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Veliky Ustyug

was driven off by the forces of Vasily. In the 15th century, the town had a great military importance and became the base for the operations against the Finno-Ugric peoples. In 1613, during the Time of Troubles, Veliky Ustyug was besieged by Polish troops but never taken. Located at the junction of important trade routes, the town turned into a significant commercial and industrial center in the 16th and 17th

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

; ref New Glasgow is the commercial hub of northeastern Nova Scotia. Well known chain stores include Sobeys (three locations), Atlantic Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears (Sears Canada), Staples (Staples (Canada)), The Brick and Canadian Tire. The Westville Road Highland Square Mall area has seen significant commercial growth in recent years. A new Walmart (Walmart Canada) opened next to Highland Square in early 2007, replacing the smaller location in the mall. Canadian Tire relocated to Walmart's old location in the spring of 2008, making it the second largest Canadian Tire store in Nova Scotia. The News Serving Pictou County Nova Scotia: Local News New Canadian Tire store one of the biggest in the province Winners opened in Spring 2009, in Canadian Tire's former location. The News Serving Pictou County Nova Scotia: Local News WINNERS Coming to Highland Square Mall Future Shop has built a new store next to the new Canadian Tire, which opened in Spring 2009 also. The News Serving Pictou County Nova Scotia: Local News Future Shop coming to Pictou County SportChek opened a new store inside the mall in Fall 2009. The News Serving Pictou County Nova Scotia: Local News Mall rearranges stores to accommodate Sport Chek About a minute away from the Westville Road commercial district, on the opposite side of the Trans Canada Highway in Stellarton, a new business park is currently being developed. The Holiday Inn Express Hotel Stellarton - New Glasgow was the first confirmed business for the park. The News Serving Pictou County Nova Scotia: Local News Stellarton hotel construction beginning soon It officially opened on July 25, 2008. Proudfoot's Home Hardware Building Centre is scheduled to open in the park in 2012. Culture birth_place New Glasgow (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia), NS (Nova Scotia), CAN (Canada) height_ft 5 DATE OF BIRTH September 29, 1977 PLACE OF BIRTH New Glasgow (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia), NS (Nova Scotia), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH The league got their second national Championship when the '''Halifax Oland Exports''' won the 2002 Royal Bank Cup on home ice. One year later, after financial trouble with Oland Brewery, the franchise's name was changed to Halifax Team Pepsi. In the spring of 2004, the Weeks Hockey Organization bought the club, moved it to New Glasgow (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia) and renamed it the Pictou County Weeks Crushers. On that same day Halifax got a new team as they were granted an expansion franchise, the Halifax Wolverines (Bridgewater Lumberjacks). On November 8, 1946, Viola Desmond refused to sit in the balcony designated exclusively for blacks in the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia) but, instead, she took her seat on the ground floor where only white people were allowed to sit. After being forcibly removed from the theatre and arrested, Desmond was eventually found guilty of not paying the one-cent difference in tax on the balcony ticket from the main floor theatre ticket. She was fine (fine (penalty))d $20 ($251.30 in 2010 http: en rates inflation_calc.html ) and court costs ($6). She paid the fine but decided to fight the charge (criminal charge) in court. MacLeod studied political science at St. Francis Xavier University. Prior to her election, MacLeod was a federal Conservative aide on Parliament Hill and a political commentator. Her family ties to politics include Donald MacLeod, a former Cabinet Minister under Robert Stanfield in Nova Scotia, and Donald Cameron (Donald William Cameron), a former Premier of Nova Scotia. Her father, Danny MacLeod, served three decades as a municipal councillor in New Glasgow (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia), Nova Scotia until his death on August 29, 2007.

Brighton and Hove

with a significant commercial center at its east end. Brighton separated from Cambridge in 1807 after a bridge dispute and was later annexed to Boston, in 1874. http: HistoryBrighton.html It is now a large community jointly with the adjacent neighborhood of Allston (Allston, Massachusetts). Its population is predominantly white and Asian, with smaller numbers of Latinos and African Americans. The stadium was managed and maintained under contract from Brighton and Hove city council by D C Leisure Management. The staff responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the stadium on match days used to be employed and managed by D C Leisure (when the company was called Ecovert Management Limited) until the 2003 2004 football season when responsibility of match day stadium staff was handed over to Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.. '''Falmer Stadium''', known for sponsorship purposes as the '''American Express Community Stadium''', or simply '''The AMEX''', is a football (association football) stadium near the village of Falmer in Brighton and Hove and is the home of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.. The stadium was handed over from the developers to the club on 31 May 2011. The first competitive game to be played at the stadium was the 2010–11 season final of the Sussex Senior Cup (Sussex Senior Challenge Cup) between Brighton and Eastbourne Borough (Eastbourne Borough F.C.) on 16 July 2011. '''Churchill Square''' is the major city-centre shopping centre, NCP and central bus station in the city of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom. It was originally built in the then-town of Brighton during the 1960s, obscuring several streets. That original centre included high-rise office blocks, and had various shops and a supermarket with open but covered walkways between them. It was completely rebuilt as an indoor mall in 1998, involving further changes (and road closures) in the underlying street layout. South East England Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Kent, East Surrey, East Sussex & Brighton and Hove, Isle of Wight & Portsmouth & South East Hampshire, North & Mid Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Southampton & South West Hampshire, West Kent, West Surrey, West Sussex -

