Bridgewater State University

by the class of 1936. The gallery holds changing exhibitions throughout the year, one exhibition being the student show, for which art majors and minors are encouraged to submit their best work. Another building dedicated to the arts is the Rondileau Campus Center. It houses the university's theater department. Many successful shows have been produced by the theater department, including ''The Magic Flute'', ''The Wizard of Oz'', and ''Guys and Dolls''. The department puts on six shows a year

in advance, and show immediate benefit to the University. Faculty on release for research are exempt from teaching. The Presidential Fellows Program. N.p., 18 Oct. 2011. Web. 6 Dec. 2011. . The Class of 1950 Distinguished Faculty Research Award, established on the fiftieth reunion of the class of 1950, is awarded to faculty for works published in the previous year

, and their website, which also streams the music live during every show. Information Technology Bridgewater State University has aggressively upgraded its technology in the last decade; it was recognized as a wired school by ''Yahoo! Internet Life'' magazine. The college was also named the 6th most unwired (i.e., wireless) campus in the USA by Intel. Nearly 100% of campus floorspace is covered by a 802.11g and 802.11a wireless network. Beginning in the fall of 2004, all freshman

Forest Lake, Minnesota

touring ice skating show, were residents of Forest Lake for much of their lives. Many early Ice Follies skaters came from Forest Lake. The original 1940s manufacturing site for the Toni Home Permanent was a former one-room schoolhouse located at Garen, Minnesota, off Highway 61, just south of Forest Lake. It was destroyed by fire in February 1951. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s Forest Lake was known as the turkey capital of the world. The official national Thanksgiving turkey

, Paramahansa Yogananda, while visiting Forest Lake in 1927, appears in the book "Songs of the Soul". An episode of actor Lee Marvin's television series, "The Lawbreakers", titled "The Minneapolis Story", was filmed in Forest Lake in November, 1963. The Forest Lake Split was seen in the original 1970 opening title sequence for the Mary Tyler Moore Show, when the "St. Paul to the left Minneapolis to the right" sign was shown. Mary

Tyler Moore Show writer Lorenzo Music, who grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, often traveled through Forest Lake, and thought the idea of a decision-making east west sign would be ideal for the show's opening. One of the nine reported cases of a close encounter of the fourth kind in the U.S. for the year 1995 occurred in Forest Lake on August 19, 1995. The Hitching Post Motel, one mile (1.6 km) north of downtown Forest Lake, was featured in the 1996 Coen brothers Academy


New York Times publisher The New York Times Company accessdate February 26, 2011 As a result of these efforts, California is currently regarded as a world center of the entertainment and music industries, of technology and engineering businesses, and as the U.S. center of agricultural production. 145px right thumb David Letterman (File:David Letterman 2.jpg), late night talk show host and comedian. A significant percentage of working entertainers (e.g. musician

s, actors, talk show hosts, model (model (person))s, producer (Film producer)s, writers etc.) in Hollywood typically work on-and-off and freelance their talents earn next to nothing to scraping a pitiful minimum union scale wage income for each gig. The Screen Actors Guild, a union well known for representing actors and actresses throughout Hollywood reports that the average television and film actor earns less than $5000 USD annually. ref name "

comparatively very little. For instance, David Letterman is well known for branching into late night television as a talk show host while honing his skills a stand-up comedian, Barbra Streisand ventured into acting while operating as a singer, or Clint Eastwood, who achieved even greater fame in Hollywood for being a film director and a producer (film producer) than for his acting credentials. File:David Letterman 2.jpg 145px right thumb David

Uxbridge, Ontario

the annual Heritage Days festival, the museum grounds are host to the "Steam Show" featuring steam-engines and steam-based agricultural machinery, among other attractions. There are also a number of attractions related to the history of the area. Uxbridge's Elgin Park, named after Lord Elgin

