Ontario), North Bay (North Bay, Ontario) and the band's hometown, Bancroft (Bancroft, Ontario). Katie appeared on MOOSE stations on a regular rotation at the end of January 2008 and will be played throughout 2008. birth_date origin Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada instrument Vocals (Singing), guitar, harmonica, drums (Drum kit) '''Deric J. Ruttan''' (born


death_place Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland (Republic of Ireland) instrument Bass guitar, guitar, vocals (singing) DATE OF DEATH 2003-5-11 PLACE OF DEATH Clonakilty, County Cork, Republic of Ireland thumb left Performing at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, 18th September 2010 (File:Roy Harper at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, on Saturday the 18th of September 2010.jpg) 2006 saw Harper release his first DVD, ''Beyond the Door''. Composed of live footage recorded in 2004 at Irish folk club "De Barra's" in Clonakilty, Cork (Cork (Ireland)), the package includes an additional 10-track audio CD and received a 4-star review from both ''Mojo (Mojo (magazine))'' and ''UNCUT (UNCUT (magazine))'', as well as from ''Classic Rock (Classic Rock (magazine))'' magazine, who made it their "DVD of the month". Born in Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland, Anglin emigrated at the age of 26 as part of the exodus caused by the Irish Potato Famine. Following a sectarian riot in New Brunswick between members of the Orange Order (Orange Institution) and Catholics, Anglin appealed for moderation and unity. This led him to take up the editorship of a new newspaper, ''the Freeman'', which made him an influential voice in the colony. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in 1861, and became an opponent of Canadian Confederation and of the government of Samuel Leonard Tilley which he helped defeat in 1865. Tilley returned to power the next year, however, with the defeat of the Anti-Confederation Party in the election. Anglin lost his own seat. Transport There are daily bus-services to Killarney. There is also a daily service to from Cork (Cork (city)) in the summer months on the N71 (N71 road (Ireland)) via Bantry and Clonakilty. The N71 also connects Kenmare to Killarney on a mountainous and scenic part of the Ring of Kerry route via Molls Gap and Ladies View. Alternatively one can reach Killarney via the longer but more comfortable route through Kilgarvan. Kenmare also lies on the N70 (N70 road (Ireland)) national secondary road south-Cork (Cork (city)) route to Glengarriff. Early life Harnett was born in Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland during the time of the potato famine (Irish Potato Famine (1845-1849)). Shortly after his birth his family emigrated to America, settling in Philadelphia. Becoming a United States citizen in 1868, he made a living as a young man by engraving designs on table silver, while also taking night classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and later, in New York, at Cooper Union and at the National Academy of Design. His first known oil painting, a still life, dates from 1874. DATE OF BIRTH August 10, 1848 PLACE OF BIRTH Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland DATE OF DEATH October 29, 1892 thumb 400px Map of West Cork (Image:WestCorkMap22.jpg) '''West Cork''' ( WikiPedia:Clonakilty Dmoz:Regional Europe Ireland Cork Localities Clonakilty Commons:Category:Clonakilty


Atlantic Squadron , performing training maneuvers and gunnery practice. During this period she suffered an explosion in an 8-inch gun turret, killing nine, and ran aground (ship grounding) twice, requiring several months of repair both times. She was decommissioned in 1906 for modernization. birth_date origin Cienfuegos, Cuba instrument Vocals (Singing) María Conchita Alonso was born '''María

Lachine, Quebec

of the Grand Duke's buffalo hunt birth_date birth_place Ville St. Pierre (Lachine, Quebec), QC (Quebec), CAN (Canada) draft 10th overall DATE OF BIRTH September 12, 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH Ville St. Pierre (Lachine, Quebec), Quebec QC


, but best known as coach for the Swedish national handball team (Sweden national handball team) 1988-2004. death_date origin Halmstad, Sweden instrument Guitar, vocals (singing), bass (Bass guitar), keyboards (Keyboard instrument) '''Christopher Amott''' (born 23 November 1977 in Halmstad, Sweden) is a Swedish (Sweden) guitarist and vocalist, younger brother of Michael