Medicine Hat

and livestock, also made the town a viable service centre with a well established transportation route. An economic boom was experienced between 1909–1914 bringing the population to over 10,000. Little growth occurred between the World Wars, although the population swelled in the mid-1940s due to the town hosting one of the largest Second World War (World War II) P.O.W. camps (Prisoner-of-war camp) in Canada. It was not until the 1950s that the town again experienced significant commercial development


significant commercial company. World War I marked the end of dynamic development for Podgorica, by then the largest city in the newly proclaimed Kingdom of Montenegro. Podgorica was occupied, as was the rest of the country, by Austria-Hungary from 1916 to 1918. After the liberation by the allies (Allies of World War I) in 1918, a controversial Podgorica Assembly was held at Podgorica Tobacco Monopoly building. The assembly marked the end of Montenegrin statehood, as Montenegro


, and you are in Arkhangelsk (couple of hundreds km more if you drive from St Petersburg). The road is paved, but its quality wishes to be much better. By ship Archangelsk is a significant commercial and fishing port acting as well as a gateway to Northern Sea Path (Северный морской путь). But there are no any regular ship connections with Arkhangelsk excluding river commuter ships. Get around Arkhangelsk

Binghamton, New York

thumb right Binghamton University downtown campus (File:Binghamton University Downtown Campus.jpg) The city of Binghamton is home to four satellite campuses: * The downtown campus of Binghamton University (a State University of New York), which houses the College of Community and Public Affairs. Location and Contact * A clinical campus of State University of New York Upstate Medical University, established in the city limits for third and fourth year medical students in 1979. Students spend their first two years of medical school in Syracuse, New York and then complete their training in Binghamton. The New York State Inebriate Asylum is in the process of being converted into a permanent clinical campus. * The Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute, Binghamton, NY Campus which maintains a campus in the city, traces its roots to 1850 in Binghamton. History of Ridley-Lowell * An Empire State College location in the State Office Building (State Office Building (Binghamton, New York)). File:New York State Inebriate Asylum.JPG left thumb NYS

The Bronx

to generate fan interest in the album, but failed to make a significant commercial impact. With "The Funeral" deemed a failure, ''Exclusive Audio Footage'' itself was shelved indefinitely. Clipse was released from its record contract shortly thereafter. United States law enforcement officials announced the arrest Thursday of four men in connection with a plot to blow up two synagogues in The Bronx (w:The Bronx), a borough of New York City (New York, New York), and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the Stewart Air National Guard Base (w:Stewart Air National Guard Base). thumb left Satellite photo of Stewart Air National Guard Base (File:Stewartafb-ny-20apr1994.jpg)


neighbouring towns and, in 1902, a tobacco plant became Podgorica's first significant commercial company. Although medium-sized by European standards, Podgorica is by far the largest city in Montenegro: almost one third of Montenegrin citizens live there. According to 2011 census, there are 185,937 people in the Podgorica municipality, which includes small towns of Tuzi and Golubovci, while 150,977 people live in the city itself. Air Podgorica Airport is 10 km south

Quebec City

(Tram) Background After the Seven Years' War, a victorious Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain) and a defeated France formalized the peace with the 1763 Treaty of Paris (Treaty of Paris (1763)). Under the terms of the treaty, the Kingdom of France ceded New France to Britain, choosing instead to keep the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique for their valuable sugar production. New France (Canada) was considered less valuable, as its only significant

commercial product at the time was beaver pelt (Fur)s. The territory found along the St. Lawrence River, called ''Canada'' by the French, was renamed Quebec (Province of Quebec (1763-1791)) by the British, after its capital city (Quebec City). Non-military administration of the territories acquired by the British in the war was defined in the Royal Proclamation of 1763. *

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