Montgomery of Anne of Green Gables fame is situated in Leaskdale (Leaskdale, Ontario). Montgomery lived in the area from 1911 to 1926, and wrote half of her books at what is now the site of the Leaskdale Manse Museum. Since 1995, the Lions Club has hosted Art in the Park, held the second week in August. Also known as Summerfest, this juried art show attracts artists from across the province. Starting in 1886, the Uxbridge Fall Fair has been held annually and in 2014 will be celebrating

its 150th anniversary the weekend after Labour Day in Elgin Park. Attractions include home craft, vegetable and flower exhibits, cattle, goat, sheep, poultry and rabbit shows, the midway, tractor pull, demolition derby, heavy horse pull and barnyard rodeo. The Uxbridge Studio Tour and Sale is also held in September, giving visitors an opportunity to meet with local artists in their studios and explore the creative process. Since 1988, Uxbridge has hosted an annual Heritage Christmas Craft Show

Clarkston, Michigan

and are served by Clarkston Community Schools. In September 2008, the pilot episode for the new HBO show ''Hung'' was shot at Clarkston Junior High School in downtown Clarkston. The show revolves around a baseball coach. HBO paid students of the high school to be extras in scenes where they were fans in the crowd of a basketball game. History Linux Jacox from New York built the first house in Clarkston in 1830. He sold his claim to Butler Holcomb in 1831. In 1832, Holcomb built

; Kitchen and The Union Woodshop, both of which have been featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, where both restaurants were part of Kid Rock's Detroit Tour with show host Guy Fieri. http: local mi-detroit clarkston-union-bar-kitchen-restaurant index.html# 38.736171 -97.222306 4 http: local mi-detroit union-woodshop-restaurant index.html# 38.736171 -97.222306 4 Other

and the Family Band performed at Comerica July 17, 2009. Kid Rock added a second night show for the 18th that featured Alice in Chains and Cypress Hill as opening acts. On August 15, 2003, a concert co-headlined (Rocksimus Maximus Tour) by Kiss (Kiss (band)) and Aerosmith and featuring local favorite Ted Nugent and Saliva (Saliva (band)) had been planned for Comerica Park, but was postponed due to the Northeast Blackout of 2003 the day before; the rescheduled concert took


and history. W-Su, 5 hours duration, 49CUC. * '''Delfinario''' — A dolphin show with the option to actually swim with the captive dolphins, 15CUC for the show and 85CUC for the show + swim. * '''Bellamar Caves''' — Visit the oldest tourist attraction in Cuba, open to visitors since the 1860s. The caves are extensive and impressive. There are quite a few steps down into the cave and it is slightly damp and rough underfoot, and also very warm. *

excursion by catamaran hours Monday to Sunday, the excursion takes 7 hours price 75CUC for the sunset party and dolphin show trip. 85CUC for the chance to swim with dolphins instead. content Snorkeling in a coral barrier reef, entertainment, music, lunch and open bar with Cuban cocktails in Cayo Blanco. There is the option to either swim with the dolphins or visit the dolphin show at Delfinario and enjoy a sunset party. * ''' Villa Du Pont''' Once the residence of Irénée Du Pont

working at the CADECA cash exchange counter to give the amount of the cash advance and the card number. The CADECA teller then processes the cash advance, and the storekeeper asks the victim to return to show passport and sign. The receipt appears like a sale as it is written 'VENTA'. The bank teller gives the cash directly to the shopkeeper. In addition, the shopkeeper can easily give a box of fake cigars from a bag or other source. Because the receipt comes from the bank counter and the client

Sturgis, South Dakota

, however. Guitarist Brad Whitford had to sit out the first seven dates of the tour in order to recover from head surgery, after injuring his head getting out of his car. On June 28, 2009, at the band's seventh show of the tour at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, lead singer Steven Tyler injured his leg, which required seven shows to be postponed. As soon as the band resumed the tour on July 15, Whitford returned to the fold. However, Tom Hamilton (musician) Tom