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

, Barcelona, Lisbon, Canberra, Santiago de Chile and San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidad and Tobago. birth_date origin Friendship Village, San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidad and Tobago instrument Vocals (Singing) In the 1880s the British (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) colonial authorities became increasingly concerned about public gatherings, and in 1884 issued an ordinance to prevent the public Hosay commemorations. Thousands of workers, who had spent the year building their tadjahs joined a Hindu named Sookhoo, in petitioning the government to allow the festival per their agreement with the Governor, who was visiting London during this episode. When all appeals were ignored by the Protector of Immigrants, through ignorance of the new July 1884 prohibition, defiance, or both, the tadjahs were taken onto the streets at the appointed time, and in order of the estates. The first estate that took its tadjah onto the street had earned that right over the past months, and in some towns, Hosay went ahead. In Port-of-Spain (St. James) the police did not interfere, but in Mon Repos, San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), on Thursday, October 30, 1884, buckshot was fired into the crowds of women, children and men.. After shots were fired by the police to disperse the procession, 22 "Indians" were killed immediately. Later, 120 were found with injuries, some of whom had run into the cane fields, to hide during the police attack. That day is commonly referred to in Trinidad history as the Muhurram Massacre The '''Hosay massacre''' (also known as the '''Hosay riots''' or the '''Jahaji massacre''') took place on Thursday October 30, 1884 in San Fernando, Trinidad (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) when the British colonial authorities fired on participants in the annual Hosay procession (the local name for the Shi'a (Shi'a Islam) Festival of Muharram (Remembrance of Muharram)) who had been banned from entering the town. '''Sydney Gordon Smith''', born at San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidad on 15 January 1881, and died at Auckland, New Zealand, on 25 October 1963, was a cricketer who had three distinct careers, playing for Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago cricket team) in the West Indies, for Northamptonshire (Northamptonshire County Cricket Club) in England and for Auckland (Auckland cricket team) in New Zealand. He also played for representative sides – for the West Indies (West Indian cricket team) side that toured England in 1906 (West Indian cricket team in England in 1906); for the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) sides that toured the West Indies in 1910-11 (English cricket team in West Indies in 1910-11) and 1912-13 (English cricket team in West Indies in 1912-13); and for New Zealand (New Zealand cricket team) in pre-Test cricket matches against MCC and Australian (Australian cricket team) sides. Headquarters and club station TTARS headquarters is currently located at Boy Scouts' Headquarters in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It houses a well equipped station covering all HF (High frequency) amateur radio bands on most modes and a packet radio digipeater. The club station is managed by a club custodian and open to guests to operate during some weekday evenings. A second TTARS sponsored station with the callsign 9Y4PCS in San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) operates out of Presentation College and is managed by Anthony Lee-Mack, 9Y4AL, who is a teacher at the school.

Pickering, Ontario

mi_qa3683 is_199801 ai_n8760719 pg_4 ?tag content;col1 James F. Pendergast, "The Confusing Identities Attributed to Stadacona and Hochelaga" , ''Journal of Canadian Studies'', Winter 1998, pp. 3–4, accessed Feb 3, 2010. death_date origin Pickering, Ontario, Canada instrument Vocals (Singing), keyboard instruments Generally speaking, Toronto has spawned growth in all its neighbouring bedroom communities ( Pickering, Ontario

Saint-Lambert, Quebec

-Lambert , Quebec, Canada instrument Vocals (singing), accordion, drum (drum kit)s, piano, xylophone, hurdy gurdy, recorders, keyboards (keyboard instrument) Life and career Régine Chassagne is a Canadian musician born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and grew up in St-Lambert (Saint-Lambert, Quebec), a suburb south of Montreal. Carpenter, Lorraine. (September 16, 2004). "

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