Hamilton had to depart the tour in order to recover from non-invasive surgery. On August 5, 2009, Tyler was rushed to the hospital after falling from the stage at a concert in Sturgis, South Dakota. He was helped up by security staff and taken backstage, before guitarist Joe Perry told the audience the show

shows. They produced a live ''Girls Gone Wild (Girls Gone Wild (franchise))'' pay-per-view event from Florida in 2003 with WWE and another pay-per-view about the Sturgis, South Dakota motorcycle rally (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally) in 2004. They also executive produced the VH1 reality shows ''Scott Baio Is 45...and Single'', and ''Confessions of a Teen Idol'', along with the CMT show ''Billy Ray Cyrus...Home At Last''. Bishoff-Hervey Productions also produced a wrestling reality show


with the arrival of the first ship of the year through Lock 7. Usually held in late March. '''Italia-in-Festa''' - Celebrating Italian food, drink, dance and entertainment. Thorold is rich in Italian history and is the ideal location for a celebration of this culture. Usually held the last weekend in June. '''Thorold Arts & Crafts Show''' - This event, begun in 1979, and ''was'' held during the month of July The event was moved from Battle of Beaverdams park to the Thorold Community Arena

on Front Street in 2007 and is held during the last weekend of May each year. '''Thorold Antique Car Show''' - Downtown Thorold is the location for this event, generally held at the end of July. '''The Canal Bank Shuffle''' - A three-day-long, annual festival of music and dance in the downtown core. The Shuffle attracts some of North American's top Blues musicians and features over 20 acts at a dozen venues within walking distance of each other. (Member

of the Crossborder Blues group.Annual Santa Claus Parade''' - The Santa Claus Parade is held in November each year, and runs through the downtown core of the city. '''November Thorold's Christmas Arts & Crafts Show''' - The November Arts & Crafts Show is held at Thorold Secondary School the third weekend of November each year. City of Thorold Pipe Band The City of Thorold Pipe Band has been serving the Regional Municipality

South Beach

million people to South Beach. In 1964, South Beach became even more famous when Jackie Gleason brought his weekly variety series, The Jackie Gleason Show to the area for taping, a rarity in the industry. Beginning in the mid 1960s and continuing through the 1980s, South Beach was used as a retirement community

with most of its ocean-front hotels and apartment buildings filled with elderly people living on small, fixed incomes. This period also saw the introduction of the "cocaine cowboys," drug dealers who used the area as a base for their illicit drug activities. ''Scarface (Scarface (1983 film))'', released in 1983, typifies this activity. In addition, television show ''Miami Vice'' used South Beach as a backdrop for much of its filming because of the area's raw and unique visual

- the forefathers intentions were to create a magical lifestyle in a tropical paradise, and the residents who now make their home along the Bay fulfill and continue that lifestyle. South Beach in popular culture * ''South Beach (South Beach (1993 TV series))'' (1993) was an action (action (fiction)) television series set in South Beach that aired on NBC. * South Beach is the setting of the fictional Birdcage drag (drag show) nightclub in the comedy film ''The Birdcage'' (1996

Espanola, Ontario

that election, and served as a backbench supporter of Bill Davis's government. Gordon supported Larry Grossman at the Progressive Conservative Party's leadership convention of February 1985. The show was filmed around Whitefish Falls (Whitefish Falls, Ontario), which is near Espanola (Espanola, Ontario). Many scenes were also shot at Birch Island (Birch Island, Ontario) and on Manitoulin Island in 1969. There were 26 episodes of the series. It has continued to air

in repeats, both in Canada and internationally — in Canada, the show had been seen on DejaView, and is currently seen on Silver Screen Classics without commercial breaks, in Australia, the Canada-based series was the last program to be screened on GEM (GEM (Australian TV channel)) at its 5am timeslot before being cut into the Nine Network's primary channel signal (Nine Network) for the Today Show (Today (Australia)). The show was very popular in Canada and technically never cancelled